Sora yori mo tooi basho

No. It doesn't look good. It never looks good.

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Fucking Nisio.

What the fuck? Dropped.

Looks good.

It looks good here.

I'm glad I picked Yuzu early on.

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What is this autist doing?

Cute things.

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I want to pull that hat down around her face.

If you don't think that that looks good you should get a new brain.

She could have gotten a better haircut with those 1M yen.

>Leaving your 1M yen in Nankyoku
Still a better use of money than crypto coins.

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It looks cute as fuck tho

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It won't be there long. This was her plan all along.

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This show is highly unrealistic. There's no way girls could share a room for 3 months and not all hate each other by the end.

They had individual rooms at the station though

They only shared a room on the ship. Because they were understaffed, the girls each had their own room at Showa.

>Implying real girls don't try to hide their true feelings towards eachother
One thing you learn early in life is that women love to hate, they're just really good at hiding it.

So the 4 of them had the ginormous ship to themselves and the captain?

There's no question that if Mari had just gotten herself a boyfriend instead of going to Antarctica that Megu would have tried to fuck him.

>tfw the girls all laugh at Shirase behind her back

>So the 4 of them had the ginormous ship to themselves
That was sort of weird. Until the end, I was under the impression that everyone was the summer team, and they would be pulling out before it got too shitty. At the most, they'd leave a skeleton crew to reduce restart time next year. Then the girls were the only ones we saw leave.
>and the captain?
You done gone full retard. Ships have crews.

they were most likely not the only ones there for the summer

friendly reminder

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There is something indescribably comfy about watching a bunch of characters you care about play baseball.

I love baseball episodes

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Kimari was best girl.

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Is the album out yet?

First 10/10 I've given in 3 years. Great show, Japan. I'll try to throw a few bucks your way this time.

Now to fall into a depressing state where I have to wait another 3 years for a masterpiece to show up again.

You guys are alright sometimes

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>kys phoneposter

>there are people praising this series who look down on me for loving Love Live more than anything in this world

I've been here for 12 years and I usually make high quality posts

They were busy as fuck that whole time, I agree they would be at each other's throats if they had nothing to do, idle hands and all that.

I can easily see them getting on fine and growing closer because of the work they did together and not one of them was a slacker.

Kimari would make the best mom.

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I can't believe Sup Forums is fucking dead.

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Nvm, found it.

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The ship probably had to return anyways before winter to gather more supplies back in Freemantle.

Megu was the Thing

What's the nips' reaction to this?

>tfw you'll never be able to watch Nankyoku for the first time again

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It was fun. Best threads a show has got in a long time. I'm hoping for more wholesome comfy original shows.

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I want to embarrass this dork publicly

Don't listen to those people user. The escapades of cute girls are meant to be enjoyed by everyone.

Her shitty haircut ruined the ending for me, what a disappointment.

Because liking idolshit is for faggots


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It was an honor serving with you gentlemen.

They probably look down on you because you make posts like this. Also, Sunshine is shit.

Quads of truth
Ange is the rare exception tho

You need to come back from Nankyoku like the rest of us did user. Unthaw your icy heart.

I prefer the long hair for her, but she looks CUTE

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I'm so happy that a show like this that I love can still be made, as an original complete story in 13 episodes.

Fuck yeah

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Don’t come to Antarctica tomorrow

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What the FUCK was her problem?

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My brothers.

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Sales seem to be pretty decent, not as great as Yuru Camp though. Wish there was more art.

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She's so cute.

She hadn't had the frozen solitude of the Arctic warm her icy heart yet.

This anime was so comfy, made me cry like a bitch countless times.
10/10 for me lads.

I like it.

Girls with bob cuts are cute.

I love to see her smiling.

Episode 5 explained her problem just fine. But after that, it stopped. She was still in an awful mood and didn't want to live through Kimari so they didn't talk a whole lot over the phone while Megu planned her own trip instead. And when she went, she was happy.

Keep your 3DPD to yourselves.

This. What a satisfying show.

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>left a million yen there as an offering to the snowgods

Shirase-chan is a very good girl.

Was the insert song on the email scene released?

I’ll give you a hint, the sweater is the key.

The ship had the ship's crew and the captain, the girls, and a few shipment full of samples from the base to be sent on research centers in Japan.

you need to be 18 to post here


What does Shirase taste like?

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Love Live has the worst character designs of all the idol shows. I don't understand how it's so popular.

Now that the Sora Yoris have returned from their trip, what adventure are you planning?

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Literally the best girl

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Finally after fucking up some years after HS, enrolled in EE, I guess that counts.

So cute

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doujins when?

Why aren't penguins afraid of humans?

Season 2 confirmed.....r-right?

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Where was she? Siberia? Alaska? Suomi?

Because seals and Orcas don't come in orange.

Singapore looked pretty comfy.

Fuck, this penguin looks like a chad. The staff are really having fun with this

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A movie would be nice.

They have been conditioned that humans are afraid of them through years because of the 5m rule.

which is like the thing, but megu is the thing and they just nuke her from orbit

fucking bitch

To the only place more obscure than Antarctica, the ISS.

Your journey is the season 2.

Stranded island next

Because they know how fucking cute they are

Nico Nico Nii

they don't have land predators aside from the occasional seal I guess


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No, it's pitcairn