Wtf, who is he? Why did they introduce a character this late into the anime?

Wtf, who is he? Why did they introduce a character this late into the anime?

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Are you fucking serious retard? It's fucking Demiurge

Bullshit, next you're going to claim that the adamantite adventurer Momo is actually some spooky skeleton guy.

prove it

What?! That's Jaldabaoth, you stupid fuck.

Man you must be out of your mind. Looks nothing like him

And then, what? Why would-be Demiurge fight his would-be boss anyway at this point? Doesn't make sense.

it's a pretty obvious scheme to improve Momon's reputation for future events

Momon-sama would never do that! He's literally the most pure being in existence.

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The last time I saw Demiurge he didn't wear a mask, where is he supposed to get one?

Were you not paying attention?

People only think its Demiurge because Ainz said
"demi-" before cutting off. But Ainz was about to say Demigod because Jaldaboth is so powerful it reminded him of a powerful character from Yggdrasil. But he cut off so Evileye wouldnt lose morale.

Why would a demon help an Adamantite Adventurer anyway. It doesn't fucking make sense!

I hate potatoes honestly. Theyre boring. Dont taste like ANYTHING

why the fuk would an adventurer need a good reputation.

Don't start that again. Demiurge wears glasses. Jaldabaoth DOESN'T wear glasses.

Some people claim that she isn't a yandere for climb. when in fact her whole plan was so she can take care of a weak and helpless climb or am I missing something about her mental stability? Because that some Yuno level of fedoraing right there.

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She wants to fuck him while he's weak and bed ridden, purely for fetish reasons ofcourse, not because she's some sort of psycho that's obsessed with him.

on a more serious note, you'd think a dude with like 200 int would have a second suit

Its not even about sex, its about dependence. She's the type of person who wants a puppy to take care of but doesn't want a dog that is independent. Him getting injured is getting him back into the helpless state that she first found him in.

But a supreme being, his creator, decided that that Suit is what he should be wearing.
How could he go against that?

LN reader here
Ainz would use Momon's reputation to ease the minds of the human citizens in the kingdom he builds. He acts like some kind of nuclear deterrent which makes his citizens feel at ease even when living alongside the undead which hates all living beings
tl dr: it is all according to Ainz-sama's keikaku

Don't be ridiculous, Jaldabaoth is nowhere near that fat.

The LN brings up how she makes Climb wear extremely flashy armor yet keeps sending him on stealth missions

Have you ever seen Jaldabaoth and Demiurge NOT at the same place at the same time?

You're probably right in the sense that her love for him is extremely twisted, but spoilers below:
Her plan to resurrect Climb was just a lie to fool Zanack and Raeven because by this point she already made a secret deal with Demiurge in return for guaranteeing Climb's safety so she knows he won't get hurt when she sends him out.

How many more episodes do we have left. Are they going to end it after the battle?

Not just flashy, like hilariously fancy. To the point that if you saw some half-grown kid in full fucking shiny ass plate, you'd definitely think he's some super rich shitkid from a super rich family and would go out of your way to take him prisoner rather than to kill him.

yeah sure

whats next? momon is actually ainz in disguise?

1 more episode. They might end it on a cliffhanger for season 3 with the Emperor of the empire sending the group of mercenaries to invade Nazarick

its lelouch

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Don't you hate it when they do that? Especially when S2 NEVER

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how quickly people forget

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>Demiurges "farm"

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Are you fucking retarded? The next thing you are gonna tell me Deep is actually named Jack or something?

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>spend 5 episodes on fucking lizards so they can rush the final battle

great gameplan. 10/10.

yeah, this season has been awful

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>normalfag's "reaction" image

Literally what in the everloving fuck was their strategy with the pacing this season? Why prolong the less interesting parts and rush the exciting ending parts? I can't fucking figure it out.

They literally don't give a fuck its not hard to figure out, probably given a shit budget and got mad

big if true

No its not Demiurge doesn't wear a mask retard

yeah well i'm frickin' pissed about it

Japs love lizards, user.

How could that be? Everybody hates a lizardman.

It's been some time I read the LNs, but from what I remember the gathering to deal with the Jaldabaoth situation was more than the marquis' men, Gazef, Momon and blue rose. If I'm not mistaken, there was like everyone. And they even had an argument about how Gazef should stay next to the King instead of out there helping, and then the King himself decides to go past the flames and etc.

ain't nobody got time for that

Who the fuck was this guy?
like more than 30 years and I still dont know

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It's obviously El Barto

what if the guy behind the mask was demiurge?

I unironically laughed out loud every time Sebas "fought".
What he said about Zero and it being a close fight particularly hit me, good thing I stopped drinking tea before the "fight" began.

Also what the everliving fuck was up with Zero bullshit Animorph-tier naming? That was cringey as hell.

Bad writing. He's an anime original character.

It's a common monk skillset to have shit like lion/taurus/viper stance/mode shit, so I guess they made it so that he could take a buff from each to go with his strongest skill. It was just horrible how they did it. The holograph tattoo shit was cringe as fuck. They should have made him stance dance like tai-chi while channeling energy, then punch Sebas with a dash smash. Shit producers who wank to scaley porn though so it cant be helped.

>ey goy, you liked those final episodes, right? well, if you want to know what happen next, you could buy this LN :^)

Sasuga, Schlomo-sama! This will surely bode well for Israel!

>retards giving (you) to classic double bait

Subarashi Abraham-kun!

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Post cute ibiruai

Its obviously El Hermano

Who else could be?

This is some headcanon bullshit.

El abuelo...

Your proof, faggot?

*smirk* Naruhodo, Goldstein-dono. Everything is proceeding as planned.

How did Maruyama approve this season? He fucking delayed a volume for this.

ahhahhahhahhahhaha wow really?

>mfw s2 > s1

Is this bait? They're just following the joke.

Only half right. He is demi I'm body, but Aura in mind. The writers even hint to that when he casts Aura-borealus around the city.

Lizards didn't even need more than 3 episodes. This current arc could have used way more episodes.

what joke?

>falling for the triple bait

>Falling for the quadruple bait.


>falling for ainz-sama

Everyone does this

How many layers will this bait develop before the master baiters are satiated?

We must also consider that OP and the second poster is samefag

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Do Japs have a regional equivalent to Jews?

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no u. there's no way momonga sama is in cahoots with some gross bug maid. go back if you can't comprehend the story user.

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dude you need to prove it

This will definitely stand in court for lack of definitive evidence

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Ainz wasn't even in the episode. I don't know speedwatching would even work, but somehow you managed.

Oh your not underage carry on then !

Maybe he's on to something though. Could Momon be a player from YGGDRASIL?

wow that's just rude user.

Not Japan but for everywhere else in Asia it's the chinks

I think it's that loli from Oda Nobuna no Yabou. She disguised herself with a mask back then, too.

The Chinese. Why do you think Nanking was a thing and why they allied with adolf-sama