The only reason this is praised so much is because it is babby's first SOL

In reality it is extremely mediocre and wildly overrated. Anyone who thinks otherwise has zero credibility

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It's still the best cute girl SoL to date.

I'm glad to see Sup Forums finally realizes K-on is bland as fuark

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nu-Sup Forums favorite CGDCT

>babby's first sol
At one point, not so much anymore like with Lucky Star and Azumanga.

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That's Is your order a generic, shallow and by-the-numbers rabbit?, though.

>I've watched like 20 anime

Will it ever be surpassed.

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He's right, though.

Oh shit, you're correct.

No, you're not.

Not him but they're right.

Damn, I didn't know Gochuumon was that popular. Is there a translated list somewhere?

For the sake of argument let's pretend you're not a dumb contrarian with an epic bait.
If you don't understand what's so good about keion try watching more than 20 anime. If you are actually someone who has watched a lot of anime and unironically made this thread then you only deserve to be laughed at and should never be taken seriously.

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doesnt deserve the 10/10, its barely a 6 or 7/10 at best but when it comes to the characters and the bonds between them and you, it's pretty awesome.

Only outstanding episode was the kyoto trip arc. Everything else was ok. Unoffensive.
I had more fun watching Anne-Happy.
>inb4 sansha sanyou posters

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it's limp and it's shit

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If you're comparing it with other cgdct SoLs, Keion is most definitely a 10 along with azumanga. Manabi straight is a solid 9, other that those no cgdct SoL is more than an 8

>is there a translated list somewhere

>babby's first SOL
what a shitty argument, it only could be considered that because it was so popular (because its good) that it cemented itself as THE slice of life, so of course people new to anime will watch it

I would read the rest of your post, but I have you filtered

at least I provided an argument.

And? I can only guess from the symbols and some English. I can't google translate without a source.

All you need to know is that Keion is on top, Gochiusa is second and Hidamari is third, the rest don't really matter

Lucky Star was better in every sense. Better characters, comedy, SoL moments, etc K-On was just kawaii shit, the cancer that is killing anime.


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keion, gochiusa, hidamari, kinmoza and new game (???) are the most popular kiraras
doujin work, kill me baby, wakaba, kanamemo and unhappy are the weakest
sansha sanyou is around the middle if you want to know for shitposting reasons

So do all cool kids hate k-on now?

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Lucky Star had a completely different direction with adapting small segments straight up and in rapid-fire. Its comedy wasn't even that impressive with half of the jokes being a variant of "don't you love/hate it when blank happens?"
Shit, I love both, but Lucky Star is just a chill compilation while K-ON actually expands its idea for its episodes

>im a shonentard and i cant appreciate the peak of anime someone please end my misery

theyre completely different, k-on was about telling the story of the light music club and lucky star was about not taking itself seriously and encapsulating anime culture in the late 2000s

No. OP is just a bitter, bitter person.

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>posts berserk

haha what a faggot.

I mean, you're not wrong

"x is shit and if you disagree you're wrong" isn't an argument.

>reading comprehension

>being this mad

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How does this disprove anything op said

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Watch more anime.

I don't get the hate for Keion, it's very tame and cute. It's not trying to be something bigger than it is, just a simple cute girls SoL with good feelings all around, it doesn't try to unnecessarily sexualize its characters either, like most other cute girl SoLs do. Keion is literally the purest form of SoL there is, but there are some people that still hate it. Why?

Nah Aria is better

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I never said I hated it. I'm simply saying that it enjoys a disproportionate amount of praise for reasons already stated

I thought it was boring, too. But the final not-extra episode and the movie were so touching it made forcing myself to finish it worth it and made me love the series.

It's like 10 years old I don't think people start with it anymore or have for al ong time

Sorry, but that's not true. Lucky Star is the best cute girl SoL. K-ON! isn't bad by any means though.

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Lucky Star is Seinfeld. K-on is King of the Hill. Its apples and oranges

Season 3 when.

