Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online

What scene are you most looking forward to seeing animated?

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Do we even know how many episodes it will have?

Beato being cute

I just want to see Kuroboshi girls shooting people.

I'm honestly curious about whether or not we'll see Fatal Bullet cameos for some cross promotion

It would be pretty hype if we got to see Female Donut or Ahosys

I'm guessing 12, I don't think they would go all out with 24 for a spinoff

Can we make this an actual comfy SAO thread? The other one is a huge clusterfuck I don't even want to bother

If they did 24 episodes, then GGO would end right before Alicization starts. Which would mean almost a whole year of SAO shitposting.

To be honest, despite being caught up in the main series translation, I still haven't read the LN for this.
Still tho, the girls are qt, and I hear good things.

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Loli in a suitcase

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Reminder that pink is legit camouflage

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I at least hope the SAOfags keep their autism in check when it's airing for those of us that don't care about the main series.

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Pripri corssover?

Toll girl being toll and insecure.
Smoll girl being smoll brave.

Those girls being the same girl.

Most SAOfags like the spinoff so we're fine. Expect some falseflaggers on both sides to try and start petty fandom wars regardless though.

Wait what? Pink works?

In limited environments, yeah.

When the time and place are right.

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Even sky blue worked adequately for the French.

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If we did get FB cameos it's more likely Kureha, Zeliska or Itsuki

Karen is best

>inb4 Kureha's sister shows up

Hoping for some Karen x LLenn selfcest doujins

I sure hope so


My dick in her mouth.

Who's mouth?

You learn something new everyday

I'm more looking forward to Eir Aoi's new song to be honest, I missed her so much.

>Tall girl and loli sex
I need

Ryuusei sounds too good, Im glad she is finally back.

Wait until you see what they were planning for warships

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Well that's certainly something. Would love to see how effective it is in practice

fuck maybe it'll actually be decent?

>a whole year of SAO shitposting.
Could Sup Forums even handle that?

The SAO hate train would be up in arms about nearly a whole year of SAO so that would be amusing to see

After the shit first season SAO has been mostly decent through out

That would be cool. Fatal Bullet is already advertising the GGO cast in the game after all.

I've heard there are some brutal scenes in the LNs so I guess I'm looking forward to that

GGO was the least worst part of SAO

Will Sinon appear?

Dazzle Camouflage worked more or less, but the two nations that seriously considered it (The US and Japan) both didn't implement it because the US already had radar fire control and dazzle did nothing against it. The Japanese tested it and found that dazzle camouflage worked fine at the day but made the ships easier to hit at night, so they rejected it because night combat tactics were an important part of IJN doctrine.
That said, it's important to note that Dazzle Camouflage on ships isn't intended to make it difficult to spot, it's meant to make it difficult to estimate its bearing and get an accurate firing solution.

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If it follows the LN, she'll be mentioned once.

That's interesting to know. Thanks user

That's a shame. How good are the new girls?

She gets mentioned once or twice early on. At best we might get a flashback scene to one of the characters asking Sinon to sell her rifle

They don't exactly measure up to Sinon but they are decent

How dark and serious does this series get? I'm hoping it'll be around where PriPri was but I have a feeling it won't

I just need one good sakuga shot of Fuka with her duel grenade launchers, that'll make me happy.

When the brown girls skin tight suit gets torn open and she gets butt fucked

I hope this anime will help spawn tons of doujins

I think some good sakuga is assured considering the studio behind this anime

That would make for a fun year

Beato & Sacchan!!!

I will watch the show, and may even enjoy it. But the threads will probably be filled with Sup Forums shit like every other SAO thread these days.

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I feel bad for those JSDF guys. All they wanted was to operate operationally but are instead met with this speedy loli bullshit.

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I just hope they won't tone down the violence too much.

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She's so cute

Like what? Fuka tripping a trap and getting her legs blown off?

The studio is pretty decent when it comes to violence.

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That would be silly considering there's already a copious amount of in-universe censoring.

Virtual wounds shouldn't require too much censoring right?

I loved this character, was so sad to see her go so quickly :(

I love a tough loli

Post more

It should just be red glowing bits along with floating pixels if they keep to the lore or at least with the cutscenes in Fatal Bullet

2018 will be the year of SAO

>Lolis + guns shooting people
This is why I love Japan.

>guns shooting people
Now that I think about it the timing of this anime airing couldn't be worse considering the gun control debate going on right now

>giving a single fuck about US gun control

The ludicrous amounts of unabashed gun fervor in GGO is sure to trigger the fuck out of some SJWs.

It's great, they straight up say shit like "a man who loves guns can't be all that bad!" or "GGO is supposed to be a place where people have fun shooting each other!"

I can already see e-celebs making rant videos about the themes of the show

Will kirito make appearance ?

There's a minor character whose character arc is going from "this game is disgusting how can people enjoy killing each other like this?" to "hahahaha I'm going to fucking blow your head off who the fuck cares this is a game anyways".

The only reference made to Kirito is him inspiring a team in the tournament to wield photon sabers exclusively.

They get fucking rekt right out of the gate.

Any scenes of LLENN in underwear similar to the Sinon scene from GGO?

What are the chances that GGO will be accused of spreading Nazi propaganda?

He gets an off-handed mention when some characters talk about the BoB alongside Sinon but that’s about it for the first 3 volumes anyway.

>some of you guys are alright, etc...

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Is she going to shoot up her uni?

Holy shit that sounds amazing. You certainly wouldn't see something like in the west these days.

Honestly I'm not excited for another sao, it can go die in a hole for all I care



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shes a big girl

Gap moe

I can tell that this will be the second coming of Digibro and Mom's Basement.

A minor character in GGOA or an NPC in FB? Because there's an NPC or two who's just "murder lmao".

So why doesn't everyone do lineless shooting? Manually adjusting for windage and drop isn't rocket science.
In fact, for a game developed in the U.S. where people can go to the range it seems like bullet lines and bullet circles are exclusively to help noguns countries like Japan.

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>Manually adjusting for windage and drop
What are you doing, sniping? Outside of long-distance shooting it's literally instinctive, you don't even have to think about it, it just comes naturally.

You'd be surprised how much ammunition gets expended in real firefights; no one wants to take a bullet, so suppression and excess rounds fly everywhere and you don't see a whole lot of actual accurate shots since no one wants to try to keep themselves exposed. Even with no physical pain and the game factors for HP or the like that let you ignore damages, you're a whole 'nother level of badass if you could accurately charge into a firefight with manual aim and still take players down efficiently without going down yourself.

Because you underestimate how generous the aim assist in GGO is.

Remember that LLENN is an ambush PKing scum.

Where can I read the manga beyond chapter 4?