Eh, heh, heh, heh. Come here, Kokoro-chaaan~

Eh, heh, heh, heh. Come here, Kokoro-chaaan~

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We have enough threads


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The world is kinda shitty towards women, this line shows that she actually feels guilty about her wanting a better man. Society expects her to stay with that low test fat faggot

Oh boy, I can't wait for logical and constructive discussion to follow.


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>4 days and counting of nonstop kokoro threads

Will Sup Forums ever let this go?

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If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man.

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>t. Pitbull rescuer

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>Fuck women, they never talk to me
>Wow, she talked to me as if I were a normal human being, fuck women in general

'Shy guys' are just rapists in denial

then why did she lead him on then

Because she thought she was gonna be strapped with him for life so she tried playing nice.

>not treating him like walking garbage is "leading him on"

Sup Forums has really turned to tumblr because of this garbage show. Fuck off

ikuno was a cold bitch to milkman and they did alright until mits homo lust got the better of him

Rewatch episode 2; she basically reveals that she just acts nice for the sake of piloting the Franxx. She just wanted to keep their numbers up.

Go back to tumblr

Everyone took it well, except for fatass obviously. People can be stupid and think nice people are selfless angels and not regular human beings with flaws, insecurites and capacity for cruelty and selfishness. She stopped acting. Betas should stop acting too, you're not a great person, you're just a pussy.

Who are you quoting, landwhale?

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He's immature, that's the point. Ironically talking it out on a girl that actually likes him.

That scene made me cringe. Kokoro was right to leave fatty.

>Society expects her to stay with that low test fat faggot
1. They grew up in an entirely different society with absolutely no education or conditioning regarding sex and romance. The line just shows that she feels guilty for not requiting the feelings that Futoshi has for her.
2. No, it fucking doesn't. At no fucking point has anyone told a girl to fucking do that. What kind of father goes "alright, sweety, I want you to go to your school and bring home the fattest, simpiest, whiniest, most diabetic motherfucker you can find!"

This post is fucking awful. Kill yourself.

Everyone is this episode's focus is pathetic and boring as fuck
>Futoshi is classic white knight, putting his slut on the pedestal and idealize her. Despite being partner, he is the only boy who failed to pick up basic emotional and non-verbal cues that Kokoro is uncomfortable. Being a Fatass does not make him a piece of shit when characters like Boss and Musashi exist.
>Kokoro is a spineless, selfish lying cunt
>Mitsuru is an edgy faggot who hold a grudge from years ago and basically became a liability to the whole group half the battle when he froze up and had to have the fatass saved his ass while he bawled his eyes because his boycrush didn't give him enough attention. Anyone who said he is smart or actually aware of how fucked up the society is can fuck right off when he failed to even recognize that something abnormal happened to Hiro. He's as much of a sheep as anyone in the group, barred 02

>t. angry fatass

>t. fat cunt who probably doesn't even have to worry about an angry fatass horn-dogging after her
Bet your folds smell like sourcream, you ungodly monument to dysgenics.

Trollsub is released?

Pretty much, I'm astounded that people liked any of the three after this episode

Remember the end of the Tsuneki-route in Seiren? It left people butthurt for the entire week and beyond. Sup Forums always loses it when NTR is involved.

There is nothing more beautiful than NTR. Reminds me of the relationship of Yukino falling in love with Hayama instead of Hachiman

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that's because NTR is the absolute bottom of the barrel garbage tier fetish that only the most beta of beta males enjoys

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you have a mindset of a self-insertist faggot. I enjoy NTR because I like laughing at loser who get cucked hard.

I'm astounded that people still enjoy those boring show.

Honest if she had known that swapping partner was an option she would have jumped ship a long time ago

That's not normally jack off material outside hentai, it's a legitimate plot. Anons are just sensitive babies, also hypocrites because they don't give a fuck when it happens to girls unless she's their waifu.


>>Kokoro is a spineless, selfish lying cunt

the fuck, how? she would be those things had she stayed with the fat, beta cuck and kept her mouth shut about wanting to bang other boys. she's the opposite of that

Because she stayed that way for the last 10 episode?

She stayed with him for plenty of episodes and who knows how long before the start of the series, always endorsing Futoshi attitude. Hypocrite lying slut is what she is.

they're 12 year olds, you dumb cuck. the show is literally telling you to grow up if you react the way fatoshi does

>they're 12 year olds

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>the show is literally telling you to grow up if you react the way fatoshi does
>Futoshi is classic white knight, putting his slut on the pedestal and idealize her. Despite being partner, he is the only boy who failed to pick up basic emotional and non-verbal cues that Kokoro is uncomfortable. Being a Fatass does not make him a piece of shit when characters like Boss and Musashi exist.
You miss this part here? In no way did I ever defend Fatoshi.

Lots of fat people in this thread.

holy fuck you're retarded

>She stayed with him for plenty of episodes and who knows how long before the start of the series
As opposed to what? Just tossing him aside like it's that simple a matter? She was resigned to being to Fatass. It's only after making the promise that she felt compelled to switch because Mitsuru's condition was revealed and he's lonely and "Mitsuru-kun needs someone there for him (me!!)". To do this, the holy promise connivance had to broken and Fatty would cry.

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>As opposed to what?
To tell straight to his face about how awful Fattie act?

She didn't leave out of dislike of Futoshi. She did it because she wanted to be with Mitsuru. You are projecting.

I don't oppose to her leaving. My problem is with her basically being a doormat for 10 episodes and years in-universe. Hell, leaving Fattie can be considered some solid character developement if not for how Mitsuru is basically a generic shoujo male lead

>My problem is with her basically being a doormat for 10 episodes and years in-universe.
I don't understand. That was the openly acknowledged flaw of the character in need of being overcome in time. You guys tend to make characterizations out of be crimes rather of your own prejudices. Mitsuru behaves more like angsty shonen rival character; it's like shoujo-esque just because girls dig that sort of character.

