Kemono Friends' popularity was nothing more than a giant meme, right?

Kemono Friends' popularity was nothing more than a giant meme, right?

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You're not using the word meme correctly, so no.

This was a show that had nothing going for it and gave the community everything it had. Literally 10 guys, 500 hours, a canceled game, and almost no budget compared to titles out at the time made this show.

But yet it after initial impressions, it thrived. I think the story behind the show's creation, and the good marketing (even if Grape-Kun was unintentional) led to this show's massive success.

It started as "meme" and ended as an experience. Then it got slaughtered by Kadokawa. It will be missed.

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It was just really fun and cute, why is this so hard to get?

Yeah, all those Japanese people definitely only liked it ironically.

Well half of the meme was Tatsukis cult of personality.
Kadokawa slaughtered the fanbases feelings by firing him.

Memes don't earn awards

Can't wait for Keimurikusa anime+game and the Keifuku full anime
Make Kadokawa watch all the money they just missed

Martyr end always fan the flames

Where the heck is the 2nd season? Why did they miss out on such a big opportunity to make more money? It should have been on like it's 4th season by now.

Yeah. They upheld their pride than apologizing. Now they can't touch the cash cow because no studio is brave enough

no user, it was a product of love, unlike you, you unwanted dirty bastard

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Is this the thread made by the /vg/ user who said he is going to make a KF thread in aniversary of ep 12/

It sad that a show that was so sincere and happy had to go out like this. I feel nothing but disappointment.

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No, I genuinely loved it.

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No, it is actually a good anime also the ending is great!

Otter-chan still arouses me, so that's good.

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It was growing so fast it just had to be killed

I will miss it

It was an okay show, definitively one of those "content made up for the bad visuals" shows and a good reminder that there can be good shows, like Houseki no Kuni.
But Kadokawa just started being Kadokawa and fucked up everything, so the whole franchise is finally dead.

Moose should be the only futa one of all Japari park

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post it pls.

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When is season 2?

Because it was average, but when it was airing, jesus christ

Even remembering this show existed just makes me depressed.

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>+10mil views


A good children's show can become a meme pretty easily.
But it takes a great children's show to introduce kids to the concept of death in a way that doesn't make them break down into an existential crisis.

This show accomplished that.

>children’s show
at 1am?

But Kemono Friends earned several awards, user.

>I didn't like it so no one else can

I am literally going to marry Kaban.

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Who could have predicted the massive success this would achieve...

Such a shame that we're literally in the worst timeline where there's no chance of it ever coming back.

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The real meme is the idea that it's popularity was due to anything other than that it was a good show.

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>Then it got slaughtered
and nothing of value was lost

What I didn't like about KF when it aired was that everyone was calling each other out all the time
>You might be enjoying the show but I bet you're not TRULY enjoying it like I am! Why, you only like it because it's popular! I am the only one who is enjoying Kemono Friends for real because I appreciate its content blah blah blah

Aniki died too... This is truly the worst timeline indeed. Why do we all have to be such a bunch of idiots? Can't there be one genius in here to crack this time traveling thing?

All the people smart enough to crack time travel are regularly being recruited by the big corporations that are slowly taking over the world. You will be able to go back and experience alternate timelines better than your own, but it'll involve a lot of ads and share buttons and an extra fee for every death you want to prevent.

This is disgustingly ugly. I'm glad it's dead. This trash should be murdered instantly on sight.

Man I haven't lurked one of these threads since the Kadokawa incident and it really pains me to see how these threads and the fanbase declined. It's all about the mobile game, people posting about futa and gay shit, some others just asking questions because they haven't watched the show or missed all the threads while airing and never tried to search the archive or lurk a little.

This is just a husk of what KF used to be, such a shame specially when I had to watch it grow and then decline since the first thread

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why do people tolerate the garbage animation?
its fucking painful to watch

Meme is not a word used to replace any other word

But it was the best meme

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Vote for Kaban-chan and your other favorite players to represent Sup Forums in the Spring Cup:

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Why it can't be both? I'd say it's a genuinely good show that is also a giant meme.

how can liking something be a meme? what the fuck is it with calling everything under the sun, these days, a meme? Sup Forums's lexicon of overused words needs to turn over. you can't go three posts without someone talking about memes, chads, or cucks.

hey, you know what is a meme? the word "meme"

New KF Tobu Zoo event soon

It started as a meme, lived as a meme, and died like a meme. This "experience" is built on your connections to the fandom, which is a living breathing meme. Sugoi, right?

It was popular for real, but Kadokawa killed any chances of it taking off. Now you see why ZUN didn't want anything to do with those corporate greedy fucks when they wanted to get their hands on Touhou.

Meme isn't just images with funny text on them you know, kemono friends spread around and became popular through pure memetics.

I hate chads tho

>you can't go three posts without someone talking about memes, chads, or cucks.
Stop hanging out in Dragon Ball threads and/or Sup Forums

I presume OP's thought process is something along the lines of:
>I don't like anime
>no one really likes anime
>pretending to like anime is a joke
>internet jokes are called memes

Welcome to the current internet in general. One day those people will grow up.

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Nice meme.

Was actually a half decent show and actually better than 90% of what aired on that season
Watched through it a couple of times and after the first 3 episodes it just pulls you in

can someone elaborate on what happened exactly?

>kemono thread
>no shoebill

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Kadokawa declined to re-hire the studio (in particular the director) that made the first season a success. They gave vague bullshit reasons and had the seiyuu apologise at an event, despite it being nothing to do with them.
It is presumed they wanted creative control and didn't want him taking the sort of risks that made it a huge success in the first place.

