What did you think of the episode?

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More like what did you think of EE?

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Reminder that Ainz is a little faggot and the worst AoG.

why is she smiling all of sudden?

She's thinking of me.

why does she wear the mask?

Please don't bring that autistic discussion into this thread.

So when is this bitch going to get wrecked? Pretty tired of her character to be honest. Hopefully /ourguy/ Phillip will beat her down with the power of his cock.

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So who are the rest of the counters for Nazarick? So far I have:


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a lotta loyalty for a hired gun

She saved this shitty anime.

Only good thing about this episode desu. This entire season in general has been really lackluster. Hopefully they pull a grand finale out of their ass. Even then there's so much shit that they have to cover in the last episode, so it's undoubtedly be rushed.

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why does this guy make self-insertfags so mad?

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I want to connect my wife Shizu to the internet so everyone can access her.

I liked her scenes a lot actually, but wished they added this part somehow. Also omitting that she's a vampire, but then adding that her still heart suddenly started beating again was just weird.

I have no clue. Last thread the mere mention of him started this massive shitfest between some autists. Maybe it's jealousy? TM was successful both in the game and irl. It's the main reason why that edgelord Ulbert hated him so much. He pulled the "life isn't fair" card and acted like a child about it.

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After catching up on the LN I realize just how shit this adaptation is. Overlord is meant to be read, after all.
S1 wasn't bad at all tho

I think I want to make EE mine.
Ainz has all the luck.

>Overlord is meant to be read
Welcome to the club user.

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That felt out of character for Narberal.

Princess is amazing, but Evil eye may just be the cutest of them all.

How dense is Ainz that Nabe already picked up on it?

How will Evil Eye react to her skele lover?

Please tell me Momon and EE's romance will be a thing.

I wish I could hate her for what she did to my bug waifu, but she ended up being too cute for that. Now I want a threesome with both.

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Wait she is a vampire?

And no one figured it out?

Unfortunately not since Evileye barely appears anymore after this arc.

Such a waste. They created a good girl this season finally.

Do you actually believe that or you are just being retarded?

OP fight was better.

Is Ulbert pretty much Frank Grimes?

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Literally dumber than NWers.


So how many levels difference are there between the fist monk and Sebas?

A shitty whore who was willing to throw away all her comrades for some guy she just met.

She's so cute!
i want to fuck her like a tiger in meth

>successful IRL

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Was Evil Eye wary of Momon meeting the chuuni because she thinks Momon will fall for the chuuni instead?

She is by far the better girl.

He's pretty much Sasuke.


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Honestly i don't have a problem with TM, I just think anybody who thinks he could take down AoG is retarded. And Ainz would ultimately choose Nazerick over TM as anyone with a basic understanding of his character should realize.

There is absolutely no way his attack could even scratch Sebas.

Ulbert's nowhere near that successful. if anything he's more like Orochimaru.

>rich and set loose to experience some fresh pussy
more successful than spending the rest of your life in a chair

What the fuck happened at madhouse? This show looks so fucking bad this season.

It won't. Ainz doesn't like her and promises the bug that she'll be able to get her revenge on her after she outlives her usefulness. If it helps though there was a twitter side story about them. Though I think it's non canon, it's still a nice read.

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Evileye is a shit. Shalltear best girl.

He's going to use martial arts on his cock
>Ability Boost, Greater Ability Boost, Cock Strengthening, Flow Acceleration, Full Throttle, Invulnerable Fortress, Limit Break, Physical Boost, Reinforce Cock
GG Albedo.

1 level, he barely made it alive from that punch

Maybe with some runes or unique talent, but he didn't have those, just shaman/monk synergy.

>set loose to experience
>man of traditional justicefag values
>being chad instead of beign devastated by divorce and separation from kids
You don't even get TM personality, let alone Ainz. I suggest you stop posting least you embarrass yourself more.

>I just think anybody who thinks he could take down AoG is retarded
They don't even need all of AoG since Rubedo alone is stated to be stronger than both Ainz and TM.

>Ainz doesn't like her and promises the bug that she'll be able to get her revenge on her after she outlives her usefulness
Thank goodness. In the meanwhile, I hope Entoma gets plenty of headpats to compensate for what happened.

