Why didn't I like this, Sup Forums? I've liked most other kyoani shows I've watched

Why didn't I like this, Sup Forums? I've liked most other kyoani shows I've watched.

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A bit hollow IMO
I still liked it but its just nothing

shit taste

Because Hyouka is the true KyoAni pleb filter.

Because the melodrama is too petty to be taken seriously, whereas things like K-On don't have any pretentions of depth so the melodrama is completely in line with your expectations for the show. It got especially bad at the end, too the point where I considered dropping it despite having one episode to go.

It's boring
>the mysteries don't give the viewer any actual clues
>"but user it's not about the mysteries" ok then the character interactions are also very lacking, even though they have all the potential but the narrative doesn't allow them to interact in any way that is entertaining and meaningful because...
>most of the time they show the characters sitting around a table discussing stuff no one cares about while pretty graphics happen on screen

meme show

Yeah, I agree with this. The art was great and I was holding out because I wanted things to develop between the characters but nothing really ended up changing. At least in K-On I didn't expect any sort of romance, but in Hyouka I expected something to happen between Satoshi and Mayaka, and there were plenty of hints that something was brewing between Oreki and Chitanda. But in the end we're supposed to just accept that Satoshi rejected Mayaka yet again she she was just going to tag along and try harder. And we're supposed to just accept that Oreki isn't going to try anything with Oreki even though it's quite obvious he has some feelings towards her. It just felt like the writers wanted to go further but then at the last minute pulled back completely and gave up for some reason. It just felt very unfulfilling at the end, to get interested in the lives of these characters only to have them remain completely flat for the whole series.

I don't care about Chitanda's uncle who has no relation to the plot and barely any relation to Chitanda herself. I don't know enough about Chitanda to see why she cares so much about her uncle. I don't care about the video that other club made because none of the main cast has any stake in the matter. The mystery at the culture festival was probably the most interesting because of how it ended, with Oreki basically blackmailing the culprit into buying their books, showing an interesting side of him that we never saw before, but in the end it involved characters only very loosely associated with the main cast and so why do we care about the investigation or even the crime at all? The rest were basically the same, hardly related to the characters and so the mysteries did nothing for character development and just gave us more scenes of them sitting around talking without revealing any new insights into their personalities or characters.

Pleb filter did it's work.

There's no melodrama.

Stop replying to them. They'll bring you down to their level and leave.

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I've always wanted to hatefuck Mayaka, not that I hate her character but those looks and that body just scream to be raped.

Its the filter at work

>I don't know enough about Chitanda to see why she cares so much about her uncle
Even if I agree with everything you have said, Chitanda mentioned that she used to be close to her uncle when she was a kid. It's a family member who got missing and she is a curious girl, of course she's going to care about him

It's not their only one, there's one airing right now.


not him, but in a narrative sense it doesn't matter

>caring about family members and how they feel makes no sense
Your retardness make no sense, like holy shit.

Well do you mind explaining what you guys mean by "pleb filter" exactly? The art was good, the story was just lackluster in my opinion. I never felt invested in it at any point, especially because for the whole show the MC seemed so uninterested in everything. It's not a terrible show, I just felt like it was trying to go in a certain direction but it always stopped right before the story actually went anywhere.

She was close to him, when she was like 5 years old. She hadn't even seen him in like a decade and doesn't really remember much (or we assume she doesn't remember that much based on what we're shown/told as the viewer). The only reason she wants to remember what he said is because he's going to be declared legally dead and planning for his funeral reminded her. But what I'm saying is that plot line doesn't go anywhere. We don't really get more insights into Chitanda or her family, solving that mystery doesn't really have any effect on later developments, and Oreki doesn't view her differently because of how she handled the truth or anything. It's just like a side-story or sub-plot that was treated as the basis for multiple episodes. The same is true for the other mysteries. They felt more like they should have been subplots, something going on as the club members developed as characters more. Instead they're the main attraction of the show while character development is sort of a subplot that never goes anywhere substantial.

the very last good thing they ever made

Shut up Oreki and ask chitanda out already.

