You are Zero Two

>You are Zero Two.
>You find yourself walking around the Bird House, mindlessly trying to fill your time.
>The cool hallways and warm sunshine are much more welcoming than the inner city of this plantation, but it certainly isn’t where you want to be at this moment.
>Everyone else is outside training.
>Well, everyone except Strelizia and Chlorophytum.
>Your Darling and Code 326 at the medical bay undergoing evaluation.
>Nana said that they wanted to examine your Darling after his fourth time piloting with you, and 326 to monitor his recovery.
>It’s a waste of time.
>You and your Darling are perfectly compatible -- he’s survived his /fourth/ mission with you unscathed.
>As for 326… you don’t particularly care.
>They have more than enough information about stamens who tried to pilot with you before.
>He won’t die after one mission, but he probably won’t ever be the same again either.
>Perhaps that’s for the best; such high code numbers shouldn’t have hubris to match.
>After some time you finally make it to the main lounge, and are surprised to find Code 196, Chlorophytum’s pistil, reading a small book.
>She doesn’t notice your arrival; her attention instead entirely focused on the pages before her.
>Knowing this, you take the opportunity to observe.

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>Since 326 /is/ in the medical bay, it only makes sense that 196 wouldn’t be at training.
>The fact that she’s reading isn’t particularly shocking either; she read during your trip to the beach as well.
>Careful to keep quiet, you take a step toward the nearby wall and lean against it.
>A naive person might believe that she was a powerful pistil; her proper posture and refined demeanor certainly seem much more in-line with an experienced plantation pistil, or even a Nine than a newly graduated cadet.
>That belief however, would be poorly rooted in reality.
>Code 196 is neither the most potent nor experienced pistil in this squadron -- far from it.
>Chlorophytum is consistently the last Franxx team to sync during both training and combat missions.
>Your eyes narrow.
>The entire reason why you had to pilot with 326 was because of /her/ inability to work with him effectively.
>She’s been training with him for /years,/ yet it took only a half-hearted attempt to outperform her, and exhaust her pathetically weak stamen.
>You suppose that shouldn’t surprise you either.
>She clearly doesn’t enjoy piloting with him, or even having his company.
>Or perhaps more accurately, she doesn’t enjoy /any/ boy’s company.
>While that much was obvious to you from the beginning, these children are woefully ignorant of her preference.

>You suppose that can be attributed to the sheltered environment plantation squadrons grow-up in.
>They’re practically blind to anything resembling love or sexuality, let alone variations of those feelings.
>From your time at the front line, special forces, and Dr. Franxx’s research however, you had no trouble spotting her otherwise well-hidden tendencies.
>Seeing just how intensely she stared at Code 015 at the beach, and ogled the other pistils half-dissolved suits during yesterday’s mission, along and a half-dozen other quirks, it’s obvious she prefers girls.
>There’s no doubt this impacts her ability to sync, and hinders her on the battlefield.
>If Code 015 was half as competent has her code indicated, she should have noticed by now, and have found a way to address the issue.
>Yet it’s fully apparent that she hasn’t, and the squadron’s performance has suffered as a result.
>You look over 196 once again; her thin neck leading up to her tightly drawn hair bun, and thin glasses.
>It’s unfortunate; she’s not a terribly ugly parasite.
>Most stamens you’ve seen would have fought tooth-and-nail for a pistil like her.
>Her long and slender frame, along with her quiet, shy mannerisms…
>It’s a small wonder than Code 326 is so dismissive of her.
>Perhaps he knows?
>You dismiss the idea off-hand.
>Certainly not; you can personally vouch for just how blind he is to the emotions of his pistil.
>Indeed, 326 is another question for another time.

>Your mind wanders back to Code 015.
>While she’s technically the leader of this unit, you still hold the highest rank amongst Plantation 13’s parasites as a result of your experience and former position.
>If you /wanted/ to, you’re sure that Dr. Franxx would appoint you and Hiro and squadron leaders, and give you both formal command of this squadron.
>While that’s not a position you’re keen on taking, you can’t help but find Code 015’s bossy attitude tiring, especially given her obvious inexperience and underperformance.
>Perhaps it would be useful to draw some these parasites away from her influence.
>In nearly half of your missions so far she’s suffered some emotional collapse, and in one case a full desynchronization with her partner.
>It’s a massive liability on the battlefield /now/, let alone against some of the more dangerous Klaxosaurs you’ve encountered.
>And if Code 196, an already struggling pistil is looking to 015 for strength and guidance, it’s not a surprise that her abilities haven’t improved.
>You roll your eyes.
>You /really/ shouldn’t get involved.
>It’s nearly inevitable that everyone in this squadron, save perhaps you and your Darling, will die soon enough.
>But looking at the meek pistil sitting across the room, you can’t help but feel a hint of… pity.
>She could die without ever having the opportunity to express herself in even the simplest way to another pistil…
>Even as the rest of this squadron learns about their feelings, she’s doomed to suffer from Ichigo’s inability to respond properly.
>You take a deep breathe.
>Perhaps giving her something to look forward to -- something to fantasize about wouldn't hurt.
>If you could help with her frustration, perhaps she could pilot more effectively, and survive a little longer her predecessors did.
>With a smile, you gently push yourself off of the wall, and make your way toward the unsuspecting pistil before you.

