She was just a seasonal meme girl, right? How do I forget about her? How do I move on with my life?

She was just a seasonal meme girl, right? How do I forget about her? How do I move on with my life?

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Just watch Yuru Camp.

she transcended the status of "seasonal meme girl" a long time ago user.

You don't.
Kazumin is love, Kazumin is life!

You can go and read her manga though, it helps

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collect tributes

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I want to eat her alive.


She wouldn't like that!

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She's probably only worth about 1500kcal in total. Unless you're dieting that's not even a days worth.

Dunno. Try getting better taste.

I'd eat her baked goods, BURSTING with EXPLOSIVE flavor...if you know what i mean.

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I want to eat her out alive

Aqua is better tho..

Do I smell gunpowder? If these croissants explode, you're going to be a very sorry loli!

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Sometimes i'm amazed that people can be so poor at recognizing great marriage material...then I look at the divorce statistics.

Aqua would be anime Peg Bundy and should be sterilized for both her and humanity's safety.

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Recognize Aqua as the best girl and move along.


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If you can't forget about her it's good thing user, you should be proud about the things you like.

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There are many with a seasonal waifu.
But eventually there is a point where those that she she is their waifu actually mean it.

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you dont

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What is this? A path of explosions for fire ants?

there is no forgetting Megumin

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By liking Aqua, the superior girl

Hey guys, Sup Forums roster poll for Spring is up, help Megu stay a medal

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