Youjo senki v2 out today

>youjo senki v2 out today
>finished v1 yesterday preemptively
>slept all day
>still no piracy of v2
Waiting. Youjo Senki thread.

>tried to link this video of Los Los Los with footage of germans in wwii, with floating nico comments
>it's this one but with comments
Damn jewgle. Good thing I have it saved locally, though I saved the vp9 video and muxed it with flac audio. If anyone wants it, I can upload it to some pomf clone.

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Did you like the novel? Is the translation good?

>still no piracy of v2
I could use an epub of it myself. I'm not chad enough to read a book with a cute anime grill on the cover in public without looking like a turbo autist.

>Did you like the novel?
It's enjoyable enough. The author has a few quirks that take some getting used to but I'd say it's worth checking out if you think you might enjoy it.
>Is the translation good?
The Yen Press one? Surprisingly enough, it's actually pretty decent. The OG Japanese is pretty difficult so they had to hire someone who actually knew their shit to translate it. Aside from a few weird quirks in how they chose to translate a few names and adjectives, it's pretty well done all around.
That said, I'm basing all the first volume only since I haven't cracked upon the second one yet. If it's as good as the first, it shouldn't be a problem though.

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I did, and it is, but it's not your typical LN.

It's Horizon-size (v1 was about 350 pages), and the style is... well, 幼女戦記 roughly translates to "War Journal of a Little Girl" for a reason. It's really technical and robust. The anime lost a lot. Also, it's narrated all strange, because the salaryman is the narrator, and he talks of Tanya in the third person while also referring to himself as the one controlling Tanya in the first person... it can get confusing in the beginning, but you get used to it. The chapters narrated by Visha are much simpler too, maybe it's a nice stylistic choice that reminds me somewhat of The Sound and the Fury. But I read classics, so I enjoyed it, though I could understand if someone who doesn't read that much and likes the anime would dislike the novel.

But give it a shot. It's on the goddess, and on thatnovelcorner.

>dat flexing
I'll buy v1, though digital instead of physical. But I don't buy most anything without checking the piracy first. Haven't bought 1 yet because I finished it yesterday, and the month is ending anyway so maybe if I finish 2 before the month ends, I'll get both together once april starts.

I found the (first) LN to be pretty dense, and I honestly think the anime is the superior presentation of the material (I think having a constant visual reminder that Tanya was a little girl drives home a lot of scenes that aren't as strong, or require more obvious framing, in the novels. And Aoi Yuki was an absolute god-tier choice to voice Tanya.). That being said, the book really makes you appreciate just how much the anime owes to the meticulousness of the writer. If the same idea were pitched as an anime original, I think it would have been a disaster.

Some of the stylistic quirks were kind of annoying, I remember there were at least a few points where the perspective switched and I only noticed half a page later, then looked up to see if I was an idiot, and no, they only indicate who's perspective we were following after a good chunk of exposition. Some of the footnotes were kind of obnoxious, and it made some of the off-handed mentions (like the Chicago school) feel somewhat like the author was just dropping names to impress the audience. I do like the book, and I think any fan of the material (beyond the brainless "omg, nazi loli! epic!" shitmongers, anyway) ought to check out.

>some of the off-handed mentions (like the Chicago school) feel somewhat like the author was just dropping names to impress the audience.
Oh god this. It felt like he referenced the Battle of Imphal like 50 times in just one or two volumes.

>Some of the stylistic quirks were kind of annoying, I remember there were at least a few points where the perspective switched and I only noticed half a page later, then looked up to see if I was an idiot, and no, they only indicate who's perspective we were following after a good chunk of exposition. Some of the footnotes were kind of obnoxious, and it made some of the off-handed mentions (like the Chicago school) feel somewhat like the author was just dropping names to impress the audience.
I actually knew of the Chicago School before watching the animu (being a Sup Forumslack interested in economy), and its proponents (Friedman, Sowell, et al) are the ones whose economic theories I consider the most accurate, so I kinda disliked the author's use of it, framing it as somehow something evil when, yeah, it's a very pragmatic theory, but it was also made in order to actually, really help with people's poverty and prove that government intervention is actually detrimental and the free market would really solve shit like that. Go watch the Free to Choose series if you haven't, it's REALLY good.

