Inb4 phoneposting and 30-day bans

>inb4 phoneposting and 30-day bans

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>its literaly evangelion

Dragon Ball reboot by the west

>Fantasy setting only to find out they've been isekai'd by the end.

A romance manga between a 17 year old girl and a 45 year old man where they don't get together at the end.

Violet Evergarden pachinko

Natsuko is an ordinary high school girl enjoying her ordinary high school life under a mysterious transfer student recruits her into the secret world of magic. But there's a catch: This transfer student has come to avert the destruction of this timeline's Earth at the hands of an imminently arriving alien horror intent on the slaughter of all life in the galaxy.

Each day proceeds normally, with Natsuko attending classes, preparing for the culture and sports festivals, going to the beach, and even trying to hold hands with the poorly written object of her affection, but each saccharine episode only foreshadows the murder, mayhem, and darkness to come, with their grueling preparations for the apocalypse only hinted at.

The catch: The apocalypse never comes. The entire series really WAS an idyllic magical girl coming-of-age story, with the requisite cuteness, the requisite tropes, and the foreshadowed darkness never arriving.

The catch to the catch: The OVA shows Natsuko and transfer student's brutal training, only hinted at in the anime. Each night they bleed, hoping to become strong enough in time to save earth. In the meanwhile, you watch Earth's slow destruction, interspersed with flashbacks to their training montages... which continue, even after the last humans are slaughtered and Earth is fully destroyed. Transfer student has gotten the wrong timeline; unbeknownst to her, the Earth she set out to save has already been destroyed, while her training in the wrong universe has been for naught. On the eve of graduation, Natsuko dies from a tragic accident, her body unable to handle the final preparations for the apocalypse sure to come any day now.

Set up the best romance manga I can, with the cutest girls and actually fun subplots. Get an anime adaptation that adapts everything, but doesn't get to the ending because that wasn't published yet.

Continue writing the manga for two years.

Get cancelled 10 chapters before the finale.

Fat autistic nerd gets his life together and makes friends and ends up scoring a banging hot girlfriend. It ends up with his whore girlfriend cheating on him making him spiral back down into depression hammering home the point that some people do not deserve to be happy no matter how hard they try.

Some of these are sounding suspiciously like things that have already happened.

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A girl from an abusive family runs away, and enjoys a relatively comfy life. Up until the old family finds her, and kidnaps her back, along with her friends.
The anime ends with the girl and her friends mounting an escape attempt - the girls make it out, but the friend is whisked from the train right at the last second and the girls end up forced to depart without her.
The last scene is from the girls' perspective - them watching as the abusive parents drag their friend back to her doom.

wait are you talking about nana ???

An Idol show that after the first episode turns into a hyper-gritty drama

Trolling the audience sounds cool but in reality, that shit does not sell.

Look at what happened to Franxx after going NTR.
Or Usagi Drops
Or Love Lab
Even Endless 8 ripped apart people's respect for the show.

Only comedy shows are ok with trolling the audiences and even that should not cross the line of making people too upset to give you money.

You want sales? Respect the audience

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Nobody is saying it has to sell

A lot of cute girls around a self insert beta faggot. The he suddenly gets ditched by a chan turning him into a joke antagonist who dies near the end while chad and the girls laughs at him.

It's Ready Player One but all anime references.


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>a normal person becomes even more normal

Re:Zero but every time he manages to save somebody they end up hating him becaise pf tje apparent irrationality and randomness of the actions he takes for no discernible reason.

adapt a LN series but not finish the story because the entire purpose of the anime is to generate interest in the LNs

So I was driving my Gurren Lagann when I saw my girlfriend dressed as Madoka. I asked her if she wanted to stop by the Black Lagoon since there was a pop-up Shokodeki happening, but she had plans to meet with Luffy to buy herself another Death Note. Apparently it got destroyed from a stray Kamehameha.

>the main character is black

A fantasy adventure with modern product placement.

Damn, that's actually interesting.

A cute elementary school girl takes off her panties and gives them to me.

>Sent from my iPhone

So Haruhi...?

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Anime about Rape of Nanking
with Chinese characters' POV and Japs being unambigiously bad guys

>Mecha show that turns into a magical girl show
Or vice versa

That already happened and people enjoyed it a lot.

