Darling In The FranXX

Who is the worse character and why is it Fatoshi?

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First for 02 >>>>>> everyone

>tfw no 02 gf

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>I won't let you kill the woman I love. So don't touch her!
What did Futoshi mean by this?

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02 is a liying bitch

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I think the worst character is whoever in the blue hell is the final boss. Futoshi is not the worst until for some god damn reason decides to murder someone (a highly unlikely scenario).

The fake smile of a girl without hope. The mournful stare of a girl who has accepted that her situation will probably never change.

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>Futoshi mandhandled a dinosaur the team was having problems with all on his own.
>All while being emotionally and mentally unstable.
>While partnered with someone he doesn't give two shits about.
War talent wasted on Squad 13.

Just wait until she finds out they're all sterile.

>This pairing is really good
>They did everything to make it never be free of NTR posting
So what did Nishi mean by this.

delete this post immediately

Best girl: 02
Best boy: Zorome

Worst girl: Kokoro
Worst boy: Fatoshi

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This is retarded. I love MitsuKoko, but fatboy did nothing wrong. He fell in love and was naive about it. His only sin is sleeping with bread.

Fatposters were just self-inserts who hated milkman, no need to vent on the dude. He will do alright.

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This is the face of a the happiest girl in the world after finding out she and the man she loves are compatible.

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You must be really pathetic to want to kick a man while he is down.

Based Goro > Zorome


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Why was Zorome such a dick in episode 2?

What about adoption? Someone has to take care of those lab children.


>having any shame whatsoever
They threw away all that shit. They're already sick.

Because Zorome's a bit of a dick

Is it morally wrong to ditch your inferior partner for a more superior one?

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You, for watching this dreck.

did episode 11 brought out the worst of Sup Forums?

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*blocks your path*

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Not good enough. She wants Milkman's bun in her oven ASAP.

Excellent post

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at least it might generate some lewds, as ntrfags are degenerates. Domkoro is potential for great fanworks

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No, everyone should do it if they have the chance.

Bring, not brought.

Can you really blame her?

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>physically and emotionally crippled beta
he might not be fat but that's literally all he has on fatty.

When does the next cour air?

Hell yeah it did. And I thought Aldnoah.Zero Forums was Bad.

I thought people were upset not because she wasn't into Futoshi, but pretended to care much about him more than she actually did

Of course not. She's a poorly written character in a mediocre show.

>Mitsuru in Chlorophytum
>part of the jobber squad
>Futoshi in Chlorophytum
>stronger than Delphinium

>"Your stomach hasn't expanded yet. Am I doing this right? Please stop moaning, I'm trying to read."

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In two weeks. Next Month in engish

Someone make an edit of this comic with them

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>the chad jawline
>the virgin chinless blob

Everyone does this.
Personally, if I got married, and a more attractive and intelligent woman was interested in me, I'd dump my old woman.

there are so many burger fatties here that self insert so yeah

Yes. Your battle buddy is your best friend.

02, Hiro, Ichigo, and Goro are all shit. Everyone else is alright.
>inb4 why is x shit
Goro is generic bro #16489 same with Ichigo being girl destined to lose #21353, 02 being le crazy girl #15783, and Hiro being bland looking chosen one #18641. None these characters would stand out unless it's your first anime.


Oh nice, thought it would be longer

Mitsuru being retarded on lewd things sounds cute.

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behold Futoshi Saint of breed, devourer of waifus
according to mitsuru the crestfallen franxxx pilot
"A right and proper pilot, only, he developed a habit of devouring waifus.
He ate so many that he bloated like a drowned pig, then softened into sludge,
so they stuck him in the cockpit of the Franxxx.
And they made him a Lord of franxxx. Not for virtue, but for Fat.
Such is a lord, I suppose. But here I ask. Do we have a sodding chance?"

Yes and no.
I liked it for exposing all the normalfag vermin and 3DPD in our midst.

>if I got married, and a more attractive and intelligent woman was interested in me, I'd dump my old woman.
Your virginity reeks like a decomposing corpse

>j-j-jam it in

You forgot about Mitsuru, le generic edgy faggot #2844747

are normal fags into NTR? is it still NTR?

>what's this... white... substance?
>have I injured myself?

>normalfag vermin
quick rundown? missed the threads

What a piece of shit kek

Swing and miss, 3DPD.

