Don't pretend you don't like harem anime

Don't pretend you don't like harem anime.

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>watermelon-sized cowtits with twintails

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>Call this a harem anime
>It's another fake harem where the MC only wants to fuck one shitty girl and ignores the rest

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Best girl

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Twintails are rightful Flat clay

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I want to suck Claire's nipples

I do like harem, but Hundred was pretty bad and Claire was worst girl.


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I don't understand ecchi


Harem anime are a blight, and I wish that hot girls like pic related weren't squandered on such a bottom-of-the-barrel genre.

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Seriously what the hell was the author thinking? It's even worse than pointless megane fetish.

There are only two anime genres I actively dislike and I'll never watch anything of them
- Harems
- Kirara moe.

I don’t even watch, I just shitpost hard enough that it seems like I watch the show.

>the age of battle harems is dead
Kill me.

>using Claire and it's adisgusting pic at that
Thread is dead on arrival.

You will stop liking them once you turn 16, user.

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>Tohsaka Rin, Hatsune Miku, Graf Zeppelin, Hestia and Prinz Eugen
Yeah, I don't think so.

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Rakudai vs Asterisk was the peak of those threads.

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It was such a trash genre it wasn't financially profitable in the long term.

>twin tails
Its twin drills dumbass

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I don't either.
At that point, you might as well just be watching porn, because I doubt most people are watching ecchi for its storytelling.

Well, I do, but there are almost no good ones out there.

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emile > claire
imouto > stella
die hag fags

I've watched hentai's with better plots than more normal anime

I stopped because not too many could reach this level of fun.

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Tohsaka Rin and Miku are both flat.

I hate this shit too. What's even the point to the other girls if they all get lonely bad ends anyways?

Even if I did Hundred is low quality garbage and being carried by Sasayuki's character design.

His porn work was and is way more fappable anyways.

They aren't busty, but they aren't flat either. They have shapely bodies.

Well i just look at my animu folder, seems almost all of them are harem and romcom.

Only the biggest normalfags would say they don't like harems.

It's not a harem if the girls get gangbanged by random men.

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Did this happen in Hundred? Source?

I love it. Harem thread on Sup Forums always dies though

At lest we got Strike the Blood OVA 3 coming

But she didn't fuck to MC

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>no vanadis s2
>no campione s2
>no antimagic s2
>no gakuen hxh s2
at least we're getting more strike the blood

It's ova's though, threads will mostly be dead when they are released.

Uh, hate to brake it to you user but all those series you listed in greentext are basically over. Anitmagic & Campione! ended already, and Vanadis & Gakuen HXH are both just about or close to ending. I think the last Vanadis volume just came out and other anons have said the last volume of Gakuen was basically teasing the end for the series. No one is going to make an anime/advertisement for series that have already concluded.

The Harem Anime concept is fundamentally flawed. You only need to look at the fact that harem anime get better the more male friends of the MC there are. Jitsu wa had like 4 of them. It was barely a harem, but there was enough pointless interest in the MC to count any way. And this is all because harem anime undercuts its own appeal. There's a girl for everyone to waifu, but time with one is always time taken away from another. The black hole gravitational force the MC enacts on the story prevents any girl from properly being developed unless it's with him, so everyone has to wait their turn and in the end most will go under utilized. Aside from the rare True Harem End, the vast vast majority of the shows end with things being indistinct from if the losers simply hadn't existed as characters. How could any honest waifufag stand this? It's disgusting. Your waifu will never get what she deserves in a Harem Anime.

Harem Anime fans are like fucking junkies. They're chasing a hope and a dream that most of the time will simply never come to be. They only find happiness while the show is on going, but as soon as it inevitably ends in tragedy, they crash from their highs in tears. Until it's on to the next one. This time, they cry in anguish, this time the best girl will win! Best girl never fucking wins you bozos.

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>Tohsaka Rin

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Harem is an incorrect term to describe what is ultimately "reverse beta orbiters"

The MC rarely if ever uses a harem for its intended purpose.

Harem is used as a stand-in for "romcom with tons of potential love interests, see if you can guess who he ends up with (hint: it's the first girl he sees)!"

Miku isn't flat but she's small.

I like them, but low quality pandering girls like Hundred's Claire turn me off. Those tits especially are disgusting. Gary stu MCs that are unlikable and wimps or beta is also a detracting factor.

But I do like harem anime.

