What would lucky star be like if it was made in 2018 now that the culture surrounding anime is completely different...

what would lucky star be like if it was made in 2018 now that the culture surrounding anime is completely different from 2007

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It wouldn't.

I dont think anyone would even notice it

A retro show for elderly otaku.

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ok aside from the fact that lucky star couldnt happen again what would it be like if it did but was adjusted for today

I want to fuck Tsukasa.

Madoka, SAO and Steins;Gate references. With some recent KyoAni shows.

if lucky star came after k-on it would have torn it up lovingly

Instead of gundam or two heart references you would see bakemonogatari and keion references.
Instead of being a Haruhi ad it would be a Hibike ad.
The art would be the same though.

sorry only deer get to do that

it would try to be hip and cool but very ironically

Lucky Star is still running; if you want to see what kind of jokes it would make you can read the manga

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I don't speak moon rune and also have no experience with manga so I'm not sure how to read it I would if I could

They're still in school?

>I'm not sure how to read

is this some sort of love live spinoff?


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nice trips but its mostly I dont know where to find a good translation I can trust

>have no experience with manga
How fucking new are you?

kind of new, mostly just an anime only fag
its not like I havent searched it up I just dont know where I could get it for free with a accurate translation

Probably forgotten since we got way more shows airing every season, shows just basically come and go these days. Also no Luck Star meme's and all those nico nico videos on youtube. God I want to go back

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Lurk moar.

they are on Madokami

Ment to post this insted.

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anime didn't change, we did. If you went back you'd still be a jaded asshole

ive already lurked for awhile, besides its not like this is my first time on the site I just wasnt on the anime boards
thanks ill check it
I was in elementary school when the show first aired and ive been over 18 for a couple years

You haven't lurked enough, newfag.

2007 was the golden age. For both anime and Sup Forums.

I don't know how to make it more modern, but I know how Sup Forums would react if it were to air as is.
It would be called generic moeshit, ironic weeb trash and probably dubbed Yucky Shit. Also it would be endlessly laughed at for flopping hard.

lucky star? more like shitty star LMAO

So it would be just like it was in 2007

insert sassy dog with sunglasses image macro here

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All the references are now exclusively Kyoani.

People would literally give it the same attention as Slow Start, doing it first sometimes it's all.


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>God I want to go back
But back then there was no Sup Forums, so you see garbage posts everywhere.

/n/ was there.

It was never nearly as popular, and moot had the good sense to delete it when it became obviously cancerous

After the Snacks thing and then Chanology, it's been the same shit as always, don't try and act like a shitty imageboard clone was any good because you're nostalgic, YOU changed, not the internet.

I think a better question is would Sup Forums still appreciate it if it was made today?

no Sup Forums would hate it for being "ironic weeb pandering shit"

I had no idea I have to get to reading

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Shit. Just like it was in 2007

Don't like Lucky Star? What's the matter, too much FOOD for thought?

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didn't we have an anime culture SoL series a couple seasons ago and wasn't it smelly hot garbage

yeah this piece of shit anime

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>he doesnt like the seinfeld of anime
brainlet detected

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So it's bad? Well shit I thought about starting it.

I mean I didn't watch more than 2-3 episodes

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i dont have the copypasta so ill just guess
or something along those lines

Nothing has changed in "anime culture" over the last 10 years. The same kind of shows are being produced nowadays as they have been back then.

so youd say every single reference in lucky star is still just as relevant as in 2007? its been 11 years, alot of anime has been released since then

No, that is not what i was saying, and you're pretty dumb for thinking so.
Obviously the references would be ones to current anime. But the references done in a 2018 lucky star would be outdated by 2029 as well.

OP didn't say "what if lucky star aired today?" he said "what if lucky star were made today?"

The same, because Lucky Star changed anime culture into what it is today. Without it we'd still be in the pre-Lucky Star era, obviously in a literal but also a cultural sense, with nothing to influence it differently. It's self-determined.

Lucky Star was not entirely centered around otaku references. It was foremost a SOL with an otaku MC.

I want to agree with you but stuff like the manga store segments makes it hard to tell

Lucky Star was definitely about otaku. There were plenty of SOL shows, what set Lucky Star apart was the celebration of otaku culture, and showing it in a more positive light.

I guess because Lucky Star was one of the first otaku-centered shows it wasn't as in-your-face like shows today. Most shows nowadays feel like they cynically make the MC an otaku for the sake of cheap pandering, without thinking about really making the character relatable.

it was kind of in your face, but your right in that it wasnt pandering, it made sense for Konata to be the way she was because of her dad and it was part of her personality, not a gag only brought up when a joke can be made

> Lucky Star was one of the first otaku-centered shows
Is this what people actually believe in 2018? Holy shit.

Nobody really remembers shows from before 2007 other than the best and most memorable ones.

>try to watch it in 2007
>dropped it after episode 8, thought it was too boring and only later watched the Lucky Channel compilations on YouTube
>try to watch it in 2017
>have a ton of fun despite the fact that its humor is clearly rooted in 2007 and a lot of it wouldn't be considered funny by today's standards
>regularly re-watch it now
funny how time works

it would be the mostly the same except for the otaku fodder for konata's character. there would be more jokes around twitter, pixiv, twitch and esports, poke fun at the most recent hype show


your probably right, though I could see it taking influences from k-on


>YOU changed, not the internet
Is this what newfags tell themselves to feel better about missing the golden age of the internet or Sup Forums?

I want to marry Kagami.

oh dear

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>old Lucky Star
>new Lucky Star