NTR involving a complete manwhore

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Anime about a Chad living a Chad life with no remorse or consequences.

>Chad gets so annoyed of girls he starts getting attracted to traps because they're bros.

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boku no chico

Stop posting that because it's already a thing.

>typical beta MC with the typical girl archetypes
>he keeps brushing off their advances like usual
>near the end of the series the most prominent girl finally confesses to him but he turns her down
turns out MC has an overseas girlfriend and that's why he's been rejecting the harem's advances

Oh god. That would be a glorious day for that reveal

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>Re:creators Season 2
>24 episodes of Best Meteora Recapping each episode of Season 1, including Seiyu Episodes.
>Episode 13 is Regular Meteora Recapping Best Meteora's Recap.

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1 cour battle shounen that's a single tournament arc. MC is fighting for a cure to a mysterious illness that his love interest/close family member is suffering from. MC dies from this mysterious illness 3 episodes before the finale. The last 3 episodes demonstrate that the story takes place after the disease ravaged the entire planet and caused a collapse in world order. Tournament is hosted by those remaining few that seized power and make people fight to the death for their own amusement. Those who win are gifted the cure and offered a place among the observers. The cure, as it turns out, sterilizes those who consume it so effectively the entire Earth is sentenced to death and those who are immune to the illness either live out their days in solitude or go full hedonist to avoid thinking about their inevitable fate.

Hell, spoil the reveal. MC calls his overseas girlfriend after the first episode's credits. They spend a few minutes trashing all the love-struck girls who spent the previous 23 minutes trying to show their affection to a seemingly oblivious MC, and then hang up.

The rest of the show would be super dark after that, if and only if you saw the bit after the credits. Maybe instead of talking, they could be texting, with screenshots of the SMSes only briefly visible in still frames of the credits.

MC is one of these souless salaryman that is going to suicide.
Carefree dude saves him and they go drinking, while being drunk they punch each other because that's what being a man is all about.
Carefree dude makes the salaryman quit his job and they make an underground fighting club.
The club is not only popular but the members become like a cult.
Instead of 12 episodes the anime ends at 6 episodes breaking the 4th wall with the character going to prison because they have been blatantly stealing the plot from some homo flick.

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this seems oddly familiar

Reminds me of the Ocelot calls at the end of each MGS

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>16 episode series
>12 episodes of comfy slice of life about lolis where nothing bad ever happens
>the rest of episodes suddenly turn into a grim and edgy story about a serial killer. Lots of gore and angst ensue.

MC is a magical girl (male), that lives with his aunts who are also magical and who fight monsters. Build up where everything points towards a big conspiracy, but after that spend most episodes on pointless filler about boring side characters.
That or a series with an overarching plot involving seven heavenly gifts, but after season 5 each season ends with a cliffhanger, because it become cluttered with filler and now the series is a shell of its former self.

The protagonist is Machiko, an honest, cheerful and positive middle school girl. Despite these positive traits, it has always been difficult for her to make friends, and when she does manage to make some, they usually only last for a brief period of time before their friendship falls apart thanks to her terrible luck. Each episode would start with her opening her house's door and bursting out with joy, and then tell of her different and continued attempts at establishing meaningful relationships with others, only for them to fail in some way or another and her returning home again, ED theme rolling as we see her closing her home's door from outside. In the last episode, like always, we start by showing the front door of her house, but instead of her coming out, the door simply stays there closed, with the camera slowly panning in, almost silent weeping can be heard if we pay close attention. As the camera enters the house, we can clearly hear her cries now, along the noises of objects being thrown and breaking when they hit the floor and walls. As we enter her room, it is now revealed that her step-father has been abusing, in all meanings of the word, of her for years, and that her cheerfulness and positivity has been a coping mechanism after her continued mistreatment. Cue 20 minutes of rape, torture and all other sort of abuse against her.
Edgy but if I want to piss off viewers I have to go all in.

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MC loves the feMC. FeMC loves the MC.

The day the two of them decide to confess to each other, they mysteriously find each other's cell phone numbers saved into their phone's contacts list. After some hesitation, a mutual confession occurs after school through phone. Tears of happiness are shed, vows are sworn, and the two decide to meet at the front gates the next day.

