Vegeta, are we there yet?

Vegeta, are we there yet?

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Naruto Abridged > the jokes from the actual DBZ anime > DBZ Abridged


are you retarded?


>Gay/Sexist/Racist jokes that awkwardly vanish after 12 episodes

No, but you are.

>things are randomly being called sexist in more recent episodes

>Dragonball Z abridged

Havent watched since I was 14 and my brain hadnt developed yet. The absolute state of Sup Forums

I cant watch DBZ clips on jewtube without some fucktard in the comments saying this cancer is a more true follow up to OG dragonball than Z. I think they are serious which is the worst part

Not until the fish jumps.

no nappa no we're not.

Conclusion of TFS Cell Arc fucking never ever. Also, fuck those guys for abandoning te DBZA project to start Lets Plays and faggy table top gaming videos. Why in the living FUCK do they think I want to watch them procrastinate on finishing DBZA like they fucking should?

How about now?

Yu-Gi-Oh abriged > all

A welcome departure

Supposedly they're going to release a 2 hour Cell arc finale and then that'll be it. Don't know if they've said when it might be out though.

I bring to the table:
Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged

Funny way to spell SAO Abridged you have there

Its a close second

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Yeah I heard. Fucking disgusting shit, but good for them, I suppose. I'm unsubscribing immediately after the release of that episode, seeing as theres no real point of hanging around after thats done. I hope many more follow suit.

[Muffled sexy back playing]

Will DotNS ever continue?


I get they're taking so long because its a really long fucking episode and they're worried about making their finale perfect but why the fuck are they ending at cell? They said they were gonna do Buu arc before

I dont really see Buu having as much potential as Namek and Cell arcs so I wont be losing any sleep over it but did they ever say why they're ending at Cell?

There was some copyright bullshit they got caught up in and on top of that they just lost interest in doing it I guess. They've gotten work in official dubs and have other stuff they'd rather make for Youtube than fan dubs.


Older episodes are much better as Goku's voice wasn't as high pitched as it is from the most recent ep, just like Kaiba is shouting far too much in the newer YGOTAS


This is the one abridged series I agree when people say improved on the original. Not that improving on SAO is that hard to do, but it actually made me enjoy something related to SAO, which I thought was impossible.

Abridged series are awful, low level entertainment. Use literally anything else to entertain yourself.
This is the only respectable option because he started it. Back in the day it was good shit, but then you aged past 16.
This is so cringey. Reeks of self inserting and the whole reddit >fine taste, sir
I can’t tell if his stuff is genius or the ultimate cancer. It’s like PTE in a way.
This was never good. It was okay up to Frieza then shits itself.


>I only get entertained by intelligent and refined comedy for mature people like me

What else can you expect? Stuff like abridging or reviewing Movies/Games is becoming increasingly tricky as companies learn to be more net savvy in launching their copyright strikes and claims. Unless you distort the fuck out of your footage or stick to using promotional trailer footage than odds are good your upload will be taken down by the powers that be. And no, 'parody protection laws' do not protect you, they are a meme.
Not that I mind, of course. People who make a living off the creative work of others are little more than parasites, though some respect is given to the TFS crew for revitalizing interest in DBZ among westerners via their abridged project.

t. literal nine year old

I hate YGO Abridged solely for the fact that Dark Side of Dimensions' dub (yes, I watched it twice, one each) is basically YGO Abridged for the entire movie. It's fine if they rewrite some lines to be more humorous or whatever, but every line is a fucking joke with no consideration for the original line.

Did you watch the yu-gi-oh streams on twitch or the dub recently, becuase if you did you would see that its still in character with the dub portrayal of their characters

Yeah I know, it was just exhausting. Imagine a two-hour YGO Abridged episode.

>Fire the guy who designed that bottle, KaibaCorp products shouldn't bend so easily!

Anything above the bottom of the barrel isn’t refined and intelligent.

Yes I am. I meant to post YuGiOh abridged, no idea why I typed Naruto instead. That being said, LittleKuriboh's Naruto Abridged is still better than DBZ Abridged.

All Anime Abridged is pure shit. Only shit taste retards like could think Abridged is funny.

I just wish Kirito had a different voice desu

I found Dark Side of Dimensions immensely enjoyable and actually laughed out loud when I heard that line

All except

I unironically love Dragon Ball Z Abridged.

It's even worse when you think about the fact that he probably likes actual comedy anime, which is hardly mature.

I liked abridged series in middle school. By the time I hit highschool I was moreso really sickened by the genre's bastardization of the source materials.

Why is this such a celebrated format?

I like it, but I hate the fans that are always saying the abridged series is better than the show or they are better voices then the dub

A lot of the popular ones are made by people who love the series they abridge so they know how to change things in a way that will resonate with fans and non fans alike

You do realize that they're not supposed to be actual real dubs right? The "bastardization of the source materials" is cutting them up and changing things to highlight humorous things in the original (or the poor official English dubs). The funny ones are the ones that aren't completely different things from the original but they're still not trying to be official dubs.

the only time the format made any sense was for a show that

>Everyone saw as a kid
>Has subject matter really easy to make fun of if you stop and think about it for five seconds
>Had an english version that was so altered it could almost be called a straight rewrite

that means any abridged series besides dbz, yugioh and sailor moon was just trying to chase a trend

Tough shit, the show only works in terms of comedy because it is poorly written. That is why you hear people say that all the time.

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Why aren't you just watching the original if that's what you want? The abridged series are more like spoofs made by people who are generally fans of the original series and poke some fun at its elements.

Out of the popular ones, I think only SAO Abridged was made by people who disliked the original and tried to improve on it while still poking fun.

Yes, that will be your epitaph

Yu-Gi-Oh > Pokemon > all

Dub Piece was funny when everyone was pissed at the 4Kids dub. Shame that most of the episodes aren't on the internet anymore. Though it was more out there than Yugioh's abridged series.



>Well, I thought that he could handle it!


Basically this: A bunch of copyright shit slammed TFS at once, plus they're realizing that they make absolutely no money from DBZA by itself, Toei is trying to crack down on them sellng rip-off DBZ merch under the guise of "parody", and that once DBZA finishes they're going to lose a shit-ton of their Patreon funding. Kaiser even got super assblasted when a fan dared mention that he'd be unsubscribing from their Patreon after DBZA ends.

On the other end of the argument, it's obviously harder for TFS to do legally-gray fandubs since they've done an actual official dub and are basically a production house now. Plus they've been doing it for nearly 10 years.

I still find it funny how much Toei hates them, because they had to at least turned some viewers into DBZ fans. I can't think how you can even get new fans for DBZ now that there are so many shonen shows that take elements from DBZ and either make better or just that younger viewers have seen it somewhere else at this point