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He isn't wrong about Miku. She is flat, not even small like a full cup hand-size that you can fully grab. 90% of fanart, doujin, and various merchandise are in agreement.

without question

Fanservice does nothing. Action harems are typical shonen trash. Winner is almost always obvious so left with a bunch of secondary losers. Harems are shit. Most anime are shit so i guess that doesn't mean a whole lot.

Chivalry was better though

Look at literally any figure.

>that pic
Disgusting. Also:
>be a harem
>have the exact same formula as the last 70983949392

Flat means flat, small means small. Watch a concert or look at a figure. She has breasts.

I should tell you that. Most of her figures depict a flat chest. And biggest size on non-shitty figures give her A cup in size that's barely budding breasts.

Wrong. Pettanko, hinnyuu, and other terms that describe flat are interchangeable in Japan. It's the same with DFC for us. Girls with actual breast volume bigger than A don't count, but any under counts. Flat chest doesn't always have to literally be flat.

I would say A cup isn't flat, so we will probably never agree.

A handful, even if it's a small one, isn't flat.

Some smart user tell me
Was all the ancient mythology stuff accurate?

>It's the same with DFC for us.
no it fucking isn't

Nigga, come back to me after you've played oppai sensou VN.

You must be that new.

If there are breasts they aren't flat.

the only newfag here is you

>Hatsune Miku
Are you blind? She's an iconic flat chest idol and Goddess.

Any harem endings there ? i know Vanadis and HXH will have those

>they just took an Infinite Stratos fanfic and consolidated the number of girls down and mixed up their traits

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Why does she have two sets of arms?

Flat chest is a term and its range goes from AAA to A, and that means it can have some breasts that are budding or small. You're just being a retard. It's how Japan uses it and thus how we've been using it since forever.

You are literally new or are a dumbass purist who is new believe in a misconception because you took it literally.

and believe*

Campione! was confirmed harem end, Antimagic was single girl end the loli that was his armor and sword though she ceased being or whatever at the end but the mc still made it clear he only had eyes for her.

Shut the fuck up Blue. I don't want to be lectured by scrub who suck at games.

some of us only want flat, not a cups

The only harem I ever enjoyed is SZS.

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>newfags never heard of drilltits

Miku isn't flat, she has perfect small breast. Large enough so you can feel then and small enough to look cute and innocent. Flat chest is boring and anything more than that is disgusting.

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I don't though, never have.

this series is great if you watch the whole thing high


I do, never once said I didn't. Only if it's comedy though, dramatic harems are fucking awful.

Only if the harem lead is a girl and so are all the haremettes. Otherwise, I hate it so much I actively try to sabotage any harem thread on this board.

I don't mind the harem format, they just need to have a main character with more than one brain cell, or populate it with so many other better characters and focus on them instead.

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better with her hair down

Harem MCs need to be retards in order to explain why they don't ever realize they're surrounded by women who are desperate to fuck them. The alternative is to go the Haganai approach and have the MC pretend to be retarded because he wants to friendzone all the girls but is too much of a pussy to actually turn them down properly.

I don't hate harem anime.
I hate harem ending anime when the MC don't pick a girl or don't went for full harem.

Unless it is hentai, i dont

Why can't they realize it?

Because then the harem would collapse since they'd either fuck a girl and start a relationship with her or they'd turn the girls down and the girls would move on. Harems have to exist in this intermediate stage where the girls want the MC but where he's not in a relationship with any of them.

What about a harem end?

That's some high level boob art, goddamn.

Harem ends are retarded. Why would a girl settle for spending her life as one of a dozen holes that the MC gets to fuck? Love? If the MC really loved a girl he'd actually dedicate himself to her. Historically harems happened in societies where women were treated as second class citizens at best or as property at worst, so you can't really equate them to a modern society.

They're only retarded through the lens of your puritanical eurocentric bias

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Not him and not defending the series but in the world of Hundred things are sort of in a post-apocalyptic state where shit like the nobility system is making a comeback. Emilia is a princess ffs. In the volume right after where the anime adaptation stopped at they have to return to her homeland to help her get out of a political marriage. So I think women being second class citizens in their world is very much in play here, which by your words means shit like harems can now happen much more frequently than they would've before.

Claire is beautiful but I couldn't watch her show. It was trash

Someone recommend me a new harem/echii anime to watch

Or a few

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I don't.

Fucking love thar shit.

Claire is best girl!

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I wish that were me

I just want to see a harem anime where it ends with a Harem End.


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