How does this make you feel?

How does this make you feel?

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Happy for the two of them since they're happy together. Also happy for Ichigo and Orihime since they're happy together.

Why would immortals have relationships?
Are they going to get a house together, children by the time they're 30 and so on?

You just put more thought into it than Kubo ever did, congrats.

Pretty good, Renji deserved her

Nothing because the series turned to shit long ago. All the last chapters did was solidify Bleach as having the worst ending in shonen manga history.

Fairy Tail exists though?

And yet it wasn't as bad, rushed, or shoehorned ending as Bleach.

Sure thing kiddo ;^)

Yep. Bleach is literally holds the worst ending in shonen manga history and nothing will change that. And I say that as an IchiHime shipper.

Read more shounen

quick name 3 that objectively worse endings

Fairy Tail
Yu Yu Hakusho

Good, because someone I know got depressed over it and couldn't take it.

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Nope. All bad but not as bad as Bleach

mad. mad there's still not enough good Rukia porn after all this time.

>mating pressed Rukia never.

Are you gonna endlessly question Roman, Greek, Chinese, Hindu mythologies as well for portraying gods having relationships?

Good, because I thought they'd be a good couple. Renji deserved it

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Sure thing kiddo ;^)

Sad that Kubo got forced into giving us a rushed and garbage ending, and couldn't explain half of the shit he should have been able to. I don't want to have to read novels to know that Nel rescued Halibabe, Grimmjow, Yoruichi and Urahara

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>I don't want to have to read novels to know that Nel rescued Halibabe, Grimmjow, Yoruichi and Urahara

That was in the manga

>Sad that Kubo got forced into giving us a rushed and garbage ending
If he didn't want a rushed, garbage ending, he shouldn't have been making a garbage manga for 7 years.

I know bleach having the worst ending of a shonen manga of all time is a sure thing ;^)

It showed Nel outside of Nazi Aizen's bubble, implying she rescued them. But we never saw Grimmjow, Yoruichi or Urahara after their fight with him
And we never saw Halibabe after we first see her in Ywach's rape cave

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Okay kid ;^)

If they're dead how can they even have a kid?
Thats what confuses me

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>It showed Nel outside of Nazi Aizen's bubble, implying she rescued them.
I know, that's what I'm saying.

>But we never saw Grimmjow, Yoruichi or Urahara after their fight with him
We do in the novels.

>as an IchiHime shipper

Yes I am okay becuz im rite ;^)


It had it's good points, it wasn't just 7 years of trash.
Teenage ghostbusting was comfy
Soul Society was ok
Arrancar invasion/Hollow training was ok
Mexico was meh, but had it's good parts
Winter War was pretty neat
Deicide was fun
Lost Agent was boring
Thousand year war had the potential to be great, but lost it when Kubo didn't keep Byakuya dead

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>IchiRuki shippers still this assblasted

The whole point was that we never see that shit IN THE MANGA, we have to read a shitty novel to know it, retard

Nice, I like height differences

k kid

Rukia and Ichigo had a better dynamic but I'm happy for Renji getting best girl.

Just read a summary or something, no need to be an autist about it.

The one thing Naruto and Bleach ending was good for was the tears it created. It was so fun watching people implode over their ships not sailing

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>"The kind of behavior that works in a specialized environment, such as prison, can fail to work and in fact become harmful when used outside such an environment"

They aren’t immortal
If they were, then they wouldn’t have aged
If they were, they would have tons of reapers every where

>Wanting to go out of your way to find out shit that should have been in the manga
No, thank

literally cant prove me wrong ;^)

Happy. Childhood friends to lovers is a god-tier trope.

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You already answered your own question, user.

literally cant prove me wrong ;^)

I wonder if Sui-Feng ever ended up molesting Yoruichi's shota brother

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Bleach ran for 15 years, so I gave it a fair amount of leeway. Honestly, it was probably shit longer than that.

>Rukia and Ichigo had a better dynamic
At the very beginning until their interactions started following the same, boring formula. Kubo wasn't even trying with their bond after a certain point.

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I wasn't a shipper so I wasn't angry or anything, just kinda confused I guess. Most manga aren't exactly great with romance, but Kubo is genuinely bad at writing romance. Like the pairings just kind of...happen.

