Dragon Ball Super

Is he Yamoshi?

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I hope Jiren starts helping his shitty teammates get stronger

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You are tasked with rewriting the RoF arc

How would you make it GOOD?

>people discussing power levels from the inconsistent anime this hard
>when as soon the manga arrives the actual strenght of the characters will be revealed
Remember what happened to Black arc with Black, merged Zamasu, Trunks and Vegetto power.

It could very likely be that saiyan from the new game.

Anime 17 is SSB tier, just pure facts

Chadhan is back again

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>that saiyan from the new game
So Yamoshi?

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>all the power of regular SSB
>can use KK to parabolicly increase power like pic related, with power being the y and KK multiplier as x, for a short period of time but puts strain on the body the larger the output

>all the power of regular SSB
>pushing it to SSBE gives a power slightly weaker(?) than SSBKK but is much more stable meaning no strain on the user and can be sustained longer

>Gives you access to 100% of your body's current potential
>has no energy drain(?)

>Gives you infinitely rising energy but you have to release the surplus energy from your body to avoid strain
>gives great durability

Which is the best?

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There never was and never will be ANYTHING special about Gohan.

He was always meant to be a jobber on the sidelines. Just Accept. Name one thing he has accomplished on his own. (And I mean without any help). You can't.

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I guess Kekhan's gimmick since it's the only canon

your image already proves Gohan protected Trunks on his own which was key to have our timeline rescued by Trunks.
Too fucking easy bro.

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To clear things up, I say parabolicly because if we take SSBKK at face value then it becomes the most broken technique ever that would oneshot anyone close to regular SSB level, I just assume there's some machanic with god ki that fucks with KK

You mean when he lost his arm because he gave Trunks the entire senzu when he knows half senzu is enough to save both, his life and arm and Trunks' life? What a failure of man

>toei fanfic

>this much mental gymnastics
SSBKK is fucked up because Toei is too retarded to use it, move on


I saw retards debating for hours about 17 power.

This video pretty much show that 17 is powerful enough to fight with SSB level opponents, so he's in their tier.

Next time, people should just watch the Anime

>i saw retards debating for hours about 17 power
yeh it was you dumbass, who do you think you are fooling holy shit. I can tell by your english.

It makes sense if we look at how SSB is still weaker than beerus even though SSG was clise to beerus and SSB is just SSG with SS(a x50 multiplier), it only matches up if we believe that god ki scales differently

switch 17 with gohan

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This. I'd argue he is some degree of SSBKK tier, even.

Nice samefag

Give Vegeta the damn win.

>consistent powerlevels

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That under the assumption (headcanon) of SSB being 50 times SSG

Wrong. I'm also a frog

I hope you 17fags get a gohan treatment in the next arc

SSB is stated to be SSG with SS and SS is x50, you do the math.

H-holding back. SSJB is about Ki control!


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Pure facts

Fuck you, faggot. You're not fooling anyone. Go ruin another thread with this discussion.

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I'd say SSBE is slightly better than KK as it's more stable unlike KK

meanwhile, in the manga...

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Widow's peak maker

I still want to bang

I love how the manga is so pure.

It's sad how there's no balanced usage between SSB and SSG in the anime, all of it is just about Bluewanking

I thought there wasn't a strain from KK in Blue because of the ki differences?

This what people debate about.

Every single anons debating seriously about powerlevels in dbs are retarded.

Every single anons

best part is that future kekhan got cucked out of his own story and replaced by the son of a crack pairing

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They are both shitty forms that should have been given no attention whatsoever.

Is Krillin SSB tier?

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I agree that Blue is just a shitty recolor, but SSG fiery aura is beautiful at least for me

of course
so are tien, roshi, 17, 18 and pretty much every character in the series because SSB is absolute dogshit in the anime


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That's cute

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Reminder that nappa used to have hair.

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keyword: had
once a baldy hairlet always a baldy hairlet

>CGI + Yamamuro's shitty artstyle in the movie
>Shitty art and trash animation in the anime

Was this the worst arc in all of DB? even the garlick jr filler arc was better

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Yet he still manages to pull it off better than any other bald character in db.

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nappa is a BAMF

That hair is badass as fuck.

Are we posting calvos now?