>Kadokawa declined to re-hire the studio
No they didn't.

yikes, that's a real shame

Kemono Friends was a completely dead franchise owned by Kadokawa that featured a dead game and an irrelevant manga.
When the anime was made, it was made in the cheapest way possible complete with badly animated 3D graphics and a studio consisting of just 10 people. There was really nothing on it but to serve as a way to fill in schedule

But Japs loved the hell out of it. Supplies were sold out everywhere, bds, merch, seiyu stuff, etc. It was a franchise that was growing at biblical proportion to the point that it was given the honor to make a commercial for Nissin, JRA, and Anisama.

However, Sep25, the director announced on twitter that he received a message from Kadokawa saying that he was fired from S2.

It got into #1 twitter trending at once.
A massive shitstorm occured that was even hotter than their own election. Artists, reporters, VAs, businessmen, even S.Koreans were raging at Kadokawa

Kadokawa tried to downplay the situation by saying that Tatsuki as fired because he leaked out copyright materials. This fueled the situation even worse as Nissin and JRA said that it was false.
Then Kadokawa made the VAs of the show apologize for everything that happened, further increased the fire and launching twitter tag #Seiyushield

The CEO was forced to get involved then and launched a negotiation that lasted for 3 months. All the while, the show and director was earning awards after awards for how great KF was.

It ended in a failure wherein Kadokawa still keep themselves prideful and refuses to admit they fucked up.

Today, the negative PR on Kadokawa was so great that Nico users are now migrating to YouTube, no studio wanted to get involved with them, and they are hated by everyone in Japan.

The director however is still alive and is now seen as the crucified messiah of anime. His cult following was so devoted, his 5 min short got #1 rank in Amazon.
Kadokawa pretty much lost more money than they could gain. Which is everything they do not want to happen

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Oh, and rival publishers are literally racing to get a hold of investing on the Golden Goose that Kadokawa foolishly let loose. Competition was so much that Tatsuki's 5 minute short was given a slot on national TV.

Whatever he produces is guaranteed a best seller now.

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Kemono in general should be more popular than it is.

The animation was fine

The actual dialogue and character interaction was so bland and boring though. The world building wasn't sufficient to compensate me for sitting through Dora the explorer-tier dialogue

Maybe my limited Japanese and Google translate are failing me, but that doesn't seem to contradict what I said. Kadokawa told them in March they would be working on a second season, but when it came to actually signing a contract in August they failed to reach an agreement despite Yaoyorozu wanting to do it.

what's Sup Forums think about the kemono friends festival

What are we going to think when they won't even post a screencap of the game?
That's a red flag among gamers that the game is going to be bad.

Well this will come in handy in the future when I'll be too lazy to type out arguments. Saved.

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On the VA part, don't forget that Arai's VA was on the verge of crying the whole time.

>cheapest way possible
average budget
>nothing on it but to serve as a way to fill in schedule
2 years in the making
>that he received a message from Kadokawa
>because he leaked out copyright materials
>no studio wanted to get involved with them
debunked clickbait article
>they are hated by everyone in Japan
By half the remaining kf fans + people who already hated them. A good part of the niconico backlash came from multiple disastrous press releases around the same time & the Dwango CEO being straight up retarded.

>national TV
literally named Tokyo Metropolitan Television

Like it or not Kemono Friends has left a long lasting influence in the anime industry that will be felt for years if not decades. What happened this season with Yuru Camp/Sora Yori/Pop Team Epic completely overshadowing Violet Everflop and Darling in the FlopXX is the direct result of Kemono Friends changing the industry. Now all animes have to become memes or they will be failures.

You rarely see a popular franchise being driven into the ground as hard and quickly as KF.

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Bruh, VEG and Darling flopped simply because they suck

But isn't Franxx the biggest meme show this season?

meme =/= good

sales != good

How can so many people be so jealous of a show's success?

I mean, sales does not represent quality but bad sales does represent lack of it.

Not at all. Nips ignore plenty of great shows.

Let me guess: You think Shinsekai Yori, Flip Flappers and Texhnolyze are all bad and worse than Kemono meme.

>but bad sales does represent lack of it.
May I direct you to the story of another one of Kadokawa's greatest hits.

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FlipFlappers really was bad, however.
Or at least it became irredeemable. It's honestly quite sad whenever I think about it.

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We'll just have agree to disagree, Mr. meme poster.

Certainly not all but it works as a thumb rule. 95% of flops are justified

And those are almost never the big shows that people target with lolnosales shitposting that are usually making a good amount of money anyway. Do you know how much crap airs every season?

And hopefully from that logic it's clear (and perhaps you were also implying) that some financial successes are justified as well.

It's just a little short of impossible to determine when which is the case, thus landing us in this predicament.

>the big shows that people target with lolnosales shitposting
Who's bringing this up?

They are so bad that people won't even shitpost about it. That's just my point honestly

Yeah, Sturgeon's law say so.

The post that started this discussion,
>hurr durr VEG and Franx are flops lmao

They'll still be shit whether they flopped or not.

What makes you say that?

I miss hearing Serval’s voice and not feeling depressed for several hours after.

this is the legend
groly of Kemono Friends will never disappear if anything happened

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nice meme my friend

>tfw remember watching the first episode with Sup Forums when it aired and everyone thought it was a yakuza money laundering scheme
i want to go back