ITT: Strategic fights without asspulls

ITT: Strategic fights without asspulls.

Hardmode: no vitriol

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Any Jojo fight

>Part 2’s ending
>Part 3 ending, specifically the time stop bullshit
>Hamon could do basically anything in parts one and two

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This series has a lot of absurd powers and bullshit going on, but some of the more entertaining battles feature characters that have no powers at all.

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some of the fights in early naruto were pretty strategic,them it all went to shit

>shikamaru vs temari
nigga loses and still got promoted to chunin ahead of everyone else because that fight was so good

I'll give it a shot, thanks user

I agree. Even the Haku and Zabuza fight in the beginning was well done imo


Part 2 I give you, that was nothing but asspull after asspull because Kars was far too strong for his part at the end, but I don't see the asspulls in Part 3. It's believable that SP can also affect time, since it explains its extreme punching speed, and because there are obvious similarities to consider (e.g. DIO having a second stand identical to Hermit Purple, owned by another Joestar. Hence, his stands are mimics of the Joestars', so it seems. Also the similarities in design between SP and The World).

A little kid being able to withstand that pain and then one shot him is a asspull in its self

Ping pong the animation had great fights

Gon is not a normal kid

Just for comparison, like 15 chapters after that fight later we get a fight between kaiju.

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Agree. Shikamaru vs Temari really made an impression on me when reading the manga. It did feel like a battle between two strategic minds like some in HxH.

>there are normal kids in shonen

is that railgun?i have to star reading that again

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Are pseudo-sports series allowed in this thread?

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How good is world trigger

That bleach fight where pirate captain defeats the nigger captain after losing his senses by intentionally getting stabbed to find him

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Naruto had great fights

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Franky vs Señor Pink

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Chrollo vs Hisoka

How the fuck did Hidan not see that he didn't actually cut Shikamaru? Other than that, these fights were great.

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SP's speed has nothing to do with time stops. JoJo has quite a few faster than light feats in both part 2 and 3.

I know you're baiting but I'll bite anyway.


we did it reddit

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>People think Hisoka using Nen after death is an asspull when Pitou used Nen after having it's head completely destroyed

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Fairly plain in terms of characterization, plot, and pacing, but its biggest selling point is that all of its fights are made of pure skill and strategy. It's not uncommon for large enough squad of 7 to 10 agents with standard gear and a well thought out game plan to take down a single super powered bad guy with an OP as fuck weapon.

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Thorfinn's unarmed fights

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Too bad none of the following digimon spin-offs/sequels followed this formula.

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I loved that fight, but what strategy was there? It was just them taking turns letting the other beat him up.