How so?

She didn't pick her partner, it was chosen for her. She shouldn't feel obliged to stay in an unwanted arranged partnership. Now, should Kokoro have convinced him to lose weight and stop acting possessive, instead of just pretending to be happy? Yes, of course. But everyone has flaws, and her kindness only hurt in the end. I can't hate her for that alone.

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Pregnancy SOON

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if she didn't want it how come she led him on into thinking she did instead of asking to swap?


People blame her for fucking with fatty and enabling his behavior for a long time despite not liking him, not for leaving him.
>inb4 she had
Example of milkman and dyke not communicating with each other at all but still working was before everyone's eyes.

>subjecting yourself to nightmarish legal procedures for better pussy
you're a moron

>3DPD as an insult while implying you're not a virgin
Brainlets need to be shot

Great, you've found them. How are you going to chase them out?

>for a more superior one?
What? MitsuKoko fags are this delusinal it seems, Futoshi is numbered above Mitsuru and Kokoro herself by whatever ranking those numbers might mean, they mean something since Hiro, Ichigo and Goro are praised for being double digits instead of three digits, that and Futoshi can style all over the battlefield in a FranXX that he has never piloted before. His fault is just being a fatfuck, which can be remedied if he actually tried to stop being a fat fuck.

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>not being faithful and loyal to your partner

And a cross-boarder too, huh?

they are infertile/can't give birth and will shock kokoro

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cuck mentality.
>oh you want to go fuck tyrone?
>okay, you should. he's better than me. you did nothing wrong.

I'm just hoping Futoshi takes the manlets advice, gets fit and just moves on from Kokoro. That's the best thing he could do, but it's more likely that they'll keep him as a lame joke character or forcibly pair him up romantically with the dyke since there isn't anyone else.

This is the first time they actually provided them to the option, I suspect none of them thought to ask themselves. Otherwise all of them would have experimented and swapped places several times already.

Because of the >implication

>I suspect none of them thought to ask themselves
Mitsuru literally proposes that he and Ikuno aren't compatible and should switch.
There is no excuse.

I'm angry that manlet turned out to be the least offensive male of the bunch. I don't want to sympathize or agree with a fucking manlet.

>literal reddit jokes
Kokorofags everyone.

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It's okay to be new user, we've all been there. Just watch more anime and your taste will become more refined as you go along.

Yeah back when he was stable.
Now he's going to be a mess.

this. So when is the next episode or at least the preview coming out?

too late dawri, Zorome is probably going to stay great for the foreseeable future

Nice job totally reducing characters and ignoring huge parts of them.
>Goro is generic bro
He was a loner that became a bro character after discovering the importance of depending on others. However, in learning that he thought that as long as others around him were happy, he could be happy. He recently found that he couldn’t continue to simply support from the sidelines and ignore his own emotions and happiness, so he confessed to Ichigo.
>02 is le crazy girl
She’s a girl who obviously longs for the affection and is emotionally damaged due to her inability to sustain a lasting relationship.
>Hiro is bland looking chosen one
He’s someone who for, whatever reason has lost his standing and thus felt like he lost his purpose in life. Through his relationship with 02 he’s finding a new purpose in life.

Best girl: Me
Best boy: Darling

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Why are we going apeshit on Kokoro for being a slut when both Ichigo and 02 have gotten around with different boys, and Miku has expressed that she wants to ride with the other plantation leader? It's realistic teenager behavior all the way down, if you wanted purity you would have dropped this anime many episodes ago.

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She's really beautiful, Sup Forums.

>Why are we going apeshit on Kokoro for being a slut
Because everyone that's still mad about that is a fat selfinsert fag

because Kokoro was lying and manipulating the fat fucks innocent emotions when she wanted to make him fuck off. instead of denying his creepy advances or telling him to shape up, she used him.

Because of how Kokoro went about it autist. If you can't understand that then you might actually be on the spectrum.

I like funny edits

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Say. Why was 02 so bummed out? Is it because of the mirror?

>Miku has expressed that she wants to ride with the other plantation leader
Success breeds jealousy

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02 literally can’t help that she has multiple partners since all of them die so quickly. Ichigo felt the repercussions of her actions and learned to appreciate her partner who she had previously treated poorly.

>being autistic