Happy birthday to Yuzuko Nonohara on 24/3!
Just don't ask how old she is.

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how old is she

Highschool age, now and forever.

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Old enough!

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I want to eat Yuzuzu's hair.

What is she doing in this picture?

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Riding Yui's bean.

Old enough for what?
Like renting a car or something?

I wonder what shampoo flavor Yuzuko uses?
Or the other yuyus for that matter.

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Yuzu - Organic pomegranate
Yukari - Lavender scented from a good brand
Yui - Whatever's cheapest

hey babies

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What does Yukari's tummy taste like?

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I know it's shading, but for a split second I thought Yukari had lipstick on her navel.

It tastes like happiness.

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Not enough glasses baka in this world. Glad we have her.

Tastes like ojou-sama tummy.

Did you guys learn anything new today?

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I learned I have to turn the volume up on my phone in order to hear the alarm

I learned that this exists

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I can't believe it, I just learned that today too!

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Comedy shows like this, Nichijou, or Yuru Yuri?

Didn't enjoy K-ON and I don't think I would like most SoLs

What the heck, are you me!?

It's not hard to figure out

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Ichigo Mashimaro.

What is Yuzu's ideal birthday gift?

Yui's tongue

or something...

Yuyu campu

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Good Night Yuyus!

I'm going to ask Hinata out on a date. Wish me luck!

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She said she was busy...


What's a pilloq?

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season two when


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I wish I was Yui so I could just go and bury my face in that ass.

This is the closest we're ever getting to an S2.


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How old is she?


Is it really? Considering the recent OVA and the ongoing manga, doesn't the series still get a fair amount of love?

meant for



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I want to BE that belt loop.

You're late.

I'll be the flip phone!

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