Butterfly Storage

Mini Arai has the ideal female body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

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Where I can find this semen demon? I've definitely been missing out.

You can check the manga out on Mangadex up until Chapter 15. mangadex.org/manga/21493

The japanese serialization is currently at chapter 20. Chapters are published monthly on Comic Monthly Ryu. lhscans.com/manga-butterfly-storage.html

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For those who want to know more about this series premise before giving it a read:

>When a person dies, their soul leaves the body in the form of a butterfly and the body itself rots away quickly after.

>Ono lost his entire family in a plane crash fourteen years ago. But since this tragedy, the body of Senri, his twin sister, is still intact while the butterfly that contains her soul was stolen by a mysterious individual during the accident, leaving her unconscious and in a vegetative state.

>In order to get back his sister's butterfly, Ono joins the famous "Death Bureau", a state agency specialized in the capture, conservation, and management of the butterflies before they disappear for good 49 days after their hosts' death.

>Using the butterflies, the family of the deceased can come in contact with their loved ones in the form of a 3D hologram.

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Thanks for the info user. I'll check it out.

shame the comic sucks

Reminds me of Noi from Dorohedoro.

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the resemblance is indeed striking.

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It started slow for me. But it's gotten progressively better.

>Comic sucks
Not having patrician taste. Sad

Peak? Tbh she looks like a lousy attempt at a man and is harming her reproductive health.

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Here come the muscle girls haters

They always pop up. Never fails.

Both waifu material.

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>she is also MILF
Things getting better and better

I need more Muscle Girls in manga

>high levels of testosterone
>which definitely makes her infertile
>and hirsute
>and probably a clit bigger than your pencil dick
>and prone to osteoporosis
>and cardiovascular and metabolical diseases
I'm I getting memed on? Is this one of those "It's only good on 2D don't sweat it" threads? This is not even healthy for a woman, I'm not even kidding.


Mother of 2 children.

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A lot of high lever female athletes, from bodybuilders, to boxers to sprinters, build muscle to be in the optimal physical condition fo the practice of their sport.

The compromises to fertility mostly come from overtraining and excessive dieting (low caloric intake) so this can be avoided with the help of reproductive specialists. As long as they don't over do it and mantain a decent % of body fat they will be ok.

Those kids have genetic advantage.

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>>which definitely makes her infertile
Are men infertile now?

Dude is exaggerating some issues that female athletes are more prone to deal with as a way to hide his distaste for muscular girls.

>pretentious bitchass