What the fuck was his problem?

What the fuck was his problem?

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He met Goku in the anime. And saw Godtube in the manga.



He didn't get to bang Cus before Chadhan snatched her away.

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came here to post this

Nothing, he was right.

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He's Sup Forums in Dragon Ball form

He did nothing wrong. Ningen deserve to die.

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Same problem as Zeno, he thought mortals were worthless. The difference is that he didn't make a tournament to see if they're worth saving.

Being so goddamn beautiful.

I want to be one with Zamasu.

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How was he right?

He wanted Supreme Kais to be more proactive and stop threats in their universes because Zenos and the God of Destructions were too incompetent in stopping mortals. Zamasu then met Goku, a mortal who grew strong enough to approach the gods in strength and decided to slaughter them all to prevent mortals from growing strong enough to rebel against the gods.

He has a higher perspective than us. For thousands of years or longer, he has seen every race in U10 engage in every sort of degenerate sin. War, murder, pollution, rape, crime, religious crusades, slavery, sabotage, conspiracy, everything. He watched over the worlds and watched every "advanced" civilization engage in such barbarism, and every sentient species that had yet to start a civilization acting as savages. Any good in the ningen was outweighed a thousand thousand times by their sins. Wiping them out was the only thing that could save the multiverse.

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Tiny penis.

Super is way too kid-friendly to show that kind of violence. The only thing that comes close to that level of chaos is when King Piccolo in the original Dragonball took over the world.

Kami refused to revive Shenron for similar reasons: mortal were greedy and selfish beings who waged war against each other for the Dragonballs.

Of course they didn't show it. That doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

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That makes him look like a hypocrite since he used violence to get his means done.

He is a hypocrite, that's the point of his character and the reason he's a villain. Good job.