You're not living your life correctly!

What did he mean by this?

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it means that you are sitting here looking at this thread instead of watching anime.

Touma a cute!

It seems you aren't living your life correctly.

He’s talking about how there isn’t more lude pics of Index and why we haven’t been making more.

I personally would kill to feel the sensation of her hot tongue swirling around in my mouth like a wild eel. I’m pretty sure that’s how everybody in this thread below me feels.

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Scavenger spinoff when?

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Hopefully never. I didn’t enjoy them.

I think a Mii spinoff is needed. Her life story actually seems intriguing.

Or a Shinobu spinoff of her making her way into AC and becoming the prodigy scientists she is in a city that doesn’t care for non espers. It ends when the idea of working the sixth level five is introduced to her and that’s how the sixth is finally revealed.

Fuck that

Fuck off, MP.


We are gonna get another spinoff of Misaka and the dragon she adopted

Literally no one cares about Mii, her manga would get axed after the first chapter.

Junko worked and Mii has a much more interesting story behind her.

I enjoy watching them fail.

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Last Order dying a brutal death when

Not only that but Mii is able to take on stronger fighters. Her ability is slightly superior to Hamazura as she’s about equal to him but can detect hidden weapons people have on them.

But people actually liked Junko. Mii is a literal who outside of the filler stuff from the anime.

Isn't there already a Judgement or Uiharu SS that has her doing shit? If not, that'd be okay with me. An entire spinoff may be a bit much.

Or that is what I would have said before Astral Buddy happened, now literally anyone is on the table.

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All of you guys called her a literal who when it first came out though.

Well think about it sir. Mii has a deep and complex past and was involved in gangs and stuff and she rolls around on a motorcycle. She’s literally cooler than Kamijou.

How the fuck is the anime supposed to portray whatever the fuck happened to Acqua's powers after Itsuwa shanks him?

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Did you just said that?

He wont be Broly mode any more

he means he's gonna have to punch a bitch to correct the way she lives her life.

I’m saying it in terms you understand because most of the characters I think are cool you probably don’t care for.

A lot of characters have complex pasts that are barely explained and could use more details.
A lot of them have been involved with gangs.
And in that Itsuwa example, a few ride motorcycles.
Granted, not usually all of the above.

he meant to say you are not laying your wife properly

Ursula warships Kamijou and is all moe moe shy around him so it kinda destroys any chance she has at being taken seriously by me.


Remember how Mii was with Kurozuma? That’s a relationship.

Swooning over him because he was such a big strong and tough man? Stop self inserting.

JC could make an aura to represent his "Divine Mother's Blessing" mode and lose it after the Saintcrusher.

That’s not how they were at all.

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For what its worth, swooning over tough men is the Raildex / anime / media / real world way.

Mii is generic megane big sis.

Milk man is fine tho

How wet were your panties during that scene?

She’s a good character.

His fish eyes made him look ugly.

I’m glad somebody is finally willing to admit he’s a good character. I think he’s actually one of the best side characters written into the anime if not the best,

Yeah, I just don't want to see an entire spinoff with her.

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I like him as a character more because of how he is as a person. If you get over the fact that he’s not the mc and judge him as a character he’s very well done.

Regrettably, you will be taking this back now.

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Glad they got rid of them in the anime.

I feel like Kurozuma could easily be a main character and keep people interested.

In some ways maybe. But it takes away the thing that makes her... her.

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Define her character without mentioning her powers, position, or what she looks like

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It almost makes me mad that a character created with so much potential and charisma with such a well set backstory is pushed aside for a boring mc like Kamijou. Just watch his arc and look at the way he interacts with people around him.

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What the fuck is this, I'm pretty sure she was as flat as Kuroko.

I think they call it fanart.

You’ll just make fun of what I say either way,

Generic thug from a filler arc, that's all he is.

She's not that big, but she's nowhere near as small as Kuroko.

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>literally a generic thug

Watch his arc again. Kamijou acts much more like a side character than he does.

I accept your concession

>wanting an innocent child to die

He is actually playing the roll of the Touma to Hebitani's Hamazura.

I can never make it through his arc without falling asleep

Mikoto talks to kamijou and he acts bored while ignoring her like a dog most of the time and doesn’t treat anybody around him with respect and only is every around to sweep her off of her feet be the hero.

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That's pre-amnesia Touma, who knew what a bitch Mikoto was. She did nothing to deserve respect, especially back then.

Now look what happens when she talks to Kurozuma.

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Of course she is because he treats her like a little kid or a dog depending on the day.

>while ignoring her like a dog
Like a cat you mean, dogs dont ignore people really. Also respect is earn, not his fault that she spergs and tries to kill him for dumb shit

He’s so cool!

Does anyone have that picture that compares the Touma-Mikoto selfie scene from the LN, Manga, and anime, which reveals them getting more and more uncomfortable in each adaptation for no reason?

MP I will literally send you $500 to show your pantsu

You guys are so clueless. Kamijou deserves all the mistreatment he gets from Mikoto and Index.

look at her face

MP I love you!

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MP is slowly masturbating to the thought of getting gangbanged by all the Raildexfags in this thread right now

Looks a little like Stiyl after someone swapped his smokes for a joint.

Literally go and watch his arc. You’ll see exactly what I mean.

Kurozuma is a guy I could cheer for. I’d read the LNs any day if he was the main.

Yes? The face of an innocent child? Out of everyone you could want dead in this series she's the least deserving

He'd have been burned in the second episode.

Not if he had IB obviously.

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mikoto face

I know it probably comes off as I hate IB but I don’t really mind. I hate that Kamijou is IB and it’s not just a tool for him.

>tries to help Mikoto out of a bad situation
>she tries to electrocute him because he said she was too young for thugs to be praying on, which is literally true
>gets asspained that he blocked it
>autistically stalks him and challenges him to fights when he clearly wants nothing to do with her

>Saves Index from Stiyl and Kanzaki and even herself
>houses her for free, feeds her for free, doesnt need to do any chores
>bites him for shit outside of his control, like when some dude used Touma's hand while he was unconscious to save two girls, which happened to strip them (he never saw anything), and Index bit him anyway

Nah, they are cunts. Explains why you like to self insert as them

He'd probably throw index out of the window. Since he's a poorfag thug and can't keep up with index's eating habits.

Could you imagine how awesome this arc could have been if it had featured Komaba, Hanzou and Hamazura's skill-out group instead of this guy.
We could have seen someone really challenge Misaka's worldview about the city.
Perhaps we could have seen some more of the generic anti-esper combat measures the group had.
On top of that, it would have made Komaba's death all the more tragic.
You could even repurpose the relationship with Mii, where he pushes her away in order to protect her from the dark side.
There's so much wasted potential it hurts.

She's got none of Mikoto's flaws for now. And I doubt she'll ever develop Mikoto's more annoying traits.

Stop pretending like you didnt read the last few novels you little lying shit

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That shows you don’t know his character.

I take it back, he should absolutely be the MC.

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So it looks like some anons are closing in on MPs location. It’s only a matter of time until we can all get a chance to fuck her lads

Obviously you’re only seeing the picture from his point of view. I already knew all of that and I still think they should be even more mean towards him.

I don’t know who that is so if you’re lookig for an argument I’m not even going to try.

Right, because you're a narrow minded and selfish cunt. Hence why you self insert as them

I call dibs on her pussy

No because if you can’t treat people with respect you deserve to be mistreated,

respect is earned.