Boku No Hero Academia

When will Inko reunite with her husband again?

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Why do people think AfO is Deku's dad again?

>you take an extra mint from a bowl that says "take one please"
>after you make it out of the door you hear the voice of the best hero
>"I hope you're ready for the d...eku criminal scum!"
>he flicks a toothpick at you that pierces your eyeball and goes straight through your skull

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Is this the face of a hero?

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the face of a slut

They have the same doctor and AfO looked like an adult Deku.

but what motivation would he have for knocking Inko up?

Being in love.

>you're at the market, picking up some eggs, green onions, soy sauce, and generic meat
>you walk out the door, but then realize that the cashier forgot to ring up the eggs
>you go back to pay for them, but then you hear the voice of the best hero
>"Get ready to taste some d...eku criminal scum!"
>he drops his pants and starts jerking off
>he nuts with the force of a shotgun blast, blowing your head off

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Smashing hoes

Wouldn't you?

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Great now do Deku abusing Ochako


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not if I was an evil mastermind who hates everyone.

It's just like one guy who keep memeing it and making threads about it, it's stupid and everybody knows.

Hey, Hey Deku since I'm training you and all, won't you do a little favor for me.
Close your eyes.

*weird stretching noises*

You can open them now. Wait why are you running? That's really mean.

*melts Deku's legs off*

This is my true form and you're about to be my snack.

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You stop that

I love this meme of Hori

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>you finish eating at a restaurant and only leave a 19% tip instead of 20%
>you walk out the door and hear the voice of the best hero
>"I hope your ready for the d...eku criminal scum!"
>he puts his finger over one of his nostrils then blows out a booger from the other one straight through your heart

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There was one drawfriend that said he might draw Ochako hanging her, but because of her quirk she would float like a balloon a day or so ago. Did he ever get to it or no?


Everyday until canon.

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>20% tip

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>Deku comes home from a long day of work
>it's Friday, and Ochako is nervous because she knows what that means
>she makes all of her clothes weightless in preparation and greets Deku nervously at the door
>she's been cheating, and Deku doesn't like it when she does
>Deku says nothing, and slings her over his shoulder like a caveman
>he takes her to the bathroom, and puts her on a scale
>sweat beads down Ochako's face as she watches the number climb
>50.001 kg
>she'd had lunch with the girls earlier that day, making sure to stay within the diet plan Deku set for her
>she tried to refuse the mint when the waiter offered it, but she was weak
>Deku glares at her like a man who is mad
>Ochako whimpers and shrinks back
>"Deku, please, it was just a wafer-thin mint..."
>Deku punched her in the stomach at 2%. Not enough to seriously injure her, but enough to make her throw up everything, even the mint
>there were tears in her eyes and pain panged through her body
>she even pissed herself a little because of course she did
>he made her get back up on the scale
>she couldn't stand up straight, but she could stand
>her vision was too blurry to see the number, but it started with a 4
>she was safe, for now
>"don't let it happen again"
>Deku walks out
>Ochako drops to the floor and cries in the puddle of her own vomit
>she'll be going to bed on an empty stomach tonight

How much filler do you think they will need in order to cockblock us from seeing a season 3 Deku vs Bakugo?

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>he hasn't been to the colonies

He doesn't hate everyone. Just heroes.

No, she wouldn't even have been fat at that point.

Nothing personnel frog bitch.

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Actual canon ships will sail and it'll be all about love. Battle shonen becomes SoL.

Not a lot. Deku vs Baku should be at the end of the season, making season 4 the Yakuza season.

>she tried to refuse the mint when the waiter offered it, but she was weak
>she even pissed herself a little because of course she did
I laughed harder than I should at something stupid like this.

