Do you think he'll die soon in the manga?

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>the manga
I thought everyone dropped this once the extremely hyped gatling gun got destroyed in 2 fermoseconds

No he needs to live to continue the chain of nepotism.

Well he did got carried by Bort against Ao. Could be just the >le protaginism acting, but yeah, there is definitely a deathflag on him.

Why didnt Konohamaru kill the ninja in this episode?

Boruto is in the red. It's going to be cancelled. We're doomed.

Nigga last chapter was fucking excelent.

No, he's gonna be the 8th hokage kore


Too soon for "important" characters start killing. Although we did have deaths in that Arc.

where do you see a death flag?

So he is a pussy just like Naruto, fuck.

No you idiot. He hasn't had a chance to really do anything yet. They'll kill that scientist faggot insteda

>Boruto anything
Lets not get hasty now.

you have yet to explain what that even means. But no it's not going to be canceled. It'll be fine.

It's pretty obvious he's gonna die at some point desu.

Funny how Ao mentions the same about Bort.

>extremely hyped
Everyone knew it'd get broken almost immediately and there were a lot of people complaining about it existing at all

>get carried
He took a drone strike for the little faggot

where are you getting that from? Why do you think it's obvious he'll die?

Because he's not a murderer

Have you even read the chapter?

True, but he still had enough strengh to go for it.

Forget it.

because why the actual fuck does a NINJA have a god damn gatling gun?! That was so stupid. Technology is ruining this series.

He's a Sarutobi. They always die

When will a male hyuga be introduced in order to cuck Konohamaru?

Hinata is worst girl and Leaf is worst Village.

Ninjas threatened his squad so should be killed hes a bad leader letting the attempted murder of his genin go unpunished.

Hey user you're fucking stupid

>he still believes in justice in Narutoverse


Doesn't matter. He doesn't kill

When you stop disappointing your parents

I think sumire is going to die,but nobody cares about her,so whatever

>Technology is ruining this series
No user, you see, the world must continue to advance. Gatling gun and ninja drones were just the beginning, soon we'll have Boruto sitting in a ninja tank shooting giant fucking kunai and it will be glorious

She has deathflags,maybe

I get the feeling most of Boruto's friends are going to die

He has more death flags then Kakashi

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this is a very good point. He should have killed them.

no. Technology is a world of ninjas is stupid.

Why didn't Pain's rinne-rebirth revive Jiraiya?

no it doesn't. It should have stayed the same level technology wise as it always has been. The train is fine. Bigger buildings is fine. Keep technology away from weapons.

No, user. You're stupid.

hopefully not. Denki can die though.

The ninja also were going to kill him.

Why are you such a retarded faggot?

user you can't stop progress. I can't wait to see the moment where they complete the first ninja mecha

where are these death flags that you speak of? I haven't seen any.

it should have. I was also extremely disappointed when he wasn't revived during the 4th war. I wanted to see him reunited with Naruto even if it wasn't for long

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Holy fuck you're stupid, that's an awful idea

It's "Femto". Being on Sup Forums that should be pretty easy to remember.

This isnt LoK

He did nothing wrong, after all

yes you can. The writer of the story controls the world entirely. They could have said technology moved along slowly and everything would be fine. Not much changed between Hashirama discovering the village and the 4th war then suddenly we have all this dumb technology.

imagine being this butthurt on Sup Forums

Him being revived by pain is dumb but no he definitely should have been one of the reanimated shinobi during the war and naruto is forced to fight him.

>Kashin Koji can incinerate someone by getting a little bit of his chakra in them
>he can also summon a toad
>meaning he could potentially be a toad sage
>frog kata is essentially a fighting style made from slapping people with nature chakra without touching them
>and if he touches you you burst into flames and die

Ninjas would also kill the scientist creating tech that puts them out if business. Naruto the stupid fuck and his muh love everyone bullshit is gonna ruin everything.

I'm just calling the stupid people retards. I'm not butthurt - you're all just really fucking dumb

Or there shouldn't have been any reanimated shinobi because it cheapened all of their deaths and turned them into jobbers

I wish they would kill the scientists.

Yeah that's a main villain power alright. Maybe Bort can counter it by learning Gentle-Fist.

He is not fucking batman, you would have to go out of your way to not kill here, when the whole point of being a ninja is to be a mercenary. I get that its supposed to be a kids show, but the lack of death annoys the fuck out of me.