But, the next day, MC is rejected by the feMC, who claims she never talked to him before. Strangely enough, the feMC is shown to be going through the same thing, being rejected by MC who treats her like a stranger.

MC and feMC actually inhabit two different universes, and their cell phones are the mediums that connect them. After eventually reaching this conclusion, the two of them make a promise. They will tell each their likes and hates, their daily schedule, everything about themselves, even their deepest secrets, to help each other in their crusade for love. The name of the anime will be Keit-ai!/Cel-love!, in classical punny tradition.

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Japanese truck hits the main character, sending him to another world in the last episode.

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Line of mysterious panties that brainwash the wearer into thinking they're the animal that is printed on it.
By the end of the show not a single girl has worn a pair.

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OH fuck,

Stereotypical harem garbage with betaMC
But it turns out betaMC is secretly working for a deadly spec ops organization, and not even his oneesan (the only family he has left) knows about it. His mission is to find a girl from his school who had killed an agent from his organization.

He begins to interact with his top-priority suspects in a mixture of silly hijinks and intrigue.
One by one, he becomes very close with the suspects, discarding them as culprits.

Now, until now, oneesan has played a pivotal supporting role as the acting adult figure who takes the crew on trips to the beach/onsen and contributed to the comedy. But then she finds a decomposing body buried in the back yard, purely by accident.
She begins to suspect her brother being the one who killed that person.
Eventually she confronts him about being a trained killer. And he immediately pins her to the ground with a knife to her neck.
He had, in key episodes, found clues as to what had truly happened to the killed agent. And it turns out oneesan had killed him.
He had been living as oneesan's boyfriend, but he was rowdy and very abusive. One night she snapped and broke his skull with a rock when he tried to rape her and hid the body. She supposed no one had found his body or ever would since he was a foreigner with few acquaintances who would notice his absence.
MC confesses that he's not actually her brother. He killed him and hid the body in the backyard. A simple plastic surgery made them impossible to distinguish, since they already looked similar.
Oneesan starts crying, says she's sorry.
MC says he was in love with the other agent, and admits that jealousy and revenge play a part in his mission.
Story ends with MC's harem mentioning how he's been skipping school, and the scene changes to the room MC and oneesan were last seen in, wrecked and caked in blood.

aww shit nigga the twist

Took me a bit to get it.

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Shounen battle anime with interesting characters and novel fighting styles. A season that's mostly a tournament arc that takes place in a stadium. Incredibly detailed art and meticulous animation.
But all points of view for the actual fights are from various audience members in the shitty back seats of the stadium, where there aren't any monitors to watch, the spectators near you are rowdy and loud, and the fight happens in real time.

>it's marketed as a SOL anime with all girls cast
>it is, but the girls are all bitches and whores and look down on fat virgin losers


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Okay, so you take this light-hearted genre that usually has a good ending, and you give it a really bad and depressing ending

>Love Lab


>it's marketed as a tournament shounen with a badass female protagonist
>bitch actually loses every fight she's, never lands a single hit on even weakest of her enemies in and never improves
>at the end of the series decides that it's better to be a stay-at-home wife
Of course only feminists would get upset by it, but just imagine.

Like your lie in april but MC reverts to a depressed reclusive wreck after the girl's death at the end

so school days if the bitches were slightly less crazy

Episode 1: Satoshi is just an ordinary kid going to an ordinary school, all of a sudden an alien spaceship comes down and destroys the school. He and his classmates nearly make it out.
Episode 2: because the school is destroyed and it’s too dangerous to go outside due to the massive war that has broken out between the humans and he aliens Satoshi stays home and plays video games. No fighting is shown, just him sitting quietly in his room playing video games.
Episode 3-5: Satoshi continues playing video games.
Episode 6: satoshi is playing video games while the war continues to rage on outside when he finds himself isekai’d into the video game he is playing. Not knowing what to do with his new life, he goes to a library to learn about the world, and becomes friends with a nice girl.
Episode 7: the girl introduces Satoshi to her favorite book series, and he gets hooked reading it.
Episode 8-11: Satoshi reads the book.
Episode 12: someone attacks the library and Satoshi is knocked out. He wakes up back in the real world, but before the war ever happened.
Episode 13: Satoshi goes to school the war never happens

4 shit girls
1 best girl
Best girl loses

Would have far more impact if she made it to semifinals or something before losing. Better yet, have a her fail at first, go through a training mini-arch, then return, succeed to semi-finals, and then fail and give up

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I just give Berserk a proper adaption and end it at its current chapter. Then announce a new series involving my idolmaster OC's.