But I went off a tangent, sorry. Yeah, I had that issue with the change of perspective/narrators too. At points, even after noticing who was narrating, I would still have a mental image of the previous narrator for a while and had to remind myself who the current narrator was now a bunch, which yeah, was annoying. Particularly when Visha's perspective changed to the generals a few times, and I was like, how the fuck does Visha know that - ah, wait.

But it's not that uncommon, not so much in classics as in early 1900s authors such as Faulkner or Joyce, so it's not something I hadn't found before.

What? Since when was Chicago School EVER say they support less intervention? Chicago School is FAMOUS for wanting MORE interventions, they were the ones who say they can wipe out the boom and bust cycle, and also say that the housing bubble is mathmatically impossible. I seriously doubt everything you say, if you make such a grave mistake as to claim Chicago School is against interventions. Chicago School assume humans are pefectly rational and thus interventions are both easy and preferred. And more people become poor because of it to enrich the few.

Yeah it was a good choice to have 2 translators work on it from what I checked on the credits. Good to have another series I'm willing to buy digital (after buying phys jp versions just because collector autism).

I'm a filthy manga buyer and i have to wait until MAY

What? No, seriously, who are you quoting?

>Since when was Chicago School EVER say they support less intervention?
Since always. Friedman was all about sucking Hong Kong cock because it was/is unregulated paradise, and Sowell's fame mainly stems from himbeing critical of the welfare state despite being a nigger born and raise in the Bronx - and actually because of it, because he was educated back when education in the US wasn't regulated, and the Bronx wasn't violent due to the issues caused by the fatherlessness promoted by single mother welfare, and most of the other kids he went to school with, niggers as well, went on to become very successful professionals like doctors, economists like himself, and whatnot.

Seriously, go watch (or better yet, read, but if you watch it first you'll get interested in reading it) Free to Choose.

It also kind of makes you realize why so many isekai use high schoolers. It takes a lot more basic background research to make a character who went to university and has not just a job, but a career.

One thing I really loved about the LN was reading the afterword. The author seems really self-aware, which makes it a lot harder to really feel too weighed down by the quirks of style (and like you said, they're hardly unique issues). It was also kind of satisfying to learn he basically made up the names on the spot, and thinks they're really not the best. Both Youjo Senki and "Saga of Tanya the Evil" both really fail to communicate what the series is about, so hearing him being honest about that was refreshing.

I'm buying both. Each medium has its own strengths, and all are pretty well put together.
>(after buying phys jp versions just because collector autism).
Glad I'm not the only one.

By the way, Free to Choose is the book the salaryman was reading when he was pushed on the tracks.

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>I kinda disliked the author's use of it, framing it as somehow something evil when, yeah, it's a very pragmatic theory
I think that's the author's point. Pragmatism can be pretty fucking evil when taken to an extreme, even though it in-and-of-itself is not a strictly evil concept. Applying the rules of economics to every aspect of life (as Tanya or a Chicago School radical might) can easily lead to only seeing people as another resource to be used efficiently, dehumanizing them just as they might be the case war.

I'm not saying the God of the series is right and that economics should be thrown out the window in favor of blind faith, but there has to be a balance between his idealism and Tanya's pure pragmatism for things to really work. This however is something neither of them will admit to, let alone agree to compromise on, so it's largely just something to carry along the story and make it interesting.

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You fucks buying it better share. Or I'll be sad.