>Or there shouldn't have been any reanimated shinobi

why do you even watch this series you dull fucking retard

Not yet I hope, I want him to be like Asuma
>Bangs cute kohai and dies leaving atleast 2/3 of the fandom in rage: 1. for dying, 2. for putting a baby in a few autists waifu

I kinda want to see a single-mom Hanabi

I for one cant wait to see the ninja world war one, as modern technology finally makes a common army a match for a ninja's bullshit.

Have you forgot the part where a man is stabbed and another it's just blown?

Root already created a synthetic bijuu(Nue) and it can already destroy a village and yet Retardruto still allows these scientist to find out more and more about the inner workings of chakra.

Maybe the Jougan can do something about it.

yes there should have been. Those reanimated shinobi were cool as fuck. It didn't cheapen any death. If anything it made them even more impactful like Asuma fighting his old team.

Strongest ninjas are walking nukes user.

You guys are just in objection to this because it's new to you and differs from the tradition you're used to. But as soon as you see Boruto commanding a ninja spaceship that drops ninja nukes while hunting the remaining Ootsukis throughout the galaxy, you'll accept it as a necessary improvement

Konohamaru isn't the kind of character who'd want to kill and would try to avoid it if possible. I don't know how much simpler I need to make this for your dumb ass to understand

The war arc sucked you moron

Well he can see Chakra, but he can't exactly counter it. I'm guessing using Gente-Fist would be a good way to counter that.

>Kakuzu goes from killing Asuma and overwhelming Kakashi to jobbing to two chuunin
Were you born this stupid or was it a learned behavior?

i'd rather he lives and raises his child

Oots are so advanced that they dont need technology they can do whatever they want.

I don't see how that'd work. He'd need to get within touching range. Seems smarter to hang back and not get incinerated

>complains about character revival in a shonen

imagine being this fucking stupid

oh I can definitely wait for that. I can wait a very, very long time. Like forever. I never want that to happen. I want some apocalyptic even to happen that sends the ninja world back 100 years. Destroys any and all information they got since then.

I live only for fandom tears. The more people rage and are assblasted, I become stronger.

he needs to stop them already.

>defends shitty desperate lazy writing
I don't have to imagine, you're here to show me

You dont see mass destruction because ninja villages are rarely invaded. The fights in every ninja wars took place in the wilderness outside of their villages where stealth guerilla tactics are orime over KABOOM KABOOM.

no I won't. I will never accept that. That sound stupid as fuck

Watch the edge there buddy

The only way to counter chakra is chakra. Assuming that the flames doesn't start until you get physically touched by it, you can use your chakra to "block" his chakra. Kinda like that Shippuden filler where Hinata is crystalized but she survived because she released chakra from all her points to cover her entire body,

the war arc was amazing. It was full of some great fights.

It did. How else can you explain "Kashin Koji"?

Maybe. I remember Neji using the gentle fist to neutralize Kidomaru's threads, but I'm not really sure if it's a smart idea. That shit could work like invisible napalm or something - touch it and you're done

i haven't read the manga actually so I have no idea what this is lol

there's nothing stupid about that. They didn't know how to beat him when they fought him. They then learned how and that made it easier to defeat him. Also reanimated shinobi were weaker than their living versions

Truly the mark of a brainlet

How about a bastard son you super retard

Can Sasuke’s Amaterasu burn Hashirama’s Wood Release? I believe it is hot enough too, as it said to be as hot as the Sun’s surface

That's why i mentioned. It might be just chakra flowing around, but then when it touched you it starts a reaction. Pretty much like Rasengan, it's just pure Chakra, but when it touches something it basically destroys eveything.

Then why are you fucking here?

It is stupid, user. Almost as stupid as Sasori getting TnJ'd by fucking Kankuro.
>they were weaker
To facilitate jobbing. It's stupid.

In the case of Suna Kaboom works since you are fighting in a desert.

Hawawa! Now in 5 delicious flavors

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there's nothing lazy about it. If anything it's 3d chess tier writing. He was hinting at how powerful all these past ninjas were then ba brings them back like he was foreshadowing the entire story. It was also very emotional watching people forced to fight people they care about

Yes, obviously. Hashi's wood is still just wood.

Maybe. I guess we won't really know until someone explains how it works

It wouldn't bother me if Sarada and Chouchou went lezbean with eachother and frolic to another dimension during the Kawaki mess.

Naw just playing. The outrage at the original ending pairs did give me quite a few giggles.
It even helped me with my job.

Yep :)