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Ritsu is so ugly.

I can't believe the last episode of this show made me tear up, fuck. I want to watch it all again


Vacate the premises, now.

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Please find the nearest freeway or highway and go lay in it until you're run over and die. Thank you.

Being alone is painful. Everyday hurts.

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I want to be friends with all of them except azusa

What it comes down to in the girls' wife material is their levels of selfishness. That's what would lead to arguments.
Yui is lazy and would want everything her way without working and would repay you with lots of affection. Mugi isn't selfish but she doesn't know how to do things for others very well. Mio and Azusa are pretty self-absorbed and pay too much attention to themselves and their own problems.
Ritsu, however, likes to do things for other people. Because she does things for other people, she expects the same kind of attention in return, which is why she gets jealous easily or looks for attention. Any user would be lucky to marry Ritsu, so giving her the attention she deserves is all that would be necessary for her to be happy. As long as Ritsu is happy, she'd dote on you and exert tons of energy to make sure you do fun things and make good memories. That's why Ritsu is the best wife.

She's my wife btw.

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I want to be Azusa

You're never alone with Sup Forums.

Me on the right.

Post more Keion pastas.

I'm looking for a Ricchan pasta that goes into detail about her family's financial situation and how she doesn't mind it and makes the best out of it.

Please help me find it, I've been looking for it for ages.

A decade of wasted time has proven that wrong.

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Was it really wasted? Don't you love Sup Forums?

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It's an addiction, not salvation.

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Sup Forums is your friend, we are all in this together, forever.

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Hey, can you do me a favor and castrate yourself. Thanks.

Well that's sad to hear. You're free to leave any time you think you can.

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ritsu isn't poor ok she's just really modest

Mugi is mine! All mine!

Azusa knows the feeling.

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Objectively incorrect fact

never saw that one. would love to read that, u can probably look up for it on archives by keywords.

You don't deserve anime.

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You're not alone. We're all in this together.

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I'm watching this for the first time. Maybe I'm as retarded as Yui, but it feels like it's moving really quick. Do they all graduate in the first half of the second season, and where does the movie fit in?

> Do they all graduate in the first half of the second season
They graduate at the end of the series.

>tfw didn't finished 2nd season

they were real, in the 90s

>tfw skipped the 2nd season and watched the 3rd season right after the 1st

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there is no 3rd season retard

>3rd season
Such thing doesn't exist


Sigh. Well, we'll always have K-On College.

please just please end your misery

i know you dont want to hear this but all that there is left after the movie is the shit manga

>3rd season


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Why isn't there a Sawa-chan spinoff?

what would it be? her as a teacher mildly depressed and bored because the students that made life interesting arent there

It would be too good. All other studios would go out of business after it's release because they could never create anything as good again.

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Yes. Also molesting students and occasionally rocking out.

I actually thought College was okay. High School was pretty shit though.

Wait, how does it suck? Nothing happens in this show. How could you possibly fuck that up?


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Maybe showing her life Before the school and teacher work.

I want a Death Devil anime.

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Even if they were real why the fuck would they ever want to be friends with someone like you?

ignoring what you said about the show, the manga lacks almost all of the characterization of the show, has way too much fanservice, and is just more bland
there's a reason the anime is more than 90% original content

Yes, yes, yes.

Which Keion would you have as a bestie? And why is Yui the perfect bestie?

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actually that'd be really interesting I'd watch, we already got glimpses of it throughout the show I'm actually suprised there wasn't a spin off now that you bring it up

I'd want Mugi as a bestie. Not because she's rich, but because she actually seems honest and fun.

First post is the best post? How?

Jun seems fun.

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too bad, she loves her brothers dick.

none of her family is ever shown baka
Azusa without a doubt, we could play and talk about music :3

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Stop that.

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>he didn't read the manga
you ultimate mega-baka

>none of her family is ever shown baka
get the fuck away from me u filthy casual.

Im not reading the entire manga its shit, I gave up after quickly realizing theres a reason the animes almost all oc

well I guess your just a fake fan who doesn't love his waifu half as much as I do

nope my waifu isnt even from k-on so i dont feel bad about skipping the objectively worse manga

She looks better with her hair down


why do they all look the same

Because you're retarded.

They wouldn't be your friends. Maybe they'll say hi when they see you at school to avoid the awkward silence but then run towards their group to tell them and giggle about it.

because these things are fucking engineered by teams of neuroscientists to be as appealing and addictive as possible to the otaku, its like the CIA dumping cocaine in black communities, these people are hooked on it like hard drugs and as soon as you take that first dose of the moe youre brain gets fucking wiped and you become another cog in their machine, these girls are perfectly engineered to make you addicted and make you feel more hopeless than ever before as you reject reality so you will buy merchandise to fill the hole in your mind, they don't even realize they are being sold a product but they will buy it anyways. The capitalist system realizes that the producer can pursue their self-interest while at the same time serving the interests of their consumers in a reciprocal relationship. Success comes to producers who can find or create areas of reciprocity, the larger the better. Anime industry has been distorting the minds of young men with sexual fantasy and promotion of escapism to stretch out their effective area of reciprocity, they have made thousands of young men into otaku completely reliant on corporately engineered cutesy anime girls through high level subliminal brainwashing (and using subtle techniques involving framerate manipulation and split second insert frames to insert new memories into people or even delete old memories, warping their sense of reality) but in exchange of course they are reliant on the otaku for income. Moe anime is a very well oiled machine and any significant variations run the risk of waking the otaku from their trance and destroying the cycle of cash flow.
PS: Mio is my fucking WIFE

I want both. Death Devil in flashback and then a present day story about her doing cute cake things. And finding love. With me.