What the fuck is his problem?

What the fuck is his problem?

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Dudes just hungry, give him a break.

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I dont know why people even though it was someone else. There were 4 large breed carnivores and he is the only one who could had thrown Legosi like that.

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I forget, did Legosi have any reason to think it was a member of the drama club?

>That moment when Legosi realized he's a fucking lone wolf attempting to fight a grizzly bear.

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I think it was about how Tem willingly met with the attacker so late in school, so it was obviously someone he trusted. Something like that, I dont really remember.

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He didn't mean to do it!

If his POV is any indication, he is a psychopath.

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Well now he is! I'm sure think he wasn't before he killed Tem.

By the way, is there a place to maybe aread a summary translation of the chapters? i found a raw of 75 and i really wish i could read it.

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he had the munchies


Boy he fucked up.

I dont understand why are him and goatboy fucking around and not accussing Riz to authorities already.

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to bad he didn't go to the market before sucumbing to his hunger

I think he's gonna try to rehabilitate him like Gohin seems to like to do, depending on Riz's motivations. Otherwise who knows what his fate will be.

there's no evidence

Post favorite pages.

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is he talking about louis senpai?


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>that last few pages

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Nice translation when?

new chapter tomorrow, the translator do 2 at the time so probably soon

Oh shit, is the new chapter out yet?

Legosi you dork, you are great

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Only the raw, pretty fun chapter just from the visuals at least.

I've wanted to import this weeks weekly shonen champion because Legosi is on the cover but that shit is 25 bucks for a 5 dollar magazine.

Just save the cover i guess

Man, will Legosi ever stop getting the shit beat out of him?

Yeah i guess.

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Has there been a colored version of shaved Legosi?
I think its kinda funny that even a few months later, we still see unshaved Legosi in all the promo art. Makes me think he's gonna grow it back sooner or later.

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I must be blind

>pick this up on a whim after seeing it scarcely posted on Sup Forums
>end up sympathizing with Legosi more than any other character I've ever read
this shit got too real for me outside of the action sequences

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i felt the same way. the author knows her stuff.

I'm loving most of the characters. and the world building is pretty interesting too, i cant to same where it goes.

they're just animals, user

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aren't we all?

I hope Legosi pounds his boipussi.

when will we get the shocking reveal that he already fukin haru

who cares half the school already fucked her

I direly need Juno to win the Legosibowl

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>not Juno winning the Louisbowl

You know its endgame.

>come into thread expecting neat animal gangster comic
>it's yaoishit

Never has my interest in a series been killed so hard.

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Juno sucks.
He's just happy to see his friend user, don't be gay.

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Get your head out of the gutter. Legosi is just happy to see Louis. Hell, Legosi is practically aesexual outside of Haru.

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