Just watched Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

just watched Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.
i loved the movie,what does Sup Forums think about the movie?

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It's great.

Saw it in theaters, was good.

Made me cry desu.

is the manga any good?

Warriors of the Wind, Why

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Probably my favorite ghibli movie. Bought the manga deluxe box and it's beautiful.

def favorite

It's like Akira, where the film was made before the manga was finished.

I thought she wasn't wearing pants for most of the movie when I first watched it.

I know I wasn't.


It is one of my favorite animated movies of all time.

It was good in spite of Miyazaki.

that's what I thought at first too

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Probably my favorite hippie movie from Miyazaki, world building is great

Got me into some nasty doujin fetishes

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Jesus Christ I buried that deep in my memory

Can you explain your opinion?

OP, I thought it was a great film, if slightly childish. Nausicaä seems to have a little too much go well for her and she's too trusting to me, although I think at least part of that stems from 1 her royal training making her fearless and and uncaring for her own safety and 2 her upbringing among good and honest people in the valley. I dunno, it's not a bad thing to have something so innocent like that once in a while, maybe I'm just being cynical.

As an addendum, I'm not critiquing the character herself, but I think I'm looking at the work as a whole from the perspective of wanting a movie/main character that is perfect in teaching lessons, but that's not exactly necessary. She isn't an adult, and things don't turn out wrong every time in life. I need to watch it again and jog my memory, desu.

I didn't like it.


Top 2 Ghibli movie

My favorite. Good movie. I still have my ticket, which doesn't mean much since I saw it a few months ago.

It's being shown in theaters? Wouldn't mind going myself...

The only thing better than the movie is the manga.

People always talk about seeing Ghibli movies in their childhood. I can't relate. The only Ghibli I had in my childhood was Warriors of the Wind and the Fox Totoro dub.

better than the movie

I would like to know what the world was like before the Seven Days of Fire.

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Fantastic work of art.
Never saw anything quite like it and the manga is solidly in first place of my fav manga.

Forgot my pic

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That's because you're old, user.




Look up Ghibli Fest. Fathom is showing a ghibli movie at the end of every month. Ponyo is tonight and maybe i think tomorrow.

It's my favorite Miyazaki film. I can't even count how many time's I've seen it. It somehow got a great dub too which is still surprising to me with it being so old and predating Disney's Ghibli phase.

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I will, thank you user.

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Glad you enjoyed it user.

Now read the fucking manga.

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>It somehow got a great dub too which is still surprising to me with it being so old and predating Disney's Ghibli phase.
The dub with Patrick Stewart was literally a Disney dub you retard.

It's from 2005 too lol. long after Spirited Away, Porco Rosso and Mononoke.

Movie is great, but the manga is a fucking masterpiece.
Seriously, what said. It's worth it to buy.

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Thanks, mister or mam.

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