She uses the mask to hide her blood red eyes and has the racial ability to fly which people think is because she's a mage, but that's about it. The novels never mention anything about her drinking blood or having an aversion to sunlight, though you could probably explain away the latter with the mask & cape.

She's also over 200 years and exceptionally powerful by NW standards.


>Momonga was never able to beat Touch Me even once in PVP. He had pondered ways to beat his tactics and equipment, but they all implied by him to have fail in the end.


Am I bad for preferring her over bug?

Maybe her face hurts.

How do Nigredo and Rubedo look like, anyways? Are they attractive in any way like their sister?

Because most people couldn't be successful at both games and real life like TM. they are jealous of a character that better than them but never learn their homes so have to hate on something for there failure.

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>Momonga was never able
He's Ainz now.

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Pretty cute

>using a fan comic as a valid source
How fucking dumb do you feel right now?

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200 years old chuuni girl who acts like a school girl in love?

That is cute.

Nigredo is missing the skin on her face and Rubedo is probably another 1000 year old loli

Yes. You're supposed to like both and wish for a threesome as your ultimate goal.

>being chad instead of being devastated by divorce and separation from kids
he will get over it pretty quickly
>you don't get the personality of these 1 note characters
yeah sure lol

>learned his home
>deprived of it
>no family, no kids, no vidya
GJ sheep

spending all the money on that fucking shitty play play playersdesu chibi animation garbage, and i'm 100% sure key producers at madhouse have become furries/scalies to have given the lizardmen that much screentime, along with tuare

What happened to Tuare lads?

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>using his own headcanon as a valid source for more headcanon
I won't even ask how dumb do you feel right now because dumbest people often think themselves the smartest.

>Nigredo is missing the skin on her face
Awww. She seemed otherwise a pretty nice girl.

>and Rubedo is probably another 1000 year old loli
Can't wait to see her, if that's the case.

She jobbed.

It was good but the fight with Demiurge was kinda too fast.

>maid Succulent
GG, Mare, you've been beat. All hail the superior trap.

He literally gives EE a death sentence.

She is a nice girl she just have a weird gap moe.

This cannot be the last episode is it?

Maruyama won't kill Evil Eye right?
She deserves a happy ending.

>can't refute me
Lmao. Go ahead, show me a single passage from the LN that supports your claim that he got divorced. I'll wait sweetie.

Reminder about Maruyama's plans for later volumes.

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>can't beat his equipment
>remember you have his a equipment now and he doesn't
I think that problem may have solved itself for ainz, as most problems usually do.

she's just an NPC and can be outsmarted just like Shalltear was, even when she had elemental advantage against Ainz. TM also didn't have that dumb antiP2W mentality so he would just eat her alive with even more cash shop items than those that Ainz used.

Who else did Evil Eye's VA do?

I enjoyed season 1 should I watch this? I have no idea why I haven't watched a single episode from the second season.

Why did I laugh.

>get dropped in NW as 100lvl Player
>eventually clash with 6 Arms and succulent
>Jobbing maid pretends to be female to lower your guard
>"Your disguise is pretty exquisite"
>You sheathe your weapon and unsheathe your weapon

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Entoma was a failure. No head pats, only admonishments.

>can't refute headcanon
Gee I wonder why?

So why is EE following Lakyus?

>she's just an NPC
She's not a guild-affiliated NPC, she's not in console. She's a golem or other artificially made entity.

the absolute slums of retardation

Hell, Ainz was ready to slaughter her on the spot if she said she killed Entoma.

>so he would just eat her alive
Stop. Just read the LN. Touch Me can't win against Rubedo and nada.

she's as dumb as a npc then


>kill her
If only. What awaits her is probably much worse. She's probably going to be sent to the happy farm for an enternity of torture and suffering.

Chunni is more attractive and a fully developed adult compared to her. Not to mention that she isnt an undead freak.

>custody dispute
>in ultalitarian land
>he gets kids, money, success and NO wife just free and easy girls
>minmax C H A M P I O N
>best PKer in AoG
>best player in AoG
>tier for best RP in AoG

Nah, she deserves a tender welcoming hug just like Shalltear did.