ITT: Cripplingly Depressing Shows

ITT: Depressing shows that tackle their subject matter with very few gags and leave you hollow inside.

Pic related had me saying "man that's fucked up" at least three times an episode.

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but honeybee is so fucking cute though

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Read the manga

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For the picture or the show?

Also why?

just do it

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>finally realistic relationships
>that's fucked up
I wish more shows were like Scums.

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I wasn't trying to imply that them being fucked up was wrong. It's what makes them hit close to home in some ways.

I remember the turning point for me to decide whether or not to watch this show was when her friend showed she knew she was taking advantage of her and didn't care. It hooked me after that. Because the whole time it was just accepted that it was ok, and that just blew me out of the water.

Not really realistic but very fucked up.

Everybody in this manga is fucked up.
Its beautiful

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Tex is still the most depressing


I came for the yuri. No pun intended.


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Inherited deafness isn't guaranteed fortunately.

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This was good.

Now and then here and there, the most depressing series I've ever seen. Casshern is probably 2nd I'd say.

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This series was such a welcome deviation from the norm. I want more romance/dramas like this.

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Anything with boy+girl love and affection is fucking devastating for me

I enjoyed how no one had a moral compass.

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The end of the manga pissed me off so fucking much. The only character to actually get some sort of resolution was the shittiest out of all of them.

This show was somewhat different from what you describe, it had quite a bit of gags and lighthearted moments, the main characters were very likeable and funny. That's exactly why its subject matter, the overall message and the way most of these characters not only fail at what they set out to do in the story, but end up actually dying, is so gut-wrenching.

I have yet to watch another anime that made me feel this bad after finishing it.

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uhhh SnK

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Scum's Wish Decor is a thing. It hasn't really gone anywhere yet, though.

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I dumped the first 3? Or 4 chapters of the sequel manga a bit back, check some archive site for them if you're curious. They were ok.

The manga has a happier (and better imo) ending in comparison, but even that's still pretty sad.

Yea, if you're talking about shingeki no kyojin then that's right, they show you some character and you bond to that character, and then they kill it in a brutal way, just like some episodes of Inuyashiki where they show a character and then Hiro kills it.

Thanks, I'll check it out. I'll make sure to keep my expectations a bit lower this time though.

its a short but still a horribly depressing anime about abject poverty caused by irresponsibility somehow this was supposed to be a lucky star spinoff

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this is the anime you watch when you need that final little push to suicide.

White Album 2 gets pretty rough towards the end.

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dropping redpills

This was great, can't believe i forgot about it. Did it end already?

Are you guys for real or just ttroling me?

Is this franxx

Yes it is

someone plz edit this with futoshi face

Why everyone in this show were massive fucking idiots?

She is best girl!

I hate Sensei bitch