Shinsekai no yori

What did /pola/ think of this communist fantasy anime? I thought Squealer did nothing wrong but he should respect the authority of the state and forget his individuality for the sake of order.

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Shisekai Yori? More like Reasons to Execute All Psykers: A Case Study.

Name ONE thing Squealer did wrong, you cant

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He force bred two teenagers, murdered them and and kept their kid.

Could this show be an allegory?
I felt like Squealer could be considered Communist (liberation, any means to an end) where Kiroumaru could be seen as a Nationalist (loyalty to his queen, honor). Cantus users were definitely the oppressors.

The Confucian royalist approach is the way to go
Everything Squealer did was wrong because he lost. Since he tried and failed, he should have never tried. All the blood is on his hands.

Society force breeds all children and keeps them indoctrinated to the social beliefs of their parents. Society even gives you the right to life, but not death.

I never finished this show. I gave up when all of the kids went homosexual for some odd reason and a wolf or some shit was locked in a big cage.

Should I give it another shot

>I gave up when all of the kids went homosexual for some odd reason
The ultimate pleb filter.

The show verbatim explains why their society is sexually unhinged.

Squealer did nothing wrong

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Then they didn't explain it till after it happened because that shit made no sense to me

That's what makes this anime so good, he did nothing in the world he existed in. Pacifism is pointless if the other side disagrees.

They explain it like next episode. Yes, finish it. It's a good series even if the animation is a little off sometimes

>Everything is fucked
>Non-psionic humans are twisted in bodies
>Psionic humans ate twisted in minds even harder Rob man of aggression, and you'll rob him of his evolutionary potential, they are mentally castrated
The only thing that was done wrong is non-psionics losing war in the past.

It explains it during in the library exposition dump, which is literally a whole time skip before anything gay happens.

>It explains it during in the library exposition dump
during the*

This show was such a bait-and-switch. Started out as weeby Harry Potter with intrigue and mystery, then it turned into some spy thriller slasher schlock.

The espers were the ruling class and the rats were the masses. Their failed revolution is the proof that censorship's power.

The first time I watched it I hated Squealer, and I still do. I liked the ending because it showed that order was still maintained despite the rebellion.

you might be a communist.

Squealer was the communist. I think you're politically illiterate.

To clarify, the people with psychic powers were a more evolved stage of humanity and had a natural right to rule over the stupider, inferior masses. It was a natural hiearchy, and its maintenance led to a utopian existence for the master race. Those who threatened the order were dwelt with swiftly, maintaining the prosperity of their society. The fact that the inferior race became oppressed is what enabled the superiors to live at the height of their new society. You can't have prosperity for everyone, there is no such thing as equality, Squealer was a commie idiot who wanted to be treated equally to his superiors, and in the end his stupid liberation schemes failed and order prevailed. That's part of why I liked the anime so much, Squealer ultimately comes off as an overambitious fool and the message ends up as the natural order must and will always prevail.


fuck off and stay fucked off

the only thing Squealer did wrong was be born
stupid rats need to learn their place under the Human boot

can you remind me why?
I'm dumb

the issue is single individuals have become so enormously powerful that if aggression was as widespread as it was in the past it would be a complete disaster.
besides they have outlets for competition and aggression in the story don't they?
maybe they could be like the spartans and have regular "hunts" to kill their helots (rats) as an outlet

Fuck off newfag

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>filthy commies
>ever right

if you don't wish we still lived in feudalism so the landlord can fuck your wife then have you both drawn and quartered then you're probably a nu male

I unironicly wish I lived in feudal era Europe

Sure, but you could also not genetically engineer a subservient race in the first place. That sort of blurs the line between natural and artificial hierarchy, dunnit?

In any case, liking the anime because squealer got offed is like the whole "Rudolf Von Goldenbaum did nothing wrong" schtick, it's a wee bit too postmodern a viewpoint for my tastes.

