5toubun no Hanayome Ch 31

Early draft of chapter 31 script. Do not typeset unless you make it worse than nothing scans.

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Pg. 1
Is Fuutarou going to withdraw
From the campfire due to his poor health…!?

Good job on getting him here. || I will be having Uesugi rest in this room while I watch over him.
If his condition gets any worse, then I’ll be sending him to the hospital. || Bring his luggage here.


Sorry - This was my fault.
SFX: *dash*

You lot get changed and assemble in the courtyard. || The bonfire’s about to start.
I-I will stay behind.


Having you guys around won’t really change anything.
Just leave me to myself.

Chapter 31: The Legend that Binds Day Three

Hey, aren’t you being a little too cold? || Itsuki’s worried for yo-
You heard the man. Now go already.

He needs rest!

From now on, I forbid anyone from entering this room! || If I find you attempting to do so, you will be punished!

SFX: *gloom*
But, Fuutarou… you were finally excited for this trip and for our sakes...

Is it alright...
For it to end on such a sad note…?


>Pg. 3
What’cha gonna do for the dance at the end~?
Think I’ll invite someone right now actually!

How stupid.
Hm? What’s up, Nino?
You were so excited to dance with that boy before, weren’t you?

I got rejected.

It seems he had some business he had to attend to. || He asked me to tell you when I happened to meet him on the ski slopes.
So it really was him…

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So I guess that means he hated me… || Maybe I was too forward.
Mm… || Nah…

Well, I suppose I’ll just have to wait.

What are you doing, Uesugi! Go and rest already!

Sorry. || Lighten up.

I don’t want to hear that from the one who needs to lighten up the most. || Trying to worry about me in a such a patronizing manner…
You should be worrying about yourself!

I can trust you on this one, right?
…It pisses me off.

I’m off to the bathroom.
Don’t take too long, Nino. The bonfire’s about to start!

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SFX: *tap*
Can: Matcha (Soda)

Here. || It’s important to stay hydrated when you have a cold.
Oh… There’s a hot version of this too…

SFX: *touch*

You’re getting better.
I guess I really did… give Fuutarou the cold, huh?

Fuutarou was acting weird from the beginning.

Thinking about it now, he was always in a bad condition. || If only I looked after up him better… || Although I was caught in my own things.

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These two have been getting awfully close.

I’m sorry.

I should’ve turned down the invitation to the dance. || If only I had realized sooner. || Your feelings… and what the legend meant...

And these feelings I hold…

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Sfx: squeeze

Huh? || Miku?

I’ve always been concerned with.

About how you, Nino, || and everyone else interacts with Fuutarou.

I thought we wouldn’t be equal if I was the only one being treated differently.

Something like that…
But I’ve given up on that now.

I want to monopolize him. || I cannot lie about how I feel.
But now’s not that time for that.

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I love Fuutarou.

So I’m going to do what I want.
In exchange, Ichika and everyone else too…
Should do what they want.
I’m not going to lose.


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Sfx: crack

Sfx: gulp gulp gulp

Yep… This is exquisitely bad…

But it was super effective. || Thanks.

Well then, let’s go.

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If I had not pretended to be Ichika because I was thinking of something so needless…

Yotsuba, || have you gathered his belongings…?


This… Is Uesugi-san’s guide… || There are tons of tags and notes in here. || He was looking forward to this so much...

But I dragged him along despite him not feeling well,
And ruined everything.


It’s because I’ve done something needless...

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In the end, you wouldn’t know what he was thinking about or how he was feeling unless you ask the person himself.
Sfx: flip flip

Sfx: flip


I don’t think everything was in vein.

>Topics for Raiha’s Souvenirs
Fun things:
Quintuplet game in the car
Test of courage that
Yotsuba helped with.
(Pending) Skiing on day 3.
(Yotsuba is going to teach me,
it seems.)
Surprising things:
First time in an inn in 5 years.
Looking for Itsuki with Nino

Fun things:
Test of Cour-
Yotsuba help-
(Yotsuba is-
It seems-

I wonder… If this is true…
Miku said it ended in a sad note, but...|| did he actually had fun..?

Who knows.

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What's each of them thinking?

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I’m going to go ask Uesugi-san!
Right now!?

It’ll be fine if I just sneak in!

…… || How straightforward…

I wonder if I could be like Yotsuba.

Sfx: jolt

Oops… I fell asleep. || It’s gotten completely dark outside.

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The switch.

Head teacher,
The bonfire is almost over. || Could you give us a hand?

Sure. I’ll go there now
He’s just sleeping anyway.

Ah wa wa wa

I would have been caught if he turned on the lights. || I am glad it’s pitch black in here…
Yotsuba said she was going to come too; I wonder what happened with that...

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I thought I’d try to follow Yotsuba’s example, but…
Was it too big of a risk for me to sneak in while the teacher was sleeping…?

However… || I cannot leave him all by himself.

Sfx: thud

I can’t see my hand in front of my face.
I think the light switch is…

Somewhere over here...

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Sfx: click

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Everyone came?
B-Be more quiet…

Why are you guys here?
Nino being here is a surprise.
I-I just thought I’d lend him this really effective charm I have!

