Lets try this again. This tomato is celebrating her birthday today Sup Forums. Say something nice about her

Lets try this again. This tomato is celebrating her birthday today Sup Forums. Say something nice about her.

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I like tomato.

I masturbated to this tomato and her friends this morning without even knowing it was her birthday

Whens she gonna get a good doujin

I wanna lick and cum on her armpits.

Template Sup Forums response right here

It's called YURIMAN SEX JC
It's called Nuru Yuri

>Nuru Yuri
This is the one I masturbated to this morning

Lets just all agree she is best yuru.

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her hair isn't red enough and she's one year too old

I like cuteposting in yuru yuri threads on Sup Forums

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bold power-play

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Kyouko, Akarin and Chinatsu are grown up spy ninjas now and Yui grew her hair out.

Dead thread, dead tomatoposters, dead franchise.
It's time to move on to Release the Spyce.

The only thing they even have in common is the character designer.l

>character designer.I
Are you Namori?

I'm not even half as talented.

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She has a nice butt

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Akari is for hug. Kyouko is for fug.

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Only if you're Ayano

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Second best girl in Yuru Yuri.

Akari and Brat take first and second place

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What about Yui?

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He's asexual

Yui looks plenty sexual to me.

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Yui is for pillow

that's because you are homosexual

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I wanna see these two hatelovinglyfully eat eachother out

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Don't we all?

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What is this? Some official lewds?



Nah, that's just the purest form of love...
Here are the lewds

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Little girls shouldn't be allowed to be this sexy.

I agree

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Good thing the yurus are big girls, then.

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What's she smell like down there? (Like, her thighs and her vagina, and also the crease where her leg meets her lower torso.)

She smells like grandma's house

>bad girls
Akari is the bestest girl

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Someone said tomato?

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