I believe it's called Great Teacher Onizuka.

50 episode anime adaption of Metal Gear Survive

Even better
>show is just called 'Metal Gear The Animation'
>first episode is a summary of the entire MGS legacy
>episode 2 and on is just metal gear survive

Does this count?

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I was thinking of this based on recent news about Dan Schneider, an anime about a model facing pervasive sexual harassment as part of a look at the underbelly of the industry. Something like Girlish Number but much darker.

>1 and 2 are composed of scenes from each mgs remastered with the fox engine
>disappears, never to happen ever again

I'd like to encourage this thread to read "Harem End" by Kago Shintarou. It's on panda at least, possibly elsewhere

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Typical harem isekai fantasy but the mc is a useless sack of shit and every girl in his harem gets ntr'd

Madoka Season 2 but it's just the events of one of Homura's timelines.

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>Demon Lord got defeated by hero's group.
>He escapes to human territory where he disguises himself as human.
>He saves a Human girl on his travel to a city to save his disguise.
>Turn out that girl was daughter of a heroes academy.
>Got enrolled as reward.
>He decides to stay so he can learn how human became powerful enought to defeat him.
>Got harem in the process.
>He learns about the power of friendship and love and starts to understand that living as a human isn't that bad.
>On graduation's day the hero's party comes to give the Hero Title to every graduate student.
>The Demon Lord blows up the entire academia killing everyone in the process, including his harem. Then returns to his land to rebuild it with everything that he learned.

> stupid kid gets to live because of le ocean dream
> commander dies

its a anime about two people madly in love and end with NTR

I'd be really mad if I read that. Good job.

Isn't that's what pretty much what Schwarzesmarken anime was?

Did you mean: Nisekoi

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Yes, you didn't even post best girl.

slice of life, building computers club, half the show is loading screens

> Typical isekai harem comedy
> Story is essentially, gotta delve into Hell to retrieve a god power or some shit
> Production value is insanely high at the start
> As they delve further, production value drops
> Character's begin to look very roughly sketched, characters are killed off to save production costs, music distorts, etc, anything is done to save money
> When they reach Hell, shit is basically a horror at this point, animation becomes like black Gekidan Inu Curry style sketches of the guy and like 1-2 girls, music is ear grating or radio silence.
> Final episode ends with the guy sitting in silence as his sketch flickers into the darkness, never actually getting to the reward.

Already mad

I'd watch it.

A genki kid gets bullied everyday by stronger boys than him. After school, he helps his mom at work at the family business she decided to continue with after her husband passed away. One day, the bullying gets too severe, and the kid might actually die. He's saved by a boxer doing his cardio training. From that day onward, the kid resolves to pursue strength and its meaning by putting his resources in boxing. He works very hard and inspires many people, including the man who saved him, his peers at the gym, his coach, his former bully turned best friend, and his opponents. He rises to the top of Japanese boxing. Then the effects of punch drunkenness take over and he loses repeatedly. His boxing career dies without him discovering what it means to be strong. The story his friend started writing about him fizzles into nothing because his career is over. He has no post-secondary education. His mother sees him unfulfilled everyday. He has never even kissed the girl he likes. He is an annoyance to his former peers at the gym. He has nothing.

>shy and innocent girl
>violent psychopathic tsundere boy_
>even though all the abuse is obviously played for slapstick, it's extremely cruel and entirely unreasonable and undeserving
>the relationship is treated as perfect
>girl has a 10/10 just to attract more waifufags and therefore more waifufag butthurt

I like it

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Oh fuck

10/10 design

>final episode ends with a person dying while drawing his manga

Mob Psycho 100 but a spinoff about the body improvement club constantly failing to encourage NEETs to do more squats

Yuru camp but they get mauled by a bear in the end.

Make a last minute twist, end on a cliffhanger saying it will be continued in season 2, then never make it.
I'll never forgive you Gainax

So like Aho Girl but played totally seriously?

>like Aho Girl
The cunt definitely deserved the abuse though.