*it's not

>omg he saved my dog from a Japanese truck
>he's so cool and awesome and I want to have his babies.
Yea that's some true pure love right there user.

>all these fat fucks defending their retarded self insert
That fat creep was literally forcing himself on her. He never thought about her feelings, his question was just coercing her into being his partner forever. Kokoro is kind character, she wasn't able to refuse him with his forceful advances, not until she tried to save Mitsuru of her own volition. I can't believe that you faggots can't get something so simple.

>Society expects her to stay with that low test fat faggot
No it doesn't. Stop bringing your shit life logic into anime.

Am I the only one whose indifferent from all of this?
All of their action led up to this.
Kokoro's nice girl act, her meeting with Mitsuru on the breach and the greenhouse lately and Futoshi's creepy, never-ending reassurance with his partner. My only gripe is Kokoro's assertiveness after they learned that they can partner switch without hearing us a reason from her.

She isn't talking about betraying fatso though, she is a garbage person and we'll see the reason why in later episodes.

Is Kokoro legitely the sluttiest girl of this whole season? What Japan think about her?

The show is bombing.

I don't watch this show; What the fuck happened amd why are so many threads about this?

>wanting a better man
FFS stop this shit, Mitsuru is a fucking wreck, he's not a better man, he's the one that got an upgrade.

Nice girl partnered with fat guy dumped him for a Sasuke clone. Sup Forums lost their shit as they were self inserting on the fatty.

The only nips who keep watching this are shippers and Onifags. Sounds like Sup Forums actually

A girl switched partners immediately after promising her former partner she would stay with him forever. It made some people upset.

That's it?
Sup Forums is actually retarded

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Is it even posible for some other girl to steal the spot of "worst girl" to Kokoro? If it happens, my vote is for Ikuno

Fatoshi just have to learn from the master about how to treat sluts

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>they were self inserting on the fatty
Funny that you say that, because the shitposting didn't start until Sunday. The people who actually give a shit about the show were actually rooting for Milkman ever since the PV dropped on Thursday. It's the bandwagonners and the people who keep watching it though they say they hate it that are shitposting.

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But user, Kokoro is best girl

Time to settle this:



Nah, Hayama and Yui are dating and Yukino has apparently been in love with Hachiman the entire time.

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>without hearing us a reason from her.

does it really need to be spelled out more than it already has? she's been building a relationship with mitsuru for several episodes now. she realized she has more to develop from talking to mitsuru than she does with futoshi.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to help someone of her own volition and whatnot, but you'd think that she would at least sit down and talk with her stamen about her decision (as they were instructed to by their superiors) to make the transition easier instead of potentially risking compromising the group's functionality with the needless drama.

its never gonna update is it?

So why is this fanbase so tumblr? Or is this just Sup Forums nowadays?

Dead show, author is a sellout with no balls.

Reminder that Mitsuru x Hiro is endgame.

Yeah, fuck oaths, structure and papa too! Its not like they are members of military who are expected to follow orders and obey their superiors, but to follow their feelings.

Dude you're assuming so much shit in this post, calm down.

What is with people and this episode? They keep making headcanons such as this.

>expected to follow orders and obey their superiors
The superiors are the ones that suggested the switch. They wanted to see if they could make Mitsuru useful again but since piloting is based on emotional connections they couldn't force it. If it wasn't for Kokoro Mitsuru would be glue.

i hate fat people

lesbian girl deserves her harem of women

Oh shit an intelligent person who sees they're both at fault.

Where da fuck have you guys been hiding?

>12 year olds going through puberty are curious to venture outside their militarized social constructs

who would have fucking thought, it's almost as if you identify with fatoshi and have yet to grow up yourself. get out of your basement, kid, your mom isn't the nice girl you think she is either

Let's be fair. You wouldn't date a clingy fatso. Unless you had really fucking low standards.

We're here, user.
We may be drowned out by the ceaseless shitposting from NTRfags, Milkfags, and fat-shamers, but we're still here.

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>and fat-shamers
Its self-hating fatties.


Thank you user. Back then there was alot of you telling that they were both at fault now all of a sudden the threads are now just shitting on Futoshi and milk fucking Kokoro and saying love wins, when at the time they where shitting on it when Hiro was cured of his oni AIDS because he wanted to protect 02

why are you low test betas completely ignoring how violently he reacted to the switch? if i was her i would never want to be alone with that creeper again and don't blame her for ditching him as fast as she could.

enormous shift in goalposts in this post

She breaks my kokoro

That doesn't justify her leading him on the way she did.

I don't care about him. He is a fat ugly creep. Nobody is blaming her for not wanting to be around him.
Its the method and dishonesty that makes her a cunt.

She wasnt leading him on on purpose. She was being nice to him because she tries to be nice to everybody. If he thats the oy reason to call her a slut and wishing death on her its pretty weak.

Even so, how was she suposed to know better? Shes a 12 year old lab experiment, the fuck she knows. The fuck tbey all know. Like anyone here was a bastion of rationality and good life choices at 12.

The people that try to be nice to everyone are the worst kind of people.

Well that excuse would also work for Fatoshi? How is he supposed to know better

Nah man. Both are trash
If your natural instinct is to break promises and hurt people you are not nice.

>natural instinct
What the hell are you talking about? She didn't do it on a whim, she wanted to help the guy she likes and can be honest with. She knew what she was doing is wrong. It's not like they were in love with each other.

Kokoro wanted to be honest instead of keep pretending to be nice to not hurt someone who pedestalized her. That's the opposite of being a liar. She did it to stop being a liar.