>a Chicago School radical
See, that's the thing. Even if you apply the Chicago School to a T, they wouldn't reflect in a character like they supposedly do on the salaryman. Because they account for human capital. Though I guess that diatribe about human capital being wasted by wars made up for it, let me see...
>I can’t help but recall Lieutenant Schwarkopf’s comment that this is a combat exercise, using the beat-up dregs of their collapsing enemy as targets. Actual combat really is the best training.
>“And just think, not so long ago they were turning green and puking everywhere. It’s amazing what you can do with a bit of training.”
>Never underestimate human potential. Remembering that lesson once again, Tanya can’t help but ponder the sacredness of human dignity and free will.
>For that reason, she pities the Republican soldiers. What an outdated mess their HQ must be to have ordered them to charge into so much iron. It was demonstrated to the whole world ten years ago during a conflict in the Far East between the Federation and the Dominion that iron dominates flesh.
>This is the horrifying thing about people who lack initiative. No initiative basically necessitates lost potential, so it’s a sad irony that they took human resources that probably did have initiative—an abundance of human capital—and exported them to the Empire as mincemeat.
>It was to the point where I wanted to ask if they maybe shouldn’t rethink a bit and recognize the value of human capital according to the market principle.
>Unfortunately, everyone in the world is bound by contracts. As an imperial soldier, the relationship between Tanya and the Republican invaders is kill or be killed. It’s fine and good for every country’s propaganda to praise the noble act of dying for one’s fatherland, but I really wish people would understand the utterly obvious flip side—that they have to kill their fatherland’s enemies, too.

>In terms of precious human resources wasted, there’s no greater crime than war, laments Second Lieutenant Tanya Degurechaff, having just robbed several young people of their futures with a magic formula.
>Things just never turn out how you’d like, she thinks to herself as her formulas mercilessly turn the fleeing Republican Army soldiers into organic debris. The only word for it is wasteful. Even though it isn’t her own country, Tanya can’t escape the feeling that something is wrong with squandering so many trained youths. Aha, I see why “extravagance is the enemy.” Of course one of the ironies of history, in a sense, is that a certain country adopted that slogan and then wasted their human resources. Perhaps there will always be inept leaders frittering away the lives of their most promising patriots.
>“Geez, maybe I should focus a little more on the battlefield.”

Danke and thatnovelcorner will share sooner or later. Hopefully sooner.

cont from
It really sucks Youjo Senji doesn't lend itself as much to speculation and discussion as something like Overlord does. I get the feeling the lack of discussion stems just as much from that as it does from lack of content. It's a real shame too since the series is pretty interesting but it's fairly hard to find stuff to discuss other than "FUCK THE DUCK", "Why don't Tanya and Lehrgen fug???", and the fan favorite "omg y is loli a nazi?!"

>It takes a lot more basic background research to make a character who went to university and has not just a job, but a career.
Pretty much. While it makes for an interesting read, I do kinda feel it alienates readers who aren't as educated in the subject matter, leading to a lack of quality discussion. Then again, I don't really think the author intends for us to have quality discussion about the tactics and strategies employed at Imphal or the ethics of unregulated pragmatism.

Referring once again to Overlord, Tanya reminds me a lot of Ainz in how she references shit that either her understanding of is questionable or that is questionably relevant to the situation at hand. She's much more confidant in herself and her knowledge(s) though than Ainz so it's not an exact comparison, however whether said confidence is justified or not is a matter of debate. She seems to have the same penchant for completely misunderstanding everything around her regardless (or perhaps because of?) her education.

I bought physical, m8. Do you want me to fucking scan each page?

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Yeah, Tanya as a person is twisted but at least going by the first two volumes she went from judging people just by their shortcomings to trying to use the numbers as efficiently as possible.
And the deities in the novels are just as bad from the other end of the corridor since they deem the expansion of war and conflict to be worth the increase in faith in long run as they time and capability to go for a looong time, even if they don't punish or cripple any single person or entity, Tanya included.

Official art by Neichiru (the Youjo Senki LN and animu ED artist) posted in the Overlord twitter back during s1.