>you could also not genetically engineer a subservient race in the first place
whats the fun in that

ITT people who exclusively read netorare manga but it's ok because they sometimes self-insert as the bull

I live in a communist country and even I prefer the psychics

It was half filler and the other half could have been explained far more simply without all sorts of other shit crammed in. It wasn't good.

everyone in the show is by definition not human. So they're basically all deserve what they got. Never ending suffering, for thousands of years. Because they are all rock-stupid.

We should not forget that rats were human too, so when a slave notices there is no difference between him and his master,
it is completely reasonable to be treated as equals.

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except there is a huge difference
its like if a literal rat in the real world came up to you and demanded recognition

Pretty great, watching Squeeler's group become more and more advanced, realizing what's about to come regarding the demon and who it is, etc

Those 2~3 episodes midway in to it when they're chasing after Maria were pretty sad

If he is eloquent enough to demand such, I see no reason not to afford him every right and obligation as layed out by our constitution.

The anime was a politcal commentary like Jin Roh.

>wish to Sonzai X you lived in medieval Europe
>get isekaid by a train
>Be reborn somewhere south of Toulouse, France
>retain all of your modern knowledge in this new world
>die of Typhoid fever a few weeks later
You don’t want to live in the Middle Ages

I think you are missing the point, but just for you, I'll say it again.
Those rats have the same intellect as any other human in Shinsekai Yori. Only their DNA was modified to tell apart who has special abilities and who doesn't.

I'm sure humanity could redeem themselves if they fix all of the mistakes that were made and could even coexist peacefully with those humans without superpowers.

I already live in a povo tier country, not worried about disease
would probably be cleaner since there was no significant urbanization and little spread of disease.

plus my immune system would have evolved as a result of my ancestors surviving this shit so I think these past bacteria would have little effect

What is your health background with smallpox

I have a vaccine so probably good

desu a modern person going back in time would have a huge advantage health wise if anything simply due to an extremely superior diet, larger body, genetic history with all these diseases (which have also evolved along with humans) meaning an encounter with their past forms would leave them woefully unable to do significant damage as their future counterparts would.
and more than this most Europeans have a level of medical knowledge which would completely blow past medicine out of the water (like washing hands after pooing, understanding of germ theory and vector borne disease)

remember too that the vast majority of disease is due to humans living in highly concentrated spaces, while in the past disease had far less ability to spread and was much weaker as a result

Unless you're old as shit or actually african, you do not have the smallpox vaccine.
And that aside, antibiotics are the only thing that keep bacterial infections from becoming fatal and possibly epidemics today. That's why antibiotic resistance is such a hot button issue in the medical community. How do you suppose you are going to treat a wound from a rusty piece of garbage when your tetanus vaccine, which you probably haven't gone back for in quite some time, everyone forgets, loses its efficacy?

>Squealer did nothing wrong
Why do all Squealer fags not realize how easily turned around this logic is? If it's not wrong for Squealer to genocide the humans, then the humans wouldn't be wrong to genocide the rats. Besides which, Squealer was an ungrateful cunt who talked a nice game about how equal he was, despite being more than happy to use the humans when it came to protecting his particular rat tribe and advancing his station, and could only attack the humans later with another human. His rhetoric was disproved by his own tactics. Besides which, the humans really should have genocided the rats. Even the most loyal of them were fantasizing about wiping out humanity because of the incredible power differential.

Except one group literally has magical powers and the other doesn't. They're not equal in any sense.

He did respect the authority of the state, thing was he did what most polititians do, he took over through rule of law and he used science. Its not his fault humans are pieces of shit

I dont think he had to force them

The only thing he did wrong was have a lust for power. He hid it with a righteous cause, if he didnt, he wpuldnt have gone to war with the other tribes that resisted.

To me its like what the US is doing with North Korea and its nukes.

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But that rat wasnt made from geneticly altered humans.