Oh god you again from the VEG thread.
Oreki didn't care about pursuing anything in life at the end he was literally seeing the world in rose-tint because of him getting outside of his stagnant mindset.
He was at the bad end of a VN with his mind set of saving energy.
Chitanda came up to him and shook him up.
He was able to get the best girl in the school to basically confess to him because he tried, even if reluctantly. It was subtle character development.

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You feeling like it went nowhere doesn't make it true. Good lord, do you even understand the point of the story?

>The only reason she wants to remember what he said is because he's going to be declared legally dead and planning for his funeral reminded her.
No,you just have terrible attention span. She always cared about him it's just that now she had the chance to know the truth about him because she entered he same school and club from his uncle, literally the first thing she does is going to the club for that reason if you notice.
And as for Chitanda's family business a bunch of stuff is foreshadowed, but her own development arc comes in the later volumes.

It's my fav Kyoani show aside from Haruhi, niggas who dislike these often just can't into subtlety.

Because Kyoani puts more effort in making animation shiny as opposed to making delivery of dialogue compelling.


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>please explain everything to me with dialogue
See, this is exactly the kind of thing that makes a a pleb filter.

Narrative is important, yes. Any other observations, undergrad?

pic related is the extreme opposite of what I just explained

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And so is visual narrative, rookie.

>narrative is only words
Any other observation, underage?

>he doesn't know about The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
>he doesn't know about Lucky Star
>he doesn't know about Hibike Euphonium

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It's boring. Oreki being a know-it-all limits the kind of character interactions he has with people. Chitanda's doesn't really have a character. Satoshi's endless pontificating is pretentious and annoying. I don't remember the other chick's name but she was a spaz. The first half was a big waste of time. The second half gets better because they mostly drop the terrible boring mysteries, but by that point the characters didn't do anything for me.

>likes kyoanus' stuff
>doesn't like one of the very few shows they've done that are actually worth fuck all
Why, OP? Because you have shit taste, that's why.

Kyoani can be good once in a blue moon. Fumoffu and TSR, Hyouka, Nichijou, Maidragon and Violet Evergarden, I think those are the only actually good shows they've made. And they're good because the source is stellar, if anything the adaptations have detracted from the originals, but the originals are so good, the adaptations still came out quite solid.
But yeah, everything else is garbage intended for consumption by brainlets such as you.

>Oreki being a know-it-all
>what is movie arc
>what is recollecting work from other people to give a logical conclusion
Why all people who shit in this show have such a trash attention span?

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> Fumoffu and TSR, Hyouka, Nichijou, Maidragon and Violet Evergarden

One of these is not like the others. [spoilers]and that would be Violet Evergarden[/spoilers].

Also, you somehow forgot about Lucky Star and Haruhi.

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It's still incredibly one-sided and boring. He just tells people stuff, and you're telling me that the big twist is that his friends courteously and obsequiously whisper in his ear that he maybe sort of might have been wrong one time. It's because everyone puts him on a pedestal all the time that everyone's interations with him are so uninteresting and stiff.

Excepting Koe no Katachi, VEG takes itself a lot more seriously than the rest of their productions and it is still one of their very best.

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Tell me: if I wish to show you what an apple is, what is the best way to show you?

The former 2 were from a very different time for kyoani, the latter is pretty ok for this decade.

Kill yourself Crossboarder.
VEG is my AOTS but it's 3rd to Haruhi and Hyouka in terms of KyoAni's best works.

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Because you're too casual.

basically , plebs like and other retarded americans where it all just flies over their head.

If anything's a boring piece of shit, it would be VEG. "autistic saberface wants to know what is love" is a mediocre premise to begin with and they go nowhere with it. Every subplot is completely predictable. It's a worthless anime.

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>you somehow forgot about the memes that have pretty much ruined the industry by themselves
Just say k-on already, we all know that's your favorite.
Though I won't deny I enjoyed Lucky Star. Watching it with Sup Forums when it was airing was fantastic. The fandom wars with Gurren Lagann (I was idort). The patrician taste of SZS over those two while watching all 3. The memes. Man, the deer fucking. Good times. But I enjoy garbage once in a while (isekai lately. Say, Death March this season, or Isekai Smarthpone last), and the fact I enjoy it doesn't change the fact it's garbage.
As for Haruhi, ignoring the autism akin to naruto it caused to the world, the pretentious anachronistic narrative through changing order of airing chapters (and don't get me started on Endless Eight) made me, well, not enjoy it, as I had already read a few of the novels when I first watched it, and they glaringly ruined those, which aren't even that good anyway, if still good to a level.

