Amagi Brilliant Park

Does she know how lewd she is?

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She was trying to seduce Kanie in that scene.

No. She's literally autistic

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She's trying

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No, but she sure loves to itch the ditch

post Latifa

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Does the reset curse make her legal?

Does it matter?

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Why i want to impregnate her so much ?

Waaaait a sec. Why is she in her underwear?


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t h i g h s

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You would be a raging homo if you didn’t.

The sexiest of turn-ons: pirate puns

Didn't her and Kanie fuck? Not in the show though

in the ln they would fuck if not for a phone call.

She really has a body for breeding.

are they gonna fuck or no?

>What did he mean by this?

is sento the best waifu kyoani has ever animated?

oh god i miss amaburis

I don't miss the heart attack I had every fucking time it started

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Oh she totally knows.

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That one Megatokyo girl was right. I'm addicted to skirts now.

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Sadly some parts of these were made up.


For some reason I really liked this nameless background character.

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She's feeling hot?

she had a name i think i just don't remember it

This was the best part of the whole show

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Fucking hell that short was funny
Also kind of cute

>Newfag missusing the word waifu

Fuck off.

Fuuuck, which one?

Don't worry though, the part where they almost fuck is legit, it's just they didn't went full smut over it.
No leglock either

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Man those fat sacks are just something else.

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I prefer KyoAni's butts

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They almost did.
Before being cockblocked by Latifa.

Pretty sure the artist made her's bigger as time went on. I mean compare some of the other color pictures in this thread with pic related;

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That Mai doujin by monpetit is amazing.

Why is Not!Bonta-kun so mad?

He is her guardian and feels responsible for her. So he feels more like her father.

Imagine your daughter flirting with some random asshole.

She's a growing girl.

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I'd kanye those sentos

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Oh, and a few more stuff like
>Sento imagining her daughter
>the fairies and mascots knowing about Kanye/Sento at the hotel
>Kanye/Sento small talk before the deed
These are fake. Sento did confess to him, though Kanye already knows about it long ago.

that's gross dude

Amagi is easily a top 5 kyoani anime.
You can't refute this.

s2 when

You're fucking gay.

It's owned by Kadokawa not Kyoani so probably never.

Deserves a second season

>s2 when
When Gatoh finally finished with FMP. The guy is very busy right now, getting the conclusion of FMP anime off the ground. He can't afford distractions.

>that doujin


HAHA get fucked Sup Forums

one of the animes without any story

Amagi Brilliant Park deserves a remake.
A remake where Sento's tits do bounce.

Go back to whichever shithole you crawled out of.

keked at your life imao

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I want Sento to blown my head out after i raped her in front of Kanie

Can we talk about the fairies instead? I like Salama because I am convinced that she would do anal.

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Made for breeding

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Salama is a tumblr feminazi whore, she wont fuck you chauvinism pigman

I'd order her to man my artillery, if you know what I mean.

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I don't understand

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i will order her to suck my cock , if you know what I mean.

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I want to have consensual sex in missionary position while holding hands with Kobori.

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Now that I think about it, she's probably not bold enough to agree.
Fine, the sex will be with Kobori, too.

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only if you are girl

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We're all girls here, user.

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So the power of kyoani...

i am not and i want to rape cute little girly butt

I think I read somewhere that half of this is just made up by whomever posted this stuff? Like that they actually almost did end up sleeping together, but that it ends up being far less romantic and that they don't really act on it afterwards in anyway. Does anyone actually know if that's true?

That's an edit

we cannot disprove it, might as well approve it.

Just read the novel

I have a wild idea. Maybe, just maybe, if you try hard enough, and put in enough time, you could get the answer by reading the fucking thread.

too wild man, like Kanie fucking Laifa in front of her subject for boosting morale wild


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Is Kanye and 50cent looking for apartment together canon?

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Nope, that one was fake too.

Slyphy or whatever her name is killing homeless men with baseball bat

why is earth's outfit so slutty?