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but that's an eldritch horror

Reminder not to stick it in crazy.


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>best outro song

I want to fuck that eldritch horror.


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I never knew.


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What if I'm good at pulling out?

Not if she leglocks you

Not even that is needed.
Tentacles in her vagina will hold your dick in place.
And once Crawling Chaos takes hold, it never lets go.

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Hot. If she goes that far, she deserves my seeds. Bring me the crazy thot!

fucking ruined me when I figured out nyaruko and komari from non non biyori share a voice actor, there was a particular scream of komari's where the va put just a little too much nyaruko in it and now I just see nyaruko whenever she talks

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>anime to watch back-to-back

One of the biggest disappointments I watched. I didn't even bother with the second season. I kinda wish they had kept the way the first episode was. Also that one insert music from this is still stuck in my head.

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This shit was so much fun. Nyaruko would be a good wife.

Why didn't Mahiro smash that?
Why was he such a vagrant?

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I wanna fuck a cosmic horror.

The flash shorts were so superior to the anime it's not even funny.

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Really? That was exactly why Komari has become my favourite character.

Play Demonbane

>mfw I googled it

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He did. More accurately, she smashed him.

That's what makes Asumin so wonderful.

Asumin is the best. She showed up at a talk event for Busou Shinki, got drunk, and spent the entire time shittalking Konami apparently. Wish I could have been there.

>She showed up at a talk event for Busou Shinki, got drunk, and spent the entire time shittalking Konami apparently.
How can one girl be so damn BASED?

Best part it was unannounced. She saw the talk event was happening on twitter and just dropped in.

That sounds great, do you remember where you heard about it?
She truly is a miracle of the universe.

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It was through people livetweeting the event on twitter and later blog posts about the event. Specifically it was a talkshow commemorating the second bdbox release last year or so.

Given she’d been voicing one of the two main mascot characters (pic related) for the franchise for over 7 years by then and Konami’s general attitude towards the franchise even immediately before the tv anime aired, I’m pretty sure the things she talked about and explicitly asked everyone in attendence to keep off record about were pretty touchy topics about the franchise and how it was being handled by Konami.

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Hopefully details about it will come out down the line, but I should watch the Busou Shinki series, especially considering that Minorin and KiraEri voice characters as well.


I want Nyaruko to dismember me to countless pieces after i punctured her in front of her "husband"

Of coursh!

Been on a long break from watching anime and planned to rewatch this show. I had no idea her VA had passed.

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