>You make your way toward Code 196’s couch until she finally notices your presence.
>As usual she doesn’t respond; only briefly making eye contact before looking down at her book.
“What are you reading?”
>While your tone is playful, you aren’t interested in the topic of her book.
>All you’re looking for is a response.
>”It’s a poetry book from the library…”
>Now standing directly in front of her, you lean over and grab the top of the book, pulling it from her grasp.
>”Hey! What are you-”
>She falls silent as the book slaps shut, and the room is still once again.
>Tossing the book to the far-end of the couch, you turn to your side, and lazily fall onto 196’s lap.
>It’s not dissimilar to how you sat with your Darling at your first breakfast here, but her less muscular legs provide less cushion than you’d like.
>Her entire body tenses up, clearly unsure of how to react.
>“What… what are you doing Zero Two…”
>You reply in a distant, disinterested tone.
“Everyone is at training, so it’s just me and you for a few hours…”
>You turn toward her, and brush one of her long bangs behind her ear.
“I figured we could get to know each other better…
>She closes her eyes, as a blush fills her freckled cheeks.
>“Please get off of me Zero Two, I was trying to read.
>You continue.
“If only the two of us could pilot together, we could be out there training with everyone else…
>Realizing that you don’t intend to move soon, she draws her arms as close to her frame as possible.
>Perhaps she thinks that if she ends the conversation quickly, you’ll leave.
>“That’s impossible. Franxx need a pistil and a stamen…”
>You shift yourself in her lap and groan in weak protest.
>Code 196 shifts as well, clearly uncomfortable with the situation.
“That’s not true…”
>Her eyes widen for a moment, before narrowing again, and turning toward you.
>“What do you mean?”

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>You place a finger at the back of her jaw, and trace it slowly forward.
“I’ve met some of the other experimental squads that Dr. Franxx has set up…”
“There was an all-girls squadron, some were pistils, while the others acted as the stamens…”
>196 although cautiously captivated by your words, doesn’t reply.
“I’ve seen a lot of things you know… I know what goes on outside of this cage you live in…”
>Perhaps in disbelief, she replies.
>”You’re lying. Nana, and all of our instructors said it requires a boy and a girl…”
>You smirk.
“Dr. Franxx invented these machines… and besides, it was just a test squadron…”
>She thinks for a moment, before looking away, and replying in a near whisper.
>“Did they work? Were the able to pilot?”
>You shrug your shoulders.
“Only saw them during their early training, so I don’t know…”
>You pull your finger away from her face.
“Besides, they were all double digit parasites; they’d never transfer you there even if you asked.”
“Your number is far, far too high.”
>She visibly deflates.
>You remove your finger from her jaw, and poke her forehead.
“Hmm? Do you want to pilot with another pistil?”

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>Her blush returns in full-force as she shakes her head.
>“No! I just…”
>You trace your finger down her forehead, and cup her chin.
“You want to pilot with Ichigo, don’t you?”
>She practically freezes.
>You chuckle.
“I knew you liked Ichigo…”
>Her reply is quick, as she begins to lose her composure.
>“Of… course I like her-- she’s my squad leader, and a helps me a lot.
>You again chuckle, and grab Code 196’s wrist with your left hand, placing her hand on your legging.
“That’s not what I meant…”
>Her cheeks turn bright red, and she tries to pull your hand free, only to be denied by your strength.
>You lean in close, your lips only an inch from her ear.
“It’s ok, I don’t mind… you can touch me…”
>You left go of her wrist, and she quickly pulls her hand away.
“I know you like girls 196, you don’t need to hide it from me... “
>You run your finger down the side of her neck.
“I saw the way you were looking at Ichigo on the beach… how you were ogling the girls after yesterday’s mission…”
“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were one of the boys…”
>She looks down.
>You snicker.
“Is that why you wanted the boys and girls to say separated forever? So you could have us all to yourself?”
>She furiously shakes her head.
>”I… I don’t know what you’re talking about. The boys were being stupid, and-”

