Do we know how many years into the future is Girls und Panzer supposedly happening?

Do we know how many years into the future is Girls und Panzer supposedly happening?

And what caused gender roles to completely reverse?

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Present day. Their timeline diverges around XIX Century.

Can't be present day just looking at Boko androids in the museum. It seems to be at least 20-30 years into the future.

>And what caused gender roles to completely reverse?
Plot armor.

Only fluff about it is that senshado originated from rich European ojous running rallies in war surplus tankettes. Bertha Benz was said to be a pioneer of that. Senshado is more or less their in universe version of equestrian sports.
Many details were left vague to avoid writing themselves into a corner,.

I always assumed the male population decreased to a dangerous low because of the war, and it didn't manage to recover even now, so that's why there are so many girls only school, senshado became a female exclusive thing and why saori never find a boyfriend

Present day (ish) as an alternate timeline after WWII.

Gender roles haven't reversed. If anything, Sensha-do reinforces the gender barrier. Tankery/Sensha-do as a recreational activity (the series never calls it a sport) was simply built from its conception as a "feminine" activity akin to flower arrangement and tea ceremony. That's why the Student Council pitch used phrases like, "You will be cute, like the treads of the tank! You will be a better girlfriend and be popular with boys!" Saori joins because it will help her find a boyfriend, and the Mallard team joins under the pretense that "Sensha do creates strong women and wise mothers!" At it's core it's pretty submissive to traditional male dominance.

>That said all the adults we meet involved Sensha-do are strong willed, high functioning, independent women, so the stereotype kind of inverts itself

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This is bullshit. All families we know have female heads.

"You will be a better girlfriend and be popular with boys!" is more like early XX century stuff about army boys being more popular with girls and "Sensha do creates strong women and wise mothers!" is more like old sayings that army turns men into wise fathers.

Enter enter mission

I really hope Alice is not the only young Shimada out there.

Gender role didn't reverse.
Boys are flying planes.


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The gender roles aren't reversed. Shensha do is seen as a feminine activity. In other words no explanation is needed because explaining fiction kills fiction and makes it absurd - this happened to Sup Forums media, and you end up with LORE bullshit and perpetual bitching. Excessive explanations kill stories.

The actual answer is - guys like weapons and guys like cute girls, ergo shensha do. And nothing more is necessary.

>not reading the greentext
Mind, we've met a total of five family women. Two chair Sensha-do associations on the national level and one is from a long line of flower arrangers. When Sensha-do and flower arranging take the forefront of the family activities, enough to engage their children in spartan training, I think it's safe to say that they're the exception rather than the rule.

On the other hand another is the only surviving elderly relative of a cast member whose parents died in an accident. The last one runs a barber shop with the only husband we see in the series. (Saori mentions her dad off hand, saying that he says he loves her) So I think it's possible that our knowledge of families runs far too extreme to make a clear assessment of women and Sensha-do in-universe.

>And what caused gender roles to completely reverse?

But they haven't? Senshado is a sport the same as if American Football is a male sport, Senshado is a female sport. Boys and men are still boys and men. Tanks are just seen as effeminate.

That's not the pilot seat

>Needing to breed with as many gupgirls as possible to replenish the species

Kendo or Ninjitsu are seen as feminine there though.

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Because it's an all female school? Go to the boys school ships and I bet you'd find both of them there.


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Those are just electives. It is an all girls school afterall.

>The only husband
>Every time they visit a town and destroy their buildings and cars they show old men and their kids cheering their good luck

Every pilot shown so far was a grill.

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Good news.

Well depending on how young you mean.

>Go to the boys school ships

Don't exist.

>Tankery/Sensha-do as a recreational activity
That would make since, actual tank warfare isn't about getting up close to enemy tanks for CQC, ramming, and garish colors unless your playing world of tanks. This is pretty much glorified airsoft maches

School ships are a thing in GuP, are you telling me boys don't go to school?

>I think it's safe to say that they're the exception rather than the rule

Why? There is nothing to suggest that. Nobody mentions that those families are unusual.

>itt autists try to argue that GuPverse isn't the feminist paradise we've all prevented

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Of course not. They marry early and become house husbands.

