Infection 96

Kiara - Mutiple times

Satsuki and Ragi - cockblocked

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And like last time, asks for more.

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Does she like it up the butt?

Don't think its the butt. All procreation here.

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They fugg again?


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Where are her nipples? In the tankobon?
Also isn't she 14 or 15?

More than likely. And yeah she is a 1st year in high school so 15.

This series sucks ever since loli died and the fact they never showed her nipples.

The little sister is still alive. Became a superhuman basically.

Wasn't she also fucked by an onee-san at some point? Or did I imagine it?

So there is still a chance.

Those were fanservice omakes that come with the volumes. Non canon.

Butt girl sex chapters are the best!

The other girls are doomed to be cockblocked at this point.

This series was never good, former hentai artists that go pro should be forced to always be paired with a writer.

Could you dump the yuri one, please?

Don't have the volumes. Sorry man.


I remember dropping this on chapter 5, is it worth to pick it up again?

I would say read 10 more chapters and then decide whether you want to continue or not.

>multiple times already

Fuck that bitch. Raginee deserves the D too.

Kiara actually doesn't give out as easily and was pissed at him in the chapter before this that the only thing he was thinking of was sex with her due to what happened with Satsuki and Ragi.

Honestly waiting for pregnancy drama at this point.

Which chapter they fuck again? It doesn't seem to be 96

Chapter 49-51.

You gotta be more convincing buddy.

Don’t really want to if it dropped 5 chapters in. It’s killing zombies, evolution of said zombies, and MC actually getting his dick wet with the first girl.

I saw the first few chapters of this but wasn't too interested. The girl being fugged is the one who walked around without pants right?

Was fugging her? The MC? What happened to MC gf?

You could always post some tiddies.

All I see here is a slut.

Mc never had a GF. It was his childhood friend. And yes MC fucked Kiara(no pants girl) mutiple times now.

Don’t have the volumes.

They're all sluts. She's just the one slut that keeps getting the dick despite MC wanting to put it in the other sluts too.

She actually got pissed at him in the previous chapter since all he was thinking of was having sex with her instead of spending time together. The previous seduction attempts from satsuki and Ragi clouded his mind.

post all sex scenes

Ch 49-51 and 96.

I dropped this garbage when the zombies mutated and MC got plot armor