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Nappa should've lived
Uncle Nappa living with Vegeta and Trunks in Capsule Corp

>New arc
>Goku Blanco fights with everything he has against the new villain
>Villain gets a sudden powerup and Goku is too tired to keep fighting
>Jiren shows up smiling and acting like a hero
>Has a really cool brief fight against the villain
>Wins with no bullshit interference. A clear victory like Vegeta was intended to have against Golden Frieza.
How would you feel about it? Jiren actually beating the main villain. Or at least showing up to team up with Goku as equals and both winning. My biggest fear is Jiren returning to job like only DBZ characters know how to.

What are the odds 17 doesn't make the wish in the manga?

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Super Saiyan Rage>all
>What it is a Super Saiyan 2 with God ki thanks to Vegeta's off screen training with some basics hence the Blue aura within the regular Gold one. Future Trunks is trying to go full on Blue but is failing since he doesn't have a peace in mind which is needed.

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Yeh, next arc is Calvo debut vs Jobmoshi

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2%, I like to believe that if Toriyama indeed wrote the elimination order, he also cared enough to write who would win the tournament and the wish.
Of course I still have doubts, maybe he wrote something else and that one writer who loves Jewnanagou told him to fuck off and did his own thing. #17 winning and restoring the multiverse screams of bad fanfic

Low, unless Toriyama and Toyotaro have something else in mind.

Raditz and Nappa should have joined the crew, such a wasted potential baka

I mean, they'd just fall behind instantly and never recover. Nappa would probably hit Super Saiyan for the first time around the time Buu arrives

>Frieza soldier are only fodder for the side characters and weaker than Piccolo and the rest.
>Have Gohan being unable to use Mystic but still being able to go SS2, while Frieza needs to go final form to beat him instead of only needing his fucking 1st form to 1hko.
>Goku vs Frieza goes the same way, but have Sorbet distract Goku while Frieza actually puts a hole on his back instead of that retard laser thing.
>When Frieza loses Golden, have him go upwards to charge his attack and try to destroy Earth like every villain always does. Vegeta uses Final Flash and kills him.

Why does he wear the mask?

Zamasu was stated in the anime to have potential to surpass beerus by Goku himself though, and this is Zamasu from 20 years in the future.

>Wins with no bullshit interference. A clear victory like Vegeta was intended to have against Golden Frieza.
So he's going to wait for Goku to do all the work, and step in once his opponent is exhausted?

Nappa possibly could, but Raditz is simply too incompatible to work with the rest of them. That's not to say he shouldn't be brought back, though.

Reminder that 10 minutes later in that exact episode this same Zamasu is overpowered and stabbed by SS2 Trunks (he hadn't unlocked SSRage yet)

Blue Vegeta trained him personally.

This. F. Trunks would murder everyone in the tournament of power without needing Rage.

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Will he ever be relevant again? I kinda feel like he's done his part and there's nowhere else to go with his character story wise.

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What was the Goku vs Piccolo Jr fight of DBS?

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Basically him vs jiren.

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Cyanku uses hakai and erases Frieza from existence.

So now TOEI made a Dragon Ball room too? Now we have a Shueisha dragon ball room for games and manga, and a TOEI one dedicated to their anime. They're making damn sure the next DB series doesn't end up like DBS huh?
Where, oh where, is that fag who kept saying the anime is dead?


>I kinda feel like he's done his part and there's nowhere else to go with his character
That already applied to his character before this arc and they still dug him out.

Yeah, he might be a little hard at first, but i just want the title Goku's Brother to have a meaning towards the story

Why is Toppo so fat

Ok then, explain how SS2 Trunks easily beats him IN THE VERY SAME EPISODE

He's just hiding his powerlevel.

Are you retarded? How does that make him stronger than SSB Goku?

Hopefully toei doesn't fuck up as badly next time around.

Do you love Beerus

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>Will he ever be relevant again? I kinda feel like he's done his part and there's nowhere else to go with his character story wise.
Seeing as DBS is dead as an anime series and we're only getting movies, I doubt it

He will be brainwashed by Dr Mu and turn into Super 17 when he combines with Hell Fighter 17.

>surpass Beerus
Nice joke

ofc i love my bills
wish wish to be his waifu

Never happening.


Posting this in case cellfags invade.

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majin buu gordo with saiyan armor?