To Your Eternity 061 (2018) (Digital) (danke-Empire)

>To Your Eternity 061 (2018) (Digital) (danke-Empire)!O6hE3Iba!W5FBzCck3iftfu93FuvfKaHzGM6orEUkM-agzQPRMEA

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Bless you
Time to see if Fushi gets laid

This manga is so fucking frustrating. I'm still mad about Tonari too.

The amount of time that passed by in this chapter really hit me hard. Just the thought of all these generations going by in the blink of an eye for Fushi.

Can't wait for Fushi to get pregnant

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>Hayase is able to torment Fushi for this long after her death

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There's no way the boy Fushi met wasn't gay

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Woah, Its a guy this time

He looks quite disappointed.

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how many years have fushi lived anyway

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I want this guy to stay, he seems cool

>haha i'm totally not gay or anything so it's not like i'll try to sleep with you unless you really want to no homo

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Six generations damn, I wonder what will happen if they eventually do manage to get impregnated by him.

>Been a cult for 100+ years
>Still considered heretics

Heretics of what? Is there an Orthodox Immortal church?

Hisame got a kid 8 years after meeting Immo, and if we assume that all successors got a kid around 17 then it's been more than 90 years.

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Wait so what the hell did black hood guy do to fufill Pyoran's request? She appeared younger so I thought we all agreed that it meant if Fushi transformed into her he'd be her younger more able bodied self, yet he's old instead.

agree, they are focusing too much on the people and little in the evolution of the world and the technology

Actually Hayase's descendants seem to have children before or at 20, raise the child for another 10-15 years and die shortly after passing on the role. So it should be between 150-200 years

Also no chapter next week, mini-hiatus.

Is the crisis knockers of the heretic business? I'm feeling it the heretic stuff but I'm not sure.

It's okay because he can turn into a woman.

this manga should have been mushishi-like. the author fucked everything with her forced drama.

>obvious consequence of the premise is now forced drama

sure, because death must always be portrayed as a tragedy.

It's usually pretty sad

>Haha I like woman
So preggo Fushi?

>Hayase's descendent impregnates March__

Thanks danke you absolute legend.

Do you have any plans to release volume 16 of Domestic Girlfriend? It looks like it was released just yesterday:

Thanks again mate, trying to obtain manga has become way too much of a chore recently. Your rips really are a breath of fresh air.

Homo incoming

sad ≠ tragic/melodrama

Here's hoping for reverse trap

Fushi bodies actually ages, but whenever he changes back the body returns to its "original" state?

>Fushi and Kahaku fall in love
>Fushi transforms into Parona and they hold hands

>homo end in sight
aawwwww yeaaaah

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>not Parona for maximum irony


Birdbro was cool fuck tonari though

What will not happen :
>Fushi gets pregnant and gives birth to Hayase's offspring
What will probably happen :
>Kahaku gets killed next chapter by the bad guys before getting a woman pregnant, Hayase's bloodline disappear, Fushi doesn't give a shit and goes live the life of an ant

>Can't get cucked if we all fuck the same broad

>rejected all those cute girls
Fushi's such a fag.

I like this new Fushi.

Of course a man had to appear to get shit finally done.

Surely he has uncles and cousins tho, even distant ones, they said the succession passes through women but its doubtful that in six generations only girls have been born. Heck he could have aunts even.

Its entirely possible they're intentionally trying to seduce Fushi with a man after six generations of delicious cuties failing to get the dick.

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Yes. If he doesn't transform he ages, just like how if he doesn't eat or drink he dies and then returns to a healthy state.

I don't know how he could reject Chisui, that hair was the fluffiest.

>Fushi losing his virginity to a man and getting impregnated
I'm not sure how to feel about this

Why didn't he turn into Pyoran during Tonari's death?
Why was he surprised by some deaths when it's established that he automatically turns into people when they died?

He doesn't automatically turn into them

family line of qt psychos

Fucking Hayase was the main girl all along

We didn't get enough smug fushi teasing hayase daughters

No its Tonari

Cunts dead


>haha I totally love vag bro

Preggo Fushi when?

>Fushi gets preggers
>Accidentally aborts when he shape shifts

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But can he fap?

Black cloak guy said his dick was functional so he could. I wonder if he has.

I feel like the knockers plot ruins this manga. It would be perfect without lolsoedgy hooded man and knockers following fushi, should just be comfy immortal slice-of-life with fushi helping people and learning from the deaths he witnesses.

I agree the world building needs to be better the story is interesting enough for me at the moment.

anyone else sad that so much time passed during the last few chapters? i thought he would eventually go back and see gugu's gang, too late for that now.

How is he edgy? I think him being in the story is better or at least I don't dislike it. The knockers plot should be toned down though yeah.

I think its either the author is setting up a human conflict with the heretics arc etc. or he's incapable of writing it along with the consequences of being a immortal in society. I think he's relying on the Knockers too much when the premise of being immortal itself is a good source of conflict.

Without the knockers Fushi would have no drive to do anything and would have spent the rest of his existance on an island alone