>desu a modern person going back in time would have a huge advantage health wise if anything simply due to an extremely superior diet, larger body, genetic history with all these diseases (which have also evolved along with humans)
Not with the deseases back then. People think the deseases we have now will be the same as back then. If anything people are less immune to desease than they were back then because of all the sanitary habbits we picked up.
Having a proper diet is what keeps us alive much longer, but people were pretty healthy because they shared baths and water. It was only when plagues came along that created such scares.

Yea MODERN bacteria and viruses, not ones from the past
There is a big difference between the and we have evolved to resist these bacteria just as they have evolved to infect us
The modern danger is that medical science has allowed bacteria to evolve exponentially beyond our natural resistance, but this is not true for ancient or pre modern disease
You're confusing current issues with a hypothetical senario of time travel.

As well urbanization is a major cause of disease so a rural society would be far cleaner and less infected

I have a lifetime tetanus vaccine but reguardless simple things like awareness of where disease comes from and how to properly treat them go a long way
"What if" you were stabbed by a bandit? That's equally a danger but not a useful question.

You know people are ussually being sacastic right? But his tactics were underhanded but that is war. Even when war has rules they mean nothing when you are considered less than human.

Bacteria today are FAR more deadly than in the past due to urban society being a perfect breeding ground and use of antibiotics killing weak strains

And again we have evolved with bacteria too, taking a modern human who has ancestral resistance to this pre modern disease gives him an advantage in that respect.
And most outbreaks in the past were due to people simply not knowing how disease spreads, unlike us today

It is more about philosophy than politics. Basically Squealer did nothing wrong if you identify with the Queerats, but if you identify with the human and think Squealer did nothing wrong, you are a potential danger to society and FBI should go to your house to prune you.

Is he aryan?

Then he got what he deserved.

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Evolution doesn't work that way. You gain immunity against modern bacteria but lost the ones for ancient bacteria.

You are confusing evolved with stronger, bacteria back then was a different strand not to mention the fact that there was deseases that were only wiped out because of a quarantine and people were left to die.
Bacteria back then is different and we only developed and immunity for specific strands for here, and even now we arent immune to it all, people can still get small pox and ebola, developed nations are the ones that are generally free from it. Even then you wouldnt be immune to deseases in the past because even if you had a vaccine it would only be for a specific strand, not all deseases in general.

He's noble of rat race so he's aryan

>rat race

Pick one.

Bacteria of the past is even worse, because your body is completely unfamiliar to it. There is no built up immunity in you.
"beyond our natural resistance"? Buddy, cases of tetanus, diphtheria, typhoid, tuberculosis, dysentery and a host of other diseases have had their occurance rates drop by upwards 90% in the last century as a result of, you guessed it, modern medicine and its omnipresence. You are soon going to lack that, and are going to have to rely on your bodies ability to respond to unfamiliar pathogens.

>lifetime tetanus vaccine
There is literally no such thing. Literally. None. There's a reason your doctor schedules booster shots, buddy.

Indeed, consent really doesn't exist, as the alternatives to going along are any of a variety of forms of ostracisation and conditionally withdrawn affection to which we all must, and do willingly yield in the course of our development from the entirely dependent to the mostly dependent beings we end up by maturity if lucky. Freedom is, at most, only a choice in the kind of tyranny to which one genuflects.

But realizing that this isn't a bad thing, and that even altruistic love is a proper and unironic function of self-interest, would go a long way toward unburdening us of the psychologically compensatory, yet ultimately unobtainable and maladaptive myth of a higher innocence from which do emerge false notions of superiority that in turn sustain illusions of invulnerable independence whence arise the impulses driving individuals, groups and countries into conflict. Alas, muddling along in this obtuse state as we seemingly always have, now brings an ever increasing probability of the end of us, given the efficient means of self destruction which increasingly in these later years number among our achievements.

Your body is farmiliar because you have the ansestral resistance

I don't know about your ancestors, but my ancestors still got tuberculosis.

You will too.

You make it sound like it is some kind of buff. Makes me chuckle.

In this case, they literally were less than the humans. Magical powers clearly put them higher on nature's hierarchy.

Not a good thing, you get shit that are birth defects.