Thank God Kishimoto and Oda don't have twitter accounts. Imagine them getting spammed by shipperfags on a semi-regular basis.

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So you think if people were immortal we wouldn't have relationships?

>Like the pairings just kind of...happen.

You can't be serious.

Nothing, I dropped this show after the first arc, as anyone with a brain should have done.

Kubo can't write stories for shit, but holy fuck can he draw some 10/10s

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>that pic

But wasn't that whole "Sarada is Karin's biological child" plot later disproven?

>watching shounen anime

You deserved it

I stopped giving a shit about Bleach when Foxy Grandpa died.

There was nothing redeemable about the ending of the manga unless you shipped RenRuki it was the worst ending of a hyped "big" manga of all time.

the soul of some unborn fetus went to soul society and became their child probably

Tomboy childhood friend won

>He keeps posting

It's more that I can't find my picture of tumblr dissolving, found that instead, chuckled, and posted it
It's a god damn shame Kishi wasn't that big of a madman, it would have been so fucking great if Sakura actually was a cuck

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Try reading the manga

>Like the pairings just kind of...happen.

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people struggle to hold a marriage together for 10 years, let alone 10000000 years

Still mad.

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>Yu Yu Hakusho

To be fair, there was enough to support either an Orihime or a Rukia end. Kubo just chose Orihime and made Rukia more of Ichigo's best friend by Mexico


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>shounen anything
requires a single digit iq to be interested in the genre

Orihime had an entire chapter for her love declaration to Ichigo

nah, the anime went out of its way to add ichiruki moments that werent there

Bleach ran for a LONG fucking time. There's a good chance that a lot of the people here started reading it when they were little babies, and knew nothing of taste

The only parts of the anime I watched were
Most of the Teenage Ghostbusting Arc
Any battles involving people I like
The last battle with Ginjo
2 of the movies
So I must have missed the vast majority of all those IchiRuki bits

>or a Rukia end
Nah. The pilot chapter had Ichihime and Rukia teasing Ichigo about being in love with Orihime. Orihime was always the endgame girl.

>he still hasn't been able to defend the worst and most rushed ending in shonen manga history

>he keeps posting


>he still can't disprove bleach ending being the worst

I remember in particular an ending showed them ice skating together at night
Child Nel got jealous of the possibility of Rukia being Ichigos gf

I thought the Shinigami were simply a phase in a continuous cycle of death and rebirth.
They live longer but not eternally.

>he keeps posting

Neither of these things were in the manga. The anime was heavily biased towards IR.

Renji is probably the one character in Bleach that deserved a happy ending, the guy was always a good person and a friend above all else, even when he was outmatched a hundred times he fought on like anyone else.

>"he keeps posting" posting is all he has

People do a lot of things because theres a time pressure.
Women get children around 30 because things are going to go down hill on that department very soon.

If you marry someone it's going to involve children, whats the point otherwise? And who would marry in a system where people live hundreds or thousands of years? "oh yeah were gonna stay together until one dies" really? Good luck not murdering your partner.
If you're not going to have children, you're not going to marry, what are you doing exactly? Whats the contract between the 2 people?
>We're fucking with each other and we're not going to have children or stay together for an extended period
Well thats not anything.
Even if they do have children well they're independent from their parents in about 20 years and they can spend rest of their thousand+ year lives separately.

When you thought those people couldn't possible get even more pathetic they go and defy your expectations. Amazing.

What about Chad? At least Renji had some significant victories, Chad got fucked in just about every encounter

Thats exactly what Im reffering to. Those were examples of the anime being biased

>still no argument


>Renji is probably the one character in Bleach that deserved a happy ending
Not so fast.

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Chad is famous I guess


lmao thats literally you since you haven't proven me wrong yet and still can't defend the worst ending in shonen history XD

>Doesn't even show up in the ending
>We just see an image of him as the champion
I always liked Chad. Wish he could have gotten some bitches too

>still no argument

They're now attacking Bleachfags for wanting to support the LA movie. Those spergs will be pissed for an eternity.

They obviously don't deserve to suffer since they're just teenagers, but it's not like either of them were there for most of the shit Renji went through.

>has yet to even make an argument