Iirc it as a womans thing came about as a result of some mothers/wives campaign in wwII to keep their sons/husbands out of tanks by pushing tanks as an effeminate thing. Can't quite remember where this was mentioned though, definitely not in the animated material

>the principal of their school is a man

In hindsight I shouldn't have mentioned the Akiyamas considering that they're a family unrelated to Sensha-do.
There was a heavy tone when Hana was disowned by her mom on account of SCARY TANKS. Also the other girls don't experience spartan training like Maho, Miho, and Alice. In episode 1 after Miho wakes up out of habit she instantly makes her bed and prepares her clothes before stopping to say, "Oh right! I'm not at home anymore!" Even though she lives in the dorms, Alice only gives herself space equivalent to a paperback for her Boko collection while the entire room is dedicated to Sensha-do. We see from the homes of Yukari, Saori, and Mako that the level of discipline they experience isn't normal.


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>Feminist paradise
>girls specifically participate in sensha-do in order to be better mothers and wives for their future husbands

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>And what caused gender roles to completely reverse?
They didn't. It's just that tanks are seen as a feminine thing. As for the why on that... honestly, I don't really care. I'm watching a show about high school girls doing a sport that consists of tank combat using actual projectiles where no-one is actually killed or injured and go to school on aircraft carriers; a plausible explanation for why tanks are a girl thing isn't the biggest strain on suspension of disbelief.

Who's the best blonde?

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smug german

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Now I know how Miho wins all her matches
She lets her teammates drink the Plotjuice Potion

Look at that million dollar smile

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Is Fluffy fluffy down there too?

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You never had a bitchy principal who tried to shut down your school's cool shit?

To be better family heads user.

The girls developed dicks and usurped the role of men

Is Fox foxy down there too?

Every anime girl shaves. It's common knowledge.

What makes Kay so happy all the time?

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illusionism or card tricks lmao

>user still projecting his desire to be a useless, lazy house husband bossed around by a girl on GuPverse

is there a gif of this already?

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She's white and has big tits.

She's a commander for a school that enjoys an abundance of funding that allows her to openly give her friends and enemies a good time maybe?

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Because she is happily married to me, obviously.

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The Romanian school supposedly use magic.


That's how it works in the show.

She lets Naomi cunnilingus her to sleep.

How is that not the ultimate desire?

Aya has a oldschool flip phone. So it's acutally in the past. Consider that the first season came out in 2012. Everyone had a smarthpone back then. Well everyone except me

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>Marie doing what the french do best.

Man, the French really didn't deserve WW2.

As opposed to everyone else?

Well the Poles were just begging for it with all that wide open lebensraum.

Imagine liking American tanks so much it mutates your body into an American

Those are girly unarmed planes. True men shoot at each other in manly dogfights until one of them comes crashing down to earth.
Which makes you wonder how carbon coating saves them from that.

>he has no goals besides raising children, keeping the home and kowtowing to his controlling bitchy wife

Jesus christ have some pride and grow some balls user.

It doesn't. That's why there's so few men in the GuP universe.

Wtf is with the day-glo orange? And the ironsight roundels?


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The popular with boys thing is pretty much like old join army be popular with girls propaganda.

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Who is best girl?

and why is it Katyusha?

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That's why men are at a premium. The ones that survive have passed the gauntlet and are truly worthy.

Your entire outlook on life revolts me.

Is submarining a boy's sport in the Gup-verse?
How fucking boring would it be to watch? Like competitive chess or something.

Training colors. Orange was common for that.

You problem not mine. I'll be flying my plane and making girls swoon with my manliness, you'll be some girls second option because she couldn't get a real man.

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Gay. True men bake cakes and keep the bed warm for their tank driving wives.

Why is her voice so shit?

I'm pretty sure my wife Saori won't be controlling or bitchy.

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Liking Murken tanks is bad enough, but liking one grossly overrated example to the extent that she overlooks the one senshado-legal model that's actually worth the time of day is just AGF-levels of criminal negligence.

You are shit.

So are other team captains also council presidents of their schools or it's just her?

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Planes got associated with boys because once mothers found out that pilots had better odds of surviving war than tank crew, they encouraged their sons to take up planes rather than tanks.
source: dude trust me

They making your tank disappear while you not looking?

It's probably easier to make tank crew disappear.

>user thinks Saori wouldn't want to be the one taking care of her hard working man and the children

>not showing any leg
what a slut

I think it's just Anzu? The other school Sensha-do teams seem to be run independently from the council. St. Gloria operates a little funny, but that's it.

I dare you to find me a purer being in existence than her.

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>Mao Zedong

Ripping off whom?

Will St. Gloriana lose off screen again or will Miho finally defeat Darjeeling?

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Those questions are so dumb I think its just bait. Even speedwatcher cant be that oblivious

>Tanks are just seen as effeminate
why dough

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hiding behind armour

I remember in HaiFuri submarines was crewed by boys. So who knows.