Un deux trois

un deux trois

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>aliens are normal and not scary at all !

>adaptation of later chapters never ever

This anime wasn't very entertaining or profound but it was unique and interesting and I appreciate it for that!

>This anime wasn't very entertaining
It was very entertaining.

Someone tell me what's the ending is like, it's been a decade.


Dood, read the manga.

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the manga takes like an hour to read

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The frog hats were cool, they were the only characters likable.

Who is best girl? I think the answer is easy.



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Rude? I wished them death or injuries throughout the show. They were annoying af


They're 12 year old girls. What did you expect? Learn some sympathy.

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Chapters are about 20 pages long so around 740 pages in 60 minutes
Which means 12 pages a minute.
And 5 seconds a page.
Speedreading is the wost way to enjoy a manga.

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Watched this back in the day.
Went in blind.
Fucked me up.

Do the Japanese actually do this?

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>You sound like someone who never went to penis inspection day

Commercialized pedophilia is the pride and joy of Japan

Did someone say un deux trois?

Sweden had something called "penis inspection day" up until the 90s.

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This part was hilarious.

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So OP, is this good?

That whole episode, goddamn I want to rewatch it now. I loved how it looked like something good would happen for once in the preview at the end of the first one, and that mess happens.

It's good.

This hit too close to home.

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Don't stop posting.

The series as a whole was fairly entertaining, though Emulators in my opinion left me a little disappointed with the ending. I do wish the later chapters were adapted at the time, it would be much too weird if they were adapted today, and would probably end up suffering like Kino no Tabi (2017).

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>That fucking cliffhanger


>it would be much too weird if they were adapted today, and would probably end up suffering like Kino no Tabi (2017).
True. Some things are better left in our memories, they'd be bound to a disappointment today, even without reason

she'd be brought back in the first five minutes of the next episode, though.

why did they go code lyoko on the ears

I forgot that this show also looked great.

One of the benefits of it running in OVA format, more time and resources to spend on each episode.

Since they didn't adapt the later chapters that really was the best place to stop the series, and to potentially turn more to read the manga. Even if they did cut down the summer break filler in episode 2 there really wasn't a very good place to end it besides what we got.

I wanna see the rocket forest anyways

Is it safe to watch the anime and then pick up where it leaves off with the manga? Or would I be missing something important? What chapter does the anime end at anyway?

The anime ends after chapter 14.
You wouldn't miss much, but the manga til then is a quick read and worth it imo because of the extra characterization and attention the girls get.

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Up to you whether you start with the anime or the manga, but I'd suggest reading all of the manga including the sequel Emulators. The biggest difference I can think of is the addition of some filler in the second episode, though it was enjoyable filler as it did actually provide some extra character development. And I believe it ends around the middle of the second volume.

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Oh and the OVAs are superior to the manga honestly. The manga is neat and doesn't hold itself back on some of the weird body horror stuff, but the OVAs have a great aesthetic and soundtrack and are very well put together.

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>reading all of the manga
>including the sequel Emulators
Emulators was fucking awful. Don't ever do this.

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While I agree that Emulators isn't particularly good, if you like the series there is nothing wrong with reading everything to the end for some amount of closure. Is it a rational reason to read it? Perhaps not.

Never got the chance to ask in the last thread but an user posted a really good quality scan of from the manga and wanted to know where they got it from. Last time I read Alien Nine the scans were pretty bad pic related.

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What was the point of the summer vacation episode? It just felt like a waste.

BakaBT I think is where I got my scans before buying the box set for $15 off amazon. Nyaa si/pantsu would also be good to check.