Spoilers for Astral Buddy when?

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mediafire.com/file/agpvligv7a0bpvv/Idol Vol 3 Omake.txt


>Do you love Accelerator?
whats your response?

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"No. I prefer the True Number One. Kakine."
And then she ends up in the hospital because she hurts herself due to all that hysterical laughter

It's the 28th in Japan, when does Dengeki Daioh usually drop?

No, the vector merchant is a fraud.

>merchant is a fraud.
Shut it down

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What would Estelle do if I denied the Holocaust in front of her?

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Is that one of the hells?

Idol Volume 3 Omake Translation: mediafire.com/file/agpvligv7a0bpvv/Idol Vol 3 Omake.txt

>no new ip
thanks buddy, please don't "fire and forget" habits discuss with kakinefag here

>Having a universe destroying deathmatch that decides who gets to be the top that day.
He'd never leave.

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Have you seen the Railguns raws yet?

Might as well dump it then just in case.

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Please do not post images during manga dumps Purplefag!

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Is there any chance hacking there?

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Who's the girl?

I see some doodles on the left there. Who's shoes?

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Misaki a pile of shit

Brown shoes and then sneakers? Misaka in her schoolgirl shoes and Touma?

To Aru Kagaku no Accelerator Volume 8
とある科学の一方通行アクセラレータ 第8巻
특정 과학적 가속기 만화8권
A Certain Scientific Accelerator Manga Volume 8
Un Cierto Acelerador Científico Volumen del Manga 8
Un Certain Accélérateur Scientifique Manga Volume 8
Ein Gewisser Wissenschaftlicher Beschleuniger Manga Band 8
บางเล่มที่วิทยาศาสตร์เร่งการ์ตูน 8
Cerita mengenai sisi Ilmu pengetahuan si 'Pedal Gas' dalam sisi tertentu, kartun jilit 8
ஒரு குறிப்பிட்ட அறிவியல் முடுக்கி மங்கா தொகுதி 8
أكسيليريتر المعين العلمي المجلد السادس 8
De quodam Accelerator Manga Volume VIII
Total pages = 168

View/read/watch online:
Right to left: mangamura.org/kai_pc_viewer?p=1522046161
Top to bottom: mangamura.org/old_viewer?p=1522046161

ZippyShare, Openload, Uptobox, Usercloud, DataFileHost, Mediafire, Turbobit, 4shared, Tusfiles, Uppit, DailyUpload, GoogleDrive, and Mega.nz:
Toaru_Kagaku_no_Accelerator_-_Volume_8.rar (21 MB)

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Toaru Idol no Accelerator-sama Volume 3
とある偶像の一方通行さま 第3巻
A Certain Idol Accelerator-sama Volume 3
Total pages = 136

View/read/watch online:
Right to Left: mangamura.org/kai_pc_viewer?p=846730385
Top to bottom: mangamura.org/old_viewer?p=846730385

ZippyShare, Openload, Uptobox, Usercloud, DataFileHost, Mediafire, Turbobit, 4shared, Tusfiles, Uppit, DailyUpload, GoogleDrive, and Mega.nz:

We have higher rip quality than this mangamura-raw, (example on those Omake we dump before)
We will dump/share again after we have Dengeki Daioh March raw

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ups I forget:
Toaru_Idol_no_Accelerator-sama_-_Vol.3.zip is (19 MB)

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Yes, marriage hell.

Your hells are starting to get hella weird, Othinus.

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แอคเซราเรเตอร์ แฟ้มลับคดีวิทยาศาสตร์

>แอคเซราเรเตอร์ แฟ้มลับคดีวิทยาศาสตร์

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No one needs to love a second rate esper like Accelerator. Kek, he can't even fight Kakine fairly, relying on "surprise attacks" or outside interference, what a fucking loser.
Don't use that picture for praising Accelerator (except against Mikoto and Muginofags, who's delusions would land them a spot at a psychiatric ward). Don't besmirch his image with that lie.

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You can only have enough creativity for so much

What the fuck is her problem? (deadpan)

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Her friend not-Misaka is a revenge obsessed bitch.

You don't even know what does that mean user. Idiot.

So who is the blond?

Got a story for you guys.
In the midst of night, when the world was shrouded in deep, all-encompassing darkness, where beloved light only appeared as blots big and small, lied an albino boy in a small park surrounded by buildings, refusing to fall asleep. Thin and lanky as he was, you cannot judge a book by it's cover. Indeed, this boy was by no means a weakling. On the contrary, he was among a mighty few above millions of others, and he was strong even among this group. However, he too was human, and fell into the pits of the human sin, the deepest pit known as pride. He feared no one, and believed that he was the best. But Accelerator was human, and the saying that there was always someone better, still applied to him. Accelerator felt he was too good for sleep, too powerful. This ended on a day not particularly noteworthy, when the true mightiest esper graced him with his presence. He was otherworldly, an existence that looked to be divine, regal and also an impossibility, both literally and figuratively. Accelerator grew more foul in temper that there was an existence greater then him, but the 6 white wings emitted a pacifying glow. It lulled Accelerator as they approached him, blanketing him outside and inside. It felt cold, but it was very a comforting cold. So much so that Accelerator's pride withered, as he embraced the being's superiority and the coming sleep his wings were bringing. So comforting it was, that it was eternal. The night sky began to lose the blots of light as his eyes closed, until black was all that remained. So comforting it was, that the light he sought after would rouse him no longer, for there was no light he could see anymore.

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The White Queen let Doctor S manipulate her brain, didn't she? However he did it, he introduced feelings of love to her, feelings which it seems her nature precluded before. But the Queen can't be forced into accepting anything. She accepted the Doctor's changes because she thought love would be fun/exciting/new.

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>stockholm syndrome.jpg

Am I relevant yet?

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Misaki mikoto soon

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js06, incase you needed to add into baka-tsuki picture
(*or does nova17 was lurking this thread?)

Illustration for :
Toaru Majutsu no Index:Virtual-On SS
A Certain Magical Virtual-On: Vooster’s Cup, The Day Before



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untouch scan imgur.com/a/DuRkY

and no need to credit us in BT

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Imagine having White Queen for a girlfriend.

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What kind of hell is that?

The cute one.

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post the lewd version


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js06 translates, ultranova edits and typesets.

I want Othi-chan to mindbreak me

Fuck Itsuwa



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Of course

Fuck Orsola

Niggah, you can bet your sweet ass I would.

kakine a shit

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Kamikoto is good for the heart!
Rereading random OT volumes, cant wait to see the fight with aqua animated. Also divine punishment is so cool a concept, shame Vento had to have such a shit motivation.

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You can't just not post the punchline

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Been planning on rereading OT myself, but I've become such a lazy fuck lately that I can't seem to get around to it. Season 3 being on the way might have something to do with it.
Sure hope there's is a next year for that chance, considering the shit they get into on a daily basis.

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At the current rate Touma will die of sleep deprivation

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He's fine. The record is around 11 days or so.

Depends on how long it takes to bring down the entire fucking commonwealth then
I theorise Coronzon will trap Touma in the WR timeline using Maika as bait

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Why Maika?

small and cute butts are good bait for Touma

I just think that Tsuchi would be the one going nuclear and doing some dumb/crazy shit if it's her.

Are the raws out?

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