Hinamatsuri 75

New chapter

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Beach chapter

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How did Hina get so smooth?

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What the fuck happened to the art? Mangaka can't be bothered drawing anymore?

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it's the noses

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wow, she just ignored that question.

Great to see, OP. Goes really well with "Runaway Train," for some reason.

That's it?

I think OP died.

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More like faces, actually it's fucked up all around more than usual, maybe Mangaka is sick or something.

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Anzu will sleep with dirty old men for happiness at this rate

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Calm down Nitta.
Shut up Sabu.

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Oh fuck yeah, thank you OP. This might be the manga Im expecting the most these days.

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sorry got a phone call, keep going thanks
that's the main change, from complete noses to just the holes

That's it.
Thanks for most of the dump OP

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>My little autistic girls can't possibly be this cute

Also this

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Hina is the best.

>smooth and chill
How other girls can even compete?

Thank you user. Agree that the faces look kind of wonky this chapter, wonder if its the author trying new things or what. Cute chapter overall, got some Mao healing.

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>literal pantyshot
>people say nothing
That’s the power of a daughteru.

Is more than noses, but where the mouths and eyes are, a little mm up or down and the faces would look fine.

Hina is great, I love her.

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Mao obliterated the other two with her tits anyways, but the story, setting and everything make it difficult to lewd them for real.

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It's official, Mao is my favorite girl now.


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Huh, they're actually talking about the whole esper thing.

>better than what I usually have.
Poor Nitta.


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I feel like I've seen that same top right panel of hina a a million times.

Laboratory? I wish the author goes more in depth about their past.

We got nothing new though: laboratory, strenght was important, no one gave a shit about Mao. Nice to see them bonding at least.

Like father, like daughter.
>Anzu tries and still can’t make a good ramen but Nitta eats it anyway
>Nitra tries and still can’t make Hina want to keep her bento during lunch time and she just admits it

That it's coming up at all, I mean.

>no one cares about Mao so its safe to sexualize her
Nice. I want to motor boat Mao's titties!

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Shut up, Mao is purest and more innocent than the slutty hobo fucker Anzu.

He does care.

Author using the Nozaki time saving technique I see.

Kek. Well, Anzu is the daughter Nitta wants, but Hina is the one he really deserves.

I think thats the exact point where he stopped trying to bond with her as he does with Anzu.

Would you receive 10000 text messages a day for the opportunity?

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Great chapter, too bad Hitomi didn't but seeing all 3 like this was awesome on its own, I think this is the first time we get to see them hang-out for a whole chapter in fact.

>He even is only allowed to a full-daughter sesion if he pays
This is hilarious. Deep down he just wans Hina to show more affection and if he can’t get it he goes to look for it to the streets.

I want Hitomi to discover their secret, then she could really become a first world leader.

If Hitomi joined in the psychic shenanigans wouldn't happen.

Wasnt Hitomi implied to have psychic powers too? That extra on which she tries to lift a bottle with her mind. Nothing happens, but in the final page the bottle is floating in the darkess.

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user please, you really think so?, we are talking about Hina here.

Hina is so chill, dont get why some anons hate on her.

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>Would you receive 10000 text messages a day for the opportunity?
Of course. I'll also lick her feet as an added bonus.

>They're still in the seafloor

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Why is it manga with 3 esper main girls always end up with them growing up? Why can't they stay being loli forever?

I know right?
Really other than Hina, the rest are getting worse when they grew up.

They're on the beach you retarded aho, see the next page.

Oh shit, I got it wrong too.

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If by scarred old men you mean me and by happiness you mean non sexual cuddling and head patting, then yes.

Is Anzu going comando or just panties?

Hitomi already knows about Hina.

The panties are right there, come on.

I think he just means she wouldn't be able to use a rock as a volleyball with the rest of them.

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People who read this manga are just as dumb as the characters.

We are talking about Hitomi, she probably could.

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Hina actually got rekt for once.

Aren't they taking pictures with the moon in the background?

I wish i have daughter like Anzu.

I hope their past is not too dark as it is. Judging by the hints such as the invisible death collar that was on their neck, it seems to be unavoidable.

Maybe we´ll get some flashback chapters about their past, would be nice to see them all young again.

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>This TL
Holy shit it's so bad.
What happened to Norway?