Funny how no one hates on Aria, Yuyushiki or Hidamari Sketch when they're worse shows. Let alone Non Non Biyori and the rest of soulless crap that followed in recent years. K-On is still the peak of the genre artistically speaking.



another retard who think something is bad because he personaly dont like it.....get a life faggot

>at least I provided an argument.
No, you provided a conclusion. "It's overrated, entry level, no true scotsman" etc. You didn't explain how you arrived at that conclusion, so you don't have an argument. Try again.

>all these entry level kids from Sup Forums viciously defending k-on

OP might be onto something

Not OP but I'll try to explain
>weak characters
>weak character interaction
>weak emotional engagement
>overeliance on character tropes
>hideous art style and color scheme
>objectively bad music

Honestly, the only thing that K-ON is exceptional at is humor. Everything else about it is completely forgettable.

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i never said anything about disproving him I just said his argument was bad

but you basically reiterated his argument

literally everything you said was wrong

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>babby's first SOL

what you mean is the show defined the SOL genre and you don't like that so you're being a faggot

What's with the phone screenshots?

Girls in K-On are too old to be "cute" for me. This is why I prefer other SoL shows like Yuru Yuri, because they have middle schoolers instead of high schoolers. Comedy in K-On is retty weak and there are far more relaxing shows with cute girls. I can name at least 20 SoLs I enjoyed more than K-On.

Wrong. I exclusively watch SOL anime, and K-On is at the top

Yeah but those 20 shows came after Keion and pretty much copied either the entire formula or part of it. What's good about Keion for me is that it is a jack of all cgdct SoL trades, of course there are more comfier shows, or funnier, but Keion is great at everything and you can branch out from there depending on the aspects you liked about it.

>it is babby's first SOL
but ive watched countless cgdct before k-on, and still think its the second best after sora no woto.

What about Hidamari Sketch and Ichigo Mashimaro? Those came before and I enjoyed them far more.

>muh show about underage girls eating cake is a masterpiece
Grow up.

what is babby's second SOL?

I don't know why you wrote that, now I can completely destroy your opinion in 3 words
>Sora no woto

at least put some effort into your shitposting. this is pretty embarassing.

Even by SoL standards Aria was fucking boring.

Boring is what pedantic shitters call "comfy". YuruBore is the most recent example of a "comfy" anime.

Lucky Star

I wanted to attach images to my posts so I picked recent screenshots at random

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How does this contradict op

>K-ON created the SOL genre
I love this normalfag meme

Blame the e-celebs.

I can assure you it wasn't my first and even beyond my 20th one. I still liked it.


Way more enjoyable than typical high school cgdct for me

K-ON threads used to be comfy

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t. contrarian newfag.

Well SnW is literally K-On in the military after all, I don't get why people always compare it to Haibane, that's an actual well done drama.

It's true. Back in 2009 many posters readily admitted K-On was their favorite sol yet at the same time one of the only half-dozen they've seen. Even legendary ardent defenders of K-On's perfection like that Canadian tripfag who shall not be named eventually realized after watching a few 100 anime that K-On isn't anything special.

I'm not even trying to argue with the bait that is the OP, I don't care. I was just replying to that guy.

How is OP baiting? It's an established fact normalfags loved K-On. Actual middle & high school girls saw it and got inspired to try light music.It even aired on the Disney channel for fucks sake. I can't stand how everyone dismisses everything they disagree with as bait, it's such faggotry.

Quality thread, you should post it on Sup Forums where it belongs

crossover appeal doesnt make something inherently bad. sometimes it just means it is objectively good. like now.

Then why can't I get into many other SoL?
What was it with K-On that made things click?

I tried SoL before K-On. I tried after K-On. I liked some, got bored with the majority of them though. K-On, while being extremely generic, had something going for it.

I get to use this ancient image again, huh.

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Shut up furry friend

K-On was worth it for the stupid rewrite of the first volume.

OP is a fag

I want Mio to kill me after i raped in front of Ritsu

>It's still the best cute girl SoL to date.
That's like saying that a bullet to the head is the best way to die.

no, it is too painful, i will say wrist cutting in bathub and taking painkiller and sleeping pills

What a bizarre comparison. Do you hate moe anime?

What is this shitty image? Straight out of 9gag?

>Sup Forums-tier arguments
>thinking it had any credibility

This guy, give him a Darwin award

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