And if it wasn't for AOTSAS Sangatsu no Lion, Violet Evergarden would've been AOTS.

>Not Yuru Camp
You have no soul.

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Hyouka & VEG > Haruhi

Way to get accidentally BTFO by the poster above you, idiot.

I liked Rin and Akio Otsuka.

You are the kind of faggot that needs everything to be said out to understand it, but at the same time you also scream "WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS" when there is too much dialogue, good example being Katanagatari.

There is more ways to tell a story than by using words you know?

He has standards and you don't.

if you prefer post-nichijou kyoani to pre-nichijou kyoani you're probably a teenage girl

That's a stupid question. It heavily depends on which aspects of the objects you wish to reveal. If you want to reveal to someone what an apple looks like, then show him a picture. If you want to tell someone what the nutritional value of an apple is, write it down or tell them. If you want to show someone what apples mean to you on an emotional level then you write them a poem or a song about apples. If you want to show the symbolic significance of apples to Judeo-Christian faiths, then show them a set of religious paintings.

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>and you're telling me that the big twist is that his friends courteously and obsequiously whisper in his ear that he maybe sort of might have been wrong one time.
No retard they all gave solid reasons as for why he was wrong, and in the Hyouka arc they would go nowhere if not for the research each one of them did.
Oreki being good at deduction isn't much the point of the character as the mysteries being a bridge to develop its character. And it's not like everyone just suck its cock, Satoshi for example developed quite a bit of inferiority complex because of it.
Watch it again but now with your head out of your ass

>Satoshi for example developed quite a bit of inferiority complex because of it.
Because he's a faggot just like you

Come on man. Even DitF, as shit as it is, is more worthy of AOTS than VEG.

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>melodramatic keyshit being better than Hyouka
nah m8

Indeed. what properties of an apple will be imparted to you if I lightly oil the skin and place it in high-contrast lighting?

hyouka is the only thing they made after nichijou that is at all watchable

Great job exposing yourself as a cretin.

I hate to be "that guy", and this is one of the only times I would ever say this, but some actual romance could have helped this show a lot

You really think that?
Even though I feel like KyoAni has gone down a slightly different route after Nichijou, everything they make has still been high-quality compared to the rest of the anime airing on the same time (from other studios). Sure, if you compare it to older KyoAni works some of the newer ones may be a bit weaker, but all things considered I think they are still enjoyable in their own sense. I really like Tamako Market (+ Movie) and Maid Dragon, even though Hyouka is my all time favourite anime.

I assure you, when it comes to novel adaptations there is no such thing as too many words.

It's appearance, though I find your comparison to be flawed. A person and an inanimate object are different. There is a lot you can show visually through body language and appearance. You can show how a person feels about another person through facial expressions and body language, how they feel about themselves (posture, again, body language), and how they feel in their environment.

It's your fault for saying outrageous things.

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What if I told you that there is romance in it?

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Not him but you'd be a liar. It ended before Oreki did anything.

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And what would be "actual romance" for you? a kiss? a confession? there were more romantic stuff in the show than those, what you want is just a consumed couple.

Outrageous is saying franxx has any value at all, let alone anything that puts it above VEG.
And here you are stating the obvious to the other faggot you're replying to while posting a show that has none of it, zero. Whatever it is you're trying to prove went over your little head.

I'm the opposite, I hate every other Kyoani show I've watched, but Hyouka is one of my favorite anime.

violet evergarden is just a thomas kinkade painting with aspergers syndrome

Alright, I wish to show you anguish. Will it help if i cover my body in oil and do so in high contrast lighting?

I wanted more romance from it.

Come now, the demure and indirect aspects of japanese romance are difficult ideas for our occidental minds. It ain't for everyone.
Y'know, even puritans are comparatively direct on the matter here.