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>>a Chicago School radical
>See, that's the thing.
>Even if you apply the Chicago School to a T, they wouldn't reflect in a character like they supposedly do on the salaryman.
>Because they account for human capital.
That's the thing. It might just be me, but Tanya always struck me as someone who understands only bits and pieces of a theory, not the whole picture, but is sure she understands it entirely. This results in her warped perspective which, due to the confidence in herself granted by her education, she thinks is the the only logical one. I don't think she can truly fathom that her point-of-view is absolutely fucked because she can't divorce herself from herself from it. Even granted a new body and life, "she" still refers to Tanya in third person, more as a pawn he's forced to control than a point-of-view that could differ from his own.

Pretty much. Tanya is pragmatic to a fault and the gods all seem not pragmatic enough, confidant that things will "work itself out" given time and a few slight nudges here and there (even though it seems pretty clear that that things are not going to work in the long run). It seems that only Bean Eggs is willing to take a drastic approach to fix things, but even them, what he did with Tanya could be seen as a fairly impractical way of achieving his end goal.

There was a crossover story that went along with this iirc, right? It was a fun read. I enjoyed the part with Tanya referencing the Stanford Prison experiment and Ainz completely misunderstanding it but still managing to SASUGA his way through the conversation.

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She looks like on the next page she is gonna smack the cake in his face.

There are people who try to claim this work is based in a WWII-paradigm setting rather than WWI?

Just from the first episode the latter was displayed almost point-by-point.


Ameriburgers like myself get WW2 drilled into our heads repeatedly while WW1, the causes of the war aside, is pretty much glossed over. This pretty much means anything that doesn't use Vietnam-era tech and/or has Germans in it to be a WW2 and not WW1. It doesn't matter if they got biplanes, mine/trench warfare, and follow completely pants-on-head retarded doctrines, it's WW2 because DOOD GERMANS SO THAT MEANS NAZIS!

I'm not YP. I'm not going to write xir like a retard or consistently refer to her in third-person like herself.
>inb4 she's controlled by a dude so it's a he
People like this are why fucking YS threads die in

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I can't believe Tanya is a single mother!

Can you? Can you honestly?


Yeah me neither.

Men can't look on men like this.

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Please tell me all this about Chicago School isn't retarded in the books. I've read Friedman and Hayek, don't want to be disappointed yet again. I swear Hayek is the most misunderstood economist ever.

I guess you're right. It's like when he was talking shit about industrial espionage, which is actually not only fine with the Chicago School, but even praised to a point.

It's just glossed over. I believe the Chicago School by itself is only mentioned... 3 times, though there's several more mentions of the free market and tied concepts. Let me see...
>He failed to understand people who came late to class. He couldn’t see the value of people who drank themselves into oblivion. He couldn’t comprehend the sporty types who droned on about the power of the human spirit.
>But when he encountered the Chicago school1 and saw how these works applied rationality to the relationship between rules and freedom, he was ecstatic. After all, it meant that he could stay on track as long as he played by the rules. He managed to exude the appearance of a diligent university student while hiding the fact that he was a nerd. In essence, that’s what it meant to be free within the confines of the rules.

Then later
>People in any situation find it easier to remain calm as long as things go smoothly, and apparently those on the battlefield are no exception. The edifying teachings of the Chicago school say that all things can be measured using economics, but it’s tricky to measure and quantify the effects on health when things go according to plan. When everything is on track, with redundancy limited and no additional costs incurred, it’s just wonderful.

>The full-body pleasure and the uncomfortable deprivation of my freedom finally reaches an intolerable level. If she could, she would curse him, but her mouth is probably only capable of praise. It annoys me, but the one thing the commies got right was to call religion a drug.
>The Chicago school of economics says drugs should be regulated by the economy.
>That said, my problem isn’t that I want to stop but can’t, it’s that if I stop, I’m likely to die. It’s the biggest pain in the ass. >The Chicago school doesn’t consider the case of a drug where if you quit you instantly die.
>“At the distant end of our journey, let us reach the promised land.”

