would you date her?

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>you can't spell "Nagatoro" without an N, a T, and an R

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But she is so last chapter.

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Not anymore.
Being starved for affection and attention can cause for poor decision making

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No. I'm happily married with pic related, good luck finding a good companion to live with.

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Fuck that, senpai. I want tall and pale.

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>nails painted

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No. I'd punch her.

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Fuck no. She seems like an awful person to be around.

shes cute.

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>being gay

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Even senpai wasn't cowardly enough to hit a girl!

>would you date her?
only if she cleans her nails first

How old is she?

Nah, I’d date her friend though

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What the fuck is this nail paint meme?

Yes. She looks like a brown version of mai waifu She also looks like a girl I knew from highschool who teased me.

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old enough to kick your ass

I'm not enough of a wuss to be attractive to her

I mean I'm a wuss, but not even half of senpai's autism

No Flips


Hands off, bitch

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Do I have a choice?

So what was Nagatoro's brunette friend up to in the last chapter? She was obviously trying to get a rise out of Nagatoro by getting more and more vicious in her insults towards Senpai (and it worked), but to what end? To see what it would take for Nagatoro to defend her "boyfriend"? Just for the lulz?

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Only to cuck senpai.


I think the friends were insulting Senpai so Nagatoro would stand up for him, and in turn Senpai would like her even more and maybe even say something sweet to her. It backfired though because he’s such a beta. Everyone was in on it except Senpai

She was bullying senpai, and then switched her sights onto her friend. A true bully like her has no need for such trivial things as loyalty.

No I'd rather date senpai.

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You`re next to disappear.

Senpai noticed

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What is she doing with her left hand?

He's probably here right now

ur mom lmao

We're going to see a movie together.
Somebody check her basement.

Is this what happens in this chapter if senpai doesn't stop Friend 1?


>he will never draw bestiality doujinshi with Nagatoro
Why are we even living?

delet this

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Neck yourself

I can't. My hair isn't fluffy

I hate that this mange makes me feel like I missed out by not being bullied


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>Nagatoro will never invite senpai round for coffee

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Is she going to take Senpai just to mess with Nagatoro?

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Where's the latest chapter? It's not up on madokami at least

Why is this manga so fucking good? At this point it hardly even fuels my bullying fetish since the stuff Nagatoro does is just teasing out of love but every chapter is just a god damn delight to read.

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Girls in fiction aren't real girls, they're how the authors wish girls were. Part of growing up is realizing that "Summer of '69" song is completely made up.

If you don't mind going on leddit, look up the user named FangedScans

>Twintails will never invite senpai round for green tea

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I wonder what would happen if Senpai just suddenly grew a pair and call her cute or seriously ask her to go out with him. Her reaction would be priceless.

Just look up the archive and search for stalker translation
The translation is much more better than fangedscans

Or if he just called her out on liking him

I think I'm also going to hold his hand during the movie.

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have yoiú forgotten?!

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That is gonna happen sooner or later I think.

Yes please

Well manga Nagato feels very very different at this point.

>Brown Friend 1

Is it just me or is Nagatoro really bullyable?

I want Senpai to ignore her and watch her freak the fuck out and do everything to get Senpai attention.

>tfw my name his James


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I want to cook scrambled eggs for twintails

Is he still making porn?

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If a loli is a 1000 years old it’s totally legal right?

I want to scramble my eggs inside twintails

Why is Mangatoro so much better than the original?

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Who would win?

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Friend 1 is a big girl.

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Literally Heaven.

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That's gross.

>Is it just me or is Nagatoro really bullyable?
I dunno. Why is her eyes wandering off target in the 2nd panel?

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The one with the bigger tits wins...

Is she going full komi?

That's what Killing Bites is

Feels way too much of a different extreme.

Original is too mean while the new one is too obviously lusting for beta horsecock. Sorta like the difference between Accel World's MC and Kirito.

I am one to tank abuse like it's nothing. A little bit of casual bullying isn't something that would phase me. Probably not date, but would be bullying punching bag gladly

Only if I got jacked first

She's figuring out her approach.

She would find me boring, I was bullied for so long I'm resistant towards any mocking and teasing.

Must feel good

Twintails is hella cute. She's not even a real bully, she's just a pure girl hanging out with the wrong group. She may end up being best girl.

>not even a real bully
I'll concede that she's nicer than the other friend, but she's still a bully, trying to mess with Nagatoro and Senpai.

Ask a cop.

The middle one was the only real mean one

No, her skin is to dark. She probably isn't Japanese. She's probably a south east asian mud person. Which would explain why she is such a degenerate.

>you will never have a qt flat brown gf that torments you relentlessly in public and then gets broken by dick in the sheets
it hurts bro
it really does

She has a tan you retard. Without it she's almost as pale as senpai.

You just know she becomes Senpai's little girl in bed. The dude must lay mad pipe.

She has a tan.

Then again unironic Flip Naga would be nice too

Not all japs are light skinned. Quite a lot of them are SEA coloured

>Okinawa isn't Japanese

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