Is there a mangaka that could even possibly even draw half as good as Kentaro Miura? Let alone draw better that him...

Is there a mangaka that could even possibly even draw half as good as Kentaro Miura? Let alone draw better that him? And I'm not talking about black swordman miura. I'm not talking about Falcon of The Millenium Empire Miura either. Hell, i'm not even talking Conviction arc Miura after 2 years of hiatus. I'm talking about Golden Age [FANTASIA] after been an hitaus of 4 years with the best key elements of LOST CHILDREN Kentaro Miura®

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Hiroaki Samura easily!

samura art look like those drawings an anime kid would have in a folder with his yugioh cards

Sure, why not.

>who is Junji Ito

>Is there a mangaka that could even possibly even draw half as good as Kentaro Miura
How about a mangaka that actually finishes their fucking story in our lifetime

Neither of them will.

Berserk is already at 70%

>15 more years of this shit

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Sakamoto Shinichi

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Dumb frogposter

posted it so I didn't have to

>only 15 years
you wish

You haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about do you

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Miura's pretty good at drawing really small stuff with good detail. I don't know how much of that is his erratic schedule giving him more time to draw or not though. I don't know when he started going on hiatus so much. Assistants are another aspect I know pretty much nothing about outside of a handful of mangaka where people always talk about their assistants. Witch Hat Atelier's mangaka is really good though. Don't know if better than Miura on a technical level but still really good.

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Ito does really good horror, but pretty incomparable of the thing Miura is capable of drawing. I'd say Takehiko Inoue is at least close though.

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You have to keep in mind too that One Piece is weekly. I want to see what Oda could do if he was so heavily invested in a monthly series as he is in One Piece.

>the face of the one on the left
>the body of the one on the middle
>the one on the right not fucking me right now
you are embarrassing yourself


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Excellent taste.

that sky pure cheating


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>no love for Araki

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Jojolion is pretty sketchy these days.

Fukumoto is better

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>beating miura
>doens't even know how to draw dogs

You have to consider Araki's potential for improvement as he is immortal.


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>Takehiko Inoue
>Junji Ito
My man.
I like Obata's drawings, especially in All You Need Is Kill. Yagi Norihiro of Claymore is really close to Muira when he does that"GOOD SHIT"

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This has to be bait.

It's not. Oda draws really good shit in just one week. Although there is no comparision between Muira and Oda cause of really different styles, and schedules

Kaoru Mori is consistently good

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I'm pretty sure Fukumoto's assistant(s) drew that background.

On that note, I think a mangaka's artistry is better judged on their character art because there's no way to tell how much of the background work they push off to assistants.

What's the manga with the vampire bathing in baby blood? I remember the art being freaky.

One Piece is estimated to be at a similar level of completion.

There goes another good thread

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>good thread

Murata is good, but he still can't compete with Inoue

this is interesting because Oda has less time to draw than Miura, what would his art look like if given the amount of time Miura has?

Not him, but I find this thread interesting even when I'm not really into manga because discussing artstyles is better than reading the average shit this imageboard has.

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Murata hasn't been caught tracing.

I disagree. I think it just depends on whether you like more realistic art or more stylized art. Murata can imitate any art style, he's like a chameleon. And Inoue's skills goes without saying.

I think one of the recent Berserk chapters was pretty short but generally Oda releases less chapters than a monthly manga too. Not 4 times less (depending on the series) but still generally less. Oda's really good for weekly though. Vagabond's art too. Blows my mind still too that Akira was weekly.

Before Muratafag

Didn’t finish. Before Muratafag came here there was no shit flinging. Now look

>Blows my mind still too that Akira was weekly.

Because it looks really good and doesn't flow like a weekly manga usually does. It doesn't feel like a collection of 20 page chapters. Maybe part of that was done when putting the chapters in volumes but it still feels completely different from a weekly manga.

This guy is pretty good.

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Junji Ito

Green Blood guy

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we have a winner

Kind of a mess of small details without that much definition though.

Like it's still amazing, sure, but it feels really 'washed out'.

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What the fuck is it about Murata that drives some anons to autism. Am I just not allowed to like his artwork on here

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Daisuke Igarashi, Tezuka Osamu, Kiyoushirou Inoue, Katsuhiro Otomo and Rui Morita are all artists I think draw better than Miura.

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Just because you eat shit doesn’t mean the rest of us have to stomach that terrible CG OPMfag
Junji Ito as well

hey guys, i drew something. Rate me thx :)

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I don't really like Junji Ito that much to be honest. His stories can be good, but the drawings themselves don't do much for me.

Just don't reply.

imagine being this wrong

what about inio asano?

Osamu, and Otomo are great in their own way.

People usually write him off for his use of photographs in his artwork.

Kubo is really good when he puts effort into it

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His form in the final arc was so cool.

don't say shit like that without posting it

This has to be bait.

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The guy that did eyeshield 21

For me, it's Nihei during his Abara/Biomega era. Lines are solid and dark, designs are top notch, no fish-faces. His design sense has kept up over the years, but his faces have turned into moe marshmallow blobs and he seems to try to use as few sketchy lines as possible.

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How about the OG?

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Compare to this Ningyou no Kuni monster

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True shit

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His faces are awful and bland, that instantly takes him down from the best artist category.

I love how the mustaches on character designes were cool, then were un-cool and then were cool again

Other way around. We're used to Muratafag comming into artstyle discussions to shit up the thread with "no you see he's OBJECTIVELY better because look at all the details and realistic lighting effects and if you don't like it you're wrong because he's the best".

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are you fucking blind?

>mfw both OP and berserk ends the same year

I'm going to be 45 at the time but fuck it.

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Vinland Saga tends to have a pretty plain art style for most of it's panels but the action scenes are very detailed.

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Ahh, how we could forget [generic edgy manga style]


Is this bait?

Boichi is better. this is not an opinion, this is a fact

Make way for this underrated gem.

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Oda has A LOT of assistants so time cant really be used as an excuse and lately there are some weeks where he takes one off. Bleach had way less assistants and the art was way better. Current OP style is way too messy. The clean style it had at the first part was way better.
I personally really like Dorohedoro. The artist is a female which is really surprising.

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Ito has good premises, but his sameface is the worst seen in a mangaka with that much experience.

Azuma's art is pretty underappreciated.

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Isnt this traced?

Hideo has great art. Really loved Homunculus and Ichi.

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We aren't talking about Murata user