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>The Saga of Tanya the Evil v02 [Yen Press] [danke-Empire]!riAHwJ4D!Oi_Oj9ranDs1hbrN4Tqc8yZVigWjyLaD6rF-reU6H0c

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glad i'm not the only one

Thanks, danke. Love you.

It's not gay if she has a feminine vagina

i saw some pages does he really talk to a man with a white beard in robes

which volume does the anime end at?

is this you?


Of course not. Anyone who shows his face on the internet should kill himself, and so should you.

>awkneemEh shirus
This guy is right.

The vol. 9 front image is interesting.

Yeah just asking since you had the same opinion and I didn't get confused or anything when reading yen press version, so I thought it was unique to that faggot.

You could fucking post it.

Most likely 3.

v1 is adapted in episodes 1 to 5, and v2 looks like it's adapted in episodes 6 to 10 or so?

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Read the thread. The few of us who've read it itt have concurred that yeah, it's a relatively inconvenient stylistic choice, which as I said here , is still not that uncommon. Just really uncommon in a medium such as LNs.

>in this particular case Germany is not necessarily - well, I'm gonna just refer to them as their names for what we call them, but in this case, you know, the empire is not the aggressor. Instead, they have their borders being invaded
What a fucking retard. Of course it had to be an american.

>No piracy
Buy it your fs, it's so cheap for so many texts

see Also, there's piracy now, because danke is made of perfection.

Germany wasn't an aggressor in the first ww, they reacted to an attack on their ally. They just ended the war holding the bag because France had a grudge and the rest of Europe failed Germany as a rising power.

That's what I'm saying. That retard was going with the "Germany was the aggressor" myth (in either war actually - reminder of the polish massacres of germans before wwii started).

Just figured I'd add on my own bit to your own statement. Like a previous user said, American education is very brief on the first world war that many associate ww1 Germany with nazi Germany and see both wars in a sense of "good vs evil."

Are you European? Is the history of the world wars as bastardized as it is in America or has it been properly preserved. I have little evidence for this, but I suspect many European countries, such as France, would have a rather slanted view on both wars.

I'm a spic but, yeah, it's way bastardized. Though I went to elementary and middle school in the '90s... but then again, I doubt it's gotten any better.

What is the sauce of this pic? I've reverse searched but nothing cam up.

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Why does she look like she took one of those big shits that hurt for a few seconds really badly after it came out.

So will we be finally seeing the Russians?

Because she is about to defect to the United States to escape her execution order and subsequent annihilation of Germany by the entente that became "essentially the entire planet" as a result of Germany's success and Being X's machinations.

Empire is losing and the eastern front is hell.

>Not on kindle
>Need to actually buy PHYSICAL copies of their books

These backwards rice niggers are living a century behind baka.

>Empires flag is clearly based on Prussia

Pretty sure its based on the Holy Roman Empires flag.

Or do you mean the jap version?

Fuck's wrong with you? Are you having a stroke?

Fucking buy it. What are you, a nigger?


How many years until the third?

Prospected July 17th.

Though don't believe the lies. v2 was supposed to come out on the 20th, and the yen press jew jewed us out of a week.

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next volume would be release on july 17 apparently.

I can't wait for the suffering to really begin.

And 4 in november (so hopefully january)

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Is she really going to defect?

>This title is not currently available for purchase

You trying to upset me user?

Maybe it's a geo thing? Both are available here (central america), and they have verified purchase reviews for their respective kindle editions. Jap version is even 54% off, but you literally have to be THIS japanese to read something so technical and robust raw.

Google agrees with you. Ausfags apparently have hundreds of thousands of ebooks unavailable to us because reasons. This is horrible and I'm upset now.

Devil of Rhine is Back

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The official site says it's available in