>You cut to the chase, tired of her facade.
“We’re all alone Ikuno… you don’t need to play dumb…”
>Hearing her name grabs her attention, and she looks up out of instinct.
”At the front line, I saw a lot of things parasites from plantations are never taught…”
>You whisper softly, reminding her of your previous offer.
“Go ahead and touch me Ikuno… I won’t mind…”
>Your lips brush her ear.
“I /want/ you to…”
>Nervously, the hand she previously withdrew slowly lifts off the couch, and falls onto your leg.
“That’s it… just like that…”
>She awkwardly rubs back and forth over the same spot, clearly too hesitant go any further. >Realizing this, you grab her other hand, and place it on your back.
>Nervously she begins to explore your body.
>You slowly arch your back, playfully overreacting to her touch.
“Be gentle Ikuno…”
>You gasp weakly, just loud enough for her to hear.
>You let the moment linger for a second before speaking again.
“Ichigo or the other girls wouldn’t let you do this, would they?”
>She replies in a near whisper, her face practically glowing a shade of deep red.
>“N-no... Of course not.”
>You shift once again in her lap, and let out a small moan.
“But you like this don’t you? You like… touching girls…”
>She struggles for words, unsure of exactly what to say.
“This isn’t… I... “
>She stumbles.
>“Please don’t tell Ichigo about this….”

>You smile.
“This will be our little secret…”
>You chuckle as you run your hand slowly through her hair.
“Besides, she wouldn’t understand even if I did…”
>Her hand slowly begins making its way up your leg.
>It’s a bold move from such a normally timid pistil .
>Perhaps, given her naivety, she simply doesn’t understand how aggressive she’s being.
>It takes only a few moments for her hand to reach the bottom of your skirt.
>You grab her wrist.
“Mmm mmm, let’s not get too excited.”
>She leans back, perhaps out of embarrassment.
>” I’m sorry, I didn’t mean-”
>You place a finger on her lips, and make eye contact for a moment.
>It’s a strange sight.
>196 is normally a stern, cold pistil.
>But with a blush still glowing on her face, and her eyes wide with uncertainty, she looks unmistakably vulnerable.
>You lean toward her ear, your lips only just brushing against her pale skin.
“Maybe if you impress me, I’ll let you go a little further.”
>You lean back, and move her hand to your calf, before leaning onto her, and wrapping your arm around her neck.
“Who do you think is prettier Ikuno, me or Ichigo?”
>She is silent for a few moments.
>Her hands don’t stop moving.
>“You are…”
>Her voice is pitifully weak.
>There’s no doubt in your mind that she’s torn between herself.
“Ichigo would never let you touch her like this, would she?”
>Again, her reply is weak.

>You smile, and lean into her shoulder.
“I still have my Darling, but if you like, we can do this once in a while….”
>You pause for a moment.
“Maybe I’ll even touch you… if you like... “
>She nods gently.
>It’s clear to you that she’s lost herself exploring your body.
>You can feel her eyes tracing your uniform’s outline, and your legs’ curves.
>It’s clear she wants… something more.
>She probably doesn’t even know exactly /what/ she wants, given her plantation upbringing.
>But it’s clear she wants…. Something.
>And so, for a few more moments, you let her enjoy herself -- enjoy you.
>Eventually, after a few minutes, you let out a small sigh of content.
“How about we make a deal Ikuno…”
>Your head’s placement on her shoulder makes it impossible for her to face you.
>You reply.
“If you do well in your Franxx; if you perform well on the battlefield, I’ll spend time like this with you.”
>She thinks for a few moments.
>You smile.
“If you need someone to talk with, let me know, ok?”
>This time, a small smile appears on her face.
>“I’d… like that.
>You lean in, and plant a small kiss on her cheek.
>The moment is interrupted by the sharp chiming of the grandfather clock.
>It’s 6:00pm.
>Before she can respond, you instantly standing up.
>Facing the windows, you straighten your blouse, and brush your hands down the back of your shirt.
“Training would have ended by now. They’re probably on their way back for dinner.”
>You spin around, and look at Ikuno.
>She looks at you for a moment, before looking out the window.
>A smile appears on her face.
>“Sure, let’s go.”

Well.. there we go. I said last time I wasn't sure I'd make another green, but after the scene from E8 (see OP), this scene came to mind. I started writing it, but didn't finish before E9 came out, and by then I felt it would be too late to post. After E11 however, with Ikuno literally asking to pilot with Ichigo, I felt this would be at least somewhat relevant again, so I finished it. It's meant to take place immediately after E8 (Boys x Girls). Again I took some liberties with 02 and 196 as characters, but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless.

I liked it, OP.

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I'm going to read this novel to prove to myself that Sup Forums hasn't robbed me of my attention span. It better be fucking good.

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Good shit OP

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It was good, thank you.

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>it didn't end with scissoring and orgasms
Pretty good OP, but don't blueball me like that

You have my approval.

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