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>it's voting day, but you're kinda tired and don't really care, so you stay home
>your phone rings so you pick it up
>you hear the voice of the best hero
>"I hope you're ready for the d...eku criminal scum!"
>he whistles through the phone, the sound vibrations bursting your ear drums

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>Deku doesn't lif-

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>you're walking your dog
>she poops on the sidewalk instead of the grass
>you're fumbling for a bag when you hear the number one greatest hero
>"Prepare for the d...eku, criminal scum!"
>he cries and blasts you with a powerful stream of manly tears, sweeping you away, nearly drowning you, and power washing the sidewalk

>your browsing online and decide to watch YouTube
>with adblocker
>all of a sudden you hear a tapping on the window
>it's the best hero
>"I hoff yo redy fo da d...ku"
>you interrupt him and open the window to hear him better
>"I hope your ready for the d...eku criminal scum!"
>he claps his hands together shattering all glass appliances in the house and sending you into a wall

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It's essentially the capstone to the license exam arc, which means we will not see the license exam, the training for the license exam or the Mei workshop scene if DvB is to be discluded.

So they'll need to pull out all the stops. Two full recap episodes, a new Tsuyu adventure, a beach episode, an eating contest at camp, Deku vs Muscular is turned into a full episode with about 8 flashbacks, All Might vs One For All leaves kids hanging for like 3 weeks and the kids rescuing Bakugo is embellished to a full combat stealth adventure underground instead of waiting beside a wall

Friendly reminder that __Toga___ will win the Dekubowl.

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>He walks over to your barely conscious body
>he sqauts down and flicks your ear launching it off your skull
>"and that's for interrupting."

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>All of this posting about Deku
I thought he was a nice boy?

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They're newfags trying to get hip with the le neo/a/ culture. Just ignore them.

>you're throwing some bread crumbs to the ducks at a pond with a don't feed the ducks sign
>you see a duck with its wing stuck between two rocks
>you go over to it and you trip on the way
>the voice of the best hero makes the water vibrate
>"I hope you're ready for the d...eku criminal scum!"
>he jumps ober to you and squats down
>he stretches his asshole and puts your head into it then clenches his ass crushing your skull

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best costume

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Wait, what's going on in that pic?

Yo do one of deku beating some one for not crying hard enough on the bi monthly mourning of the bestest hero, all might

Bakugo has placed one of his probably countless photos of Deku on his drumset, so he can hit Deku's face while drumming.

Bakugou put a picture of Deku on the drums. Probably so he it will be easier to murder the school with his sound

>youre mourning the death of the bestest hero all might
>you wish he was here more than ever and start sobbing only quietly before everyone else
>the voice of the best hero makes all the bird surrounding the area fly away
>"I hope you're ready for the d...eku criminal scum!"
>he starts crying to gather tears in his eyes then he squints hard enough to shoot them at you killing you instantly

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I just realized volume 18 is coming out next week and we're going to see the full of results of the popularity polls

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fucking finally

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I want Aizawa to be dequirked and get his legs amputated, and I want to tear one of his eyes out and keep it in a jar so I can mentally torture him with it whenever he doesn't behave i.e. tying him up and shoving the eyeball down his throat, taking it out and repeat

Deku please you need to stop, also how's everyone doing tonight?

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The face of a hero who will save you from your virginity and evacuate your semen from your burning loins.

>please make me a screencap XD
Fuck off reddit

What in the fuck user

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>mfw i will probably be disappointed because my favorite character will have like 1 vote

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who? pony?

I bet a popularity poll conducted today would have Mei in the top 20.

fuck off

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Why the fuck is tipping even a thing, why do waiters not even get paid enough to the point at which giving them extra money is mandatory, who the fuck is in charge of this shit

I know that that’s true in burgerland and that’s why tipping is so important there, but I’m not aware if it’s true for anywhere else. Tipping won’t be so important in places that already included service tax as mandatory law

here's the results of the second popularity poll

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fuck off dipshit you don't even know Megumim

I think nipland is safe then


>who the fuck is in charge of this shit
literally capitalism

Ah okay. I thought that was a pot the photo was in at first.

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when was that?

It was basically a way to justify near-slavery service industry wages in post-slavery America.

I don’t really care about the popoll, if only to see which characters receive nips’ vote
More interested in the extras and of course, the cover

>Mirio "Please be a tight squeeze" Togata
>Mirio "love is sweet when she's under three feet" Togata
>Mirio "gotta start em young" Togata
>Mirio "my adoptee doesn't even need to get on her knees" Togata
>Mirio "tiny tots make great thots" Togata
>Mirio "you can't have desert unless you eat my mushroom" Togata
>Mirio "kissing step-cousin" Togata
>Mirio "lick my nads after I beat up your dad" Togata
>Mirio "absence makes the heart grow fonder, that's why I'm offscreen banging toddlers" Togata

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>she even pissed herself a little because of course she did
Is this the reveal of the pissfag?