You know what? You're right. Romance is defined as feelings of excitement/mystery that are associated with love. Hyouka does have that. Though the person you responded to said "actual romance" which probably implies a confession at the very least.

I never said that DitF has any value. 0 < 0 is a true statement. VEG is equally shit, though slightly better looking.

As for Yuru camp, my point was to show the expression of details unrelated to simple appearance through visuals. What's being shown is more than just a girl eating a marshmallow. You can see how delighted she is from her expression and the background. I do admit it's a very simple example.

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Its either they have shit tastes or retarded enough to fail English class, especially one of those story mechanics days.

It's not even that hidden if you ask me, at some point Oreki and Chitanda almost acted as a couple even if there weren't officially a couple yet. The way they trusted and opened to each other was deeper than some actual couples, expressing love naturally without the need of formalities or pressures is what made it romantic, coupling is just the logical conclusion of it.

Oh wow, a generic character with the depth of a frying pan is showing ecstasy over food and the shit colorful background helps it. Just amazing, nobody would've noticed such subtleties without you pointing it out.
>0 < 0 is a true statement
Sasuga cretin skipping Logic 101, it's no wonder VEG just flies over your head.

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It's impossible to convey an emotion directly. The best thing you can do is make me feel anguish as well. For that, something like a song or a poem would be the best in my opinion. That said, while I don't images on hand to show anguish, there are anime that manage to convey the character's emotional state pretty well without just saying "Here's character-kun, he's miserable". An OK example of this that I can think of is Koe no Katachi and how they show MC's feeling of isolation. I don't think that the X symbols on everyone's faces are particularly good, but I'm interested in these types of anime so I don't have a lot of examples. Have an Illya instead.

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That arc was where Hotaru got completely played for a fool and came out of it totally butthurt.

>Not liking key+kyoani
I will admit Key stuff is not as good as Hyouka but it should not be overlooked

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I never said that Yuru camp was particularly brilliant in that regard. I posted Nadeshiko because she was cute.

> it's no wonder VEG just flies over your head.
VEG has as much depth as Yuru Camp, but none of the cuteness. Therefore it has no value.

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It's hidden compared to a western depiction is what I'm saying.

And well it help you feel anguish if I oil myself and exhibit my oiled body to you in high contrast lighting

Explain this line of dialogue to me then, let's see it.
Get to it before some janny decides to enforce GR13 on you.

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If you do it? Probably yes. Anyway, like I said, you can only make someone feel anguish by doing something to arouse that emotion within them. You can't convey an emotion directly. For that, as I mentioned, a song or a poem would be best. But you can make the viewer feel pity towards a character, and visuals can play a part in that.

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Sometimes that depiction just comes down to physical contact or the need to rush a coupling, which imo isn't as romantic as some of the stuff I mentioned before.

How am I supposed to explain a line of dialogue if the only context I have for the anime is the first 2 episodes?

And how am I violating rule 13?

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that's what you're doing crossboarder

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>filtered on episode 2
That's what I thought, we're done here.

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Well, an unexpected answer. If I wish to convey more positive emotions, will it help if I replace it with soft lighting in a warm tone? Should I double up on the oil?

>like I said, you can only make someone feel anguish by doing something to arouse that emotion within them
Yes, and I presume you do so with shininess and post-processing effects. Are you not the same?

Why would you think otherwise? I don't need to stick around to confirm what is obvious from the start.

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Just ignore him. Doesn't know what he's missing out.

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Your opinion is irrelevant then.

As someone who has watched 11 episodes. Not much.

Can't wait for that piece of shit anime to end so that VEGfags forget about it and stop shitting up this board

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if you watch twenty hours of japanese downton abbey with every after effects filter at once then it gets super good I promise dude

But I have to admit, it's not completely worthless. They drew Saber rather well.

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What can you expect from a person who can't even appreciate Hyouka?
Absolute state of you shitposters, God help you

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I love Hyouka. You shouldn't assume things. I just don't find VEG that interesting.

I too love Hyouka. VEG is nowhere near as good.

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Follow your own advice and ignore the retarded avatarfag.