ITT: great tourism advertisements

ITT: great tourism advertisements.

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I heard this was shitty. Does the Trap win at least?

It's a great ride with likable characters. Apparently they go on a 'fake' date to a French restaurant and Banba puts a hand around his waist in the newest book so maybe.

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This by miles. I really want to see Antarctica before I die now.

So it's a big tease, then. If the dick ain't shitty, the series ain't litty.

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You want the guy on the left, he's 100% canon gay.

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>Ubiquitous femmy black gay man
No thanks. Plus, traps aren't gay

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Well then.

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She would

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Getting fucked in the ass isn't gay if you're wearing a skirt. What is this, your first day?

What if the one in the skirt is doing the fucking?

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Gay, but I'll allow it

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Yuru camp made people go outside and even had camping tips along with the episodes. It made me finally buy my own set of camping gear

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>Yuru camp made people go outside and even had camping tips along with the episodes
She killed millions

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Yikes! You think Banba wanted to give it a kiss????


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Really guys?

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When do they have pretend sex for a mission?

On the pretend third date. The real pretend third date, the pretend going out for coffee isn't a real pretend date.


God, the rules for pretend courtship are so complicated.

This anime basically had the same effect on me as Omoide Poro Poro did. Living in rural Japan just looks so pleasant in anime.

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If it weren't for the pretend rules, the whole pretend institute of pretend marriage would be thrown out the pretend window, and it'd be pretend anarchy

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Maybe they should just fuck for real.

You can do that?

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It's high time we find out.

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I'm still watching it, but it's pretty shit.

Pretend shared bed when?

My desire for more Locodol is a big one.

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Expect that otakus are fucking idiots and gonna kill themselfs with trying to go camping

Literally paid for by the Kagawa udon industry

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This was a cute show, I don't really do any of the other idol shows, but I enjoyed this greatly.

Last season was so full of them. Colors, Yuru Camp, Koi wa Amaegari, probably others I didn't watch.

Personal favorite was Crowds and Insight though.

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Why is there a Chinese guy (who has a fake Taiwanese passport) with blond hair in my Japanese cartoon?

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Organized crime

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Onegai Teacher and Twins is literally a tourism advertisement for Lake Kizaki. A lot of the promotion posters for both anime are still around in the town, though they're showing signs of aging. I don't know if the wooden Mizhuo mural is still there, but many otaku from all over the world visit the town every year.

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Sakura Quest made me feel bad for rural towns.

The OP hurts my ears but I still come back to watch it every now and then.

I wonder how many times the tour guides are asked about the wish granter.

The game too.

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>The OP hurts my ears
This is the most disgusting post i've seen in years.

I drop this anime after episode 1