We came because we’re worried about Fuutarou-kun too, right Miku?
Eh he he. This kinda makes me happy…

We were all thinking of the same thing!
Like I said, I was different!

Sfx: turn

Sfx: step step

Everyone here wishes for your recovery.
I still don’t quite know what kind of a person you are, but… || if it’s alright with you… || When you wake up...

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Please teach me

All about yourself.

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Ichika: It can't be...
Miku: I hope he's okay.
Itsuki: It's all my fault...
Nino: Am I punching her? Why is my hand shaped in a fist?
Yotsuba: "4dchess.exe has stopped functioning."

To be continued!
All the quintuplets gathered together for Fuutarou’s sake! The pairs who join hands at the finale of the bonfire will be bound together...

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1: I left my dildo on the couch!
3: My feet hurt
5: I'm hungry
2: I wish I was more muscular
4: I lost the game

Thabks for reading Worse than Nino scanlations

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>I love Fuutarou.
Out of nowhere.

Pack it up boys, Kirby is the 5toubun.

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Fuck Negi. He is a fucking faggot. He isn't even bothering with even development.

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Miku is BEST!!

The fat one's always in the middle of these.

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We'll have to see whether or not the legend is real.

But editor-san says so.

So is Ichika going to throw her hat in the ring?

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I have an idea on how we'll know the validity of the legend: Maeda and his relationship with the girl he asked out. It can be assumed that they took part in the ritual (or maybe not.... ), so we can use them to see what happens if they ever show up in later chapters.

Nino looks so high.

Did their shoulders meld together? How are they standing like this?

They've been decapitated. They're on a table there.

The glassed eyes is the giveaway.

Her mind is in another plane of existence.

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Glad to see that the guy that had a crush on Ichika got a girl, thought she was just a friend he brought along in the test of courage.

We need to go through and make a collage of all the quint panels.

>the rest of the sisters just stand there while main girl gets the main girl moment by herself even though being the one to hold his hand was the main gimmick of this arc
>it ends with just her holding his hand
>no follow-up of the other girls wanting to hold his hand even though 3 of the other girls have been focused on the hand hold legend as well

Delinquent guy got his girl?

Can't wait for him to call F 師匠 for teaching him how to hook a girl.

A little bit of trauma goes a long way.

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You know what really happened?
There's going to be a flashback much later that shows Itsuki deciding against grabbing his hand and leaving, only for another sister to sneak back in and grab his hand.

They're standing like this with their heads turned.

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W-well, if Fuutarou marries other Nakano, he and Itsuki will be bound as a family

Or it's actually Ichika's and Miku's hands shown.

1,2,3,4 fags are THIS delusional.

So now what's the point of this series when you know that fatty just got the absolute winner event?

>imblying they won't all rush to grab his hand in the next panel
gotta keep at least the semblance of suspense in the air, even if we all know ____ is gonna win

It's Sensei's hand.

I'll wait until the next chapter to judge.

Fuck. Miki deserves to win.

You know from this chapter on it will be like it never happened only to pull it again near the finale.

I assume the next chapter will close this arc and be the last chapter for Volume 4.

S-she doesn't even like him, she's just autistic.

Sad Nino makes me sad. :(

I can't believe how many people actually denied it

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Toubun Edits for Ichika and Nino this week:

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I'm going to stay on Miku's ship untill she wins

>early draft

since I'm a damned indecisive bastard, i'm staying in the harem flotilla where it is safe so long as one ship survives.

It looks like the wedding cake is gonna be jumbo size.

This is the corrected version.

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I want to see all of them happy

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>Miku will never hug you.

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Thanks, now I can self insert.

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This silhouette doesn't look like Ichika's and Miku's. Could this be a past memory of Ichika's?

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>Yotsuba suffering


|The rape does not stop

Cry more. Itsuki will win and there's nothing you can do about it.

That side-angle makes it hard for me to see Yotsuba's emotions clearly. What I can get is that she's looking more grave than genki. We haven't seen a sad Yotsuba prior to this.

>Yotsuba in a dress
Well this doesn't happen often.

Feels good to have bet on the winning ship

dammit, i want to cut that ahoge off.

Declaration of war, baby. It's go-time!

She’s the designated center.

Can't wait for double dates with the delinquent and Fuutarou/Ichika

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Thanks, onee-chan.

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It appears Miku knows Ichika likes him. I don't know if Ichika will declare wart back since she isn't as into him.

That's a cute ghost

>I love Fuutarou.
>But I don't even know where he lives lol.

Quite comfy too.

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I asked for more chibituplets but that came back and bit me on the ass. Clever monkey's paw, Negi. Clever.

Yeah but only Itsuki actually spends time with his family, regularly.

>>But I don't even know where he lives lol.
He is always at their house or at school. He isn't hard to find.

I wouldn't want Miku to start stalking him.

Main girl tax. Little to do with winning.

Aww that's cute

>I wouldn't want Miku to start stalking him.
“Fuutarou is talking to another girl? I need to investigate him.”


>not realizing by now that this is a harem end and in the end they all agree to takes turns being his wife

Y-yeah, that's right! In fact, this is such obvious misdirection that it can only mean someone OTHER than Itsuki will be the eventual winner!