Why are pre-teen girls in anime drawn to be so sexy?

Why are pre-teen girls in anime drawn to be so sexy?

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I don't think Takagi-san looks sexy desu. She sure is very cute and pretty but not so sexy. Not the best example imo.

Girls are like numbers. If they're under 16 you just do them in your head.

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isn't she in middle school?


I like you.

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15 is prime.

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15 can be divided by numbers besides itself though

Math lies and our current research shows that 15 is indeed prime.

15 = 3 × 5

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Well played

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loli's were made for love and vanilla affection

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What about chocolate lolis?

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He took it from a Bo Burnham song.


>pre-teen girls

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I want Takagi to bully my dick with her forehead.

She's certainly drawn me.



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