It's because of the minimum wage.
Employees need to make at least the minimum wage, no matter what, but it doesn't matter who the money comes from.
Tipping is a way for the customer to pay extra so the employer gets to keep more money from the purchase.
I'm not sure if employers have to pay the difference if the tips don't add up to minimum wage, but I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't.

Despite how toxic they were, I'm starting to miss the Yakuza arc threads.

Pinky best girl

Why is there no merch?


Did people not enjoy the Yakuza arc? I actually found myself liking them more than the VA as antagonists.

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I think the reason why these threads are so dead now is because a lot people got tired of all the negativity and constant shitposting. Now they only come on Thursday and Friday for spoilers and translations.

Haaahhah pee
Hahaha mina urinating
Hahahahhah mina pee lemonade

Depends where you ask. It’s a mixed reception at best in these threads. I liked it a lot

I miss grape sperging

For most people, the Yakuza arc was a slog to get through on a week by week basis. You had a flashback chapters, a few skipped weeks because Hori was on the verge of death, and a slow pace in general. If you go back and read it in one sitting, it's so much more enjoyable. I've heard it compared a lot to OP's dressrosa arc.

Really? I didn't hate the Yakuza arc but the VA were the best parts of that arc for me. I couldn't give a shit about the yakuza, besides Rappa, but the Toga and Twice scenes were great and the whole Shiggy and crew shitting on an already beaten Overhaul was great.

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>Do people not enjoy the Yakuza arc
I'm like 95% sure it's the most hated/divisive arc in the series. I thought the Yakuza were painfully boring and forgettable

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You're my sunshine

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>I've heard it compared a lot to OP's dressrosa arc.
Probably by retards. I think there were individual fights in Dressrosa that took almost as long as the entire Yakuza arc did.

Yeah, I personally loved it.
That does seem pretty fucking annoying. I'm glad I read it through one sitting.
Rappa's one of the best characters out of the group, yeah, but I liked Chisaki more than Shiggy just because he made a point about having a plan and reachable goals, and not just going "I WANNA KILL ALL MIGHT AND STOP HEROS".

I've heard some people say it's the Namek of bnha

these. the thing about the Yakuza arc is that the Yakuza were the least interesting part of the arc. We kept waiting for Overhaul and his bros to pay off but they never did. In the end, the VA came swooping in and stole the show.

The only comparison I can see for those two is the large influx of new characters. Otherwise, I don’t see it.

you're doing gods work friend

I love your creativity user but

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While there is people who genuinely didn't like it and can argument about it, here It's most commonly a meme born from the this , iirc one of Kirishima's flashbacks wasn't even 19 pages long, so just picture /bnha/ in the middle of the hype, then one week there was no chapter, and in the other the chapter was like 16 pages long, it felt like shit, but it was totally bearable if you aren't sperg enough. So understanding that, it still was a good arc, pretty enjoyable with a lot of cool characters and cool fights.

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I don’t. What’s the point of trying to prove or disprove the series is shit for the umpteenth time by taking examples from an unfinished arc.
And a huge portion of the doomsayers are proven wrong anyway, in the end time was wasted arguing whether it’s good or bad than analyzing the chapters.
Even until now, I guarantee a lot of people still don’t undersrand the underlying rules and limitation of Overhaul’s quirk because discussion was quickly drown out by shitposting

Yeah, that's the issue I got with the Yakuza arc. Everything just went back to Shiggy when it would have been better to see Overhaul's plan go off and make a impact, as opposed to Shiggy just overriding shit again because he's the primary antagonist, like with Stain.

>the underlying rules and limitation of Overhaul’s quirk
Explain please.

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also the current arc is mostly Slice of life

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Half of the Yakuza got there asses handed to them without leaving an impression. Overhaul himself started becoming less compelling and threatening as the arc went on. He stopped being a cold business man with a plan and turned into and angry motherfucker that started breaking out into hives while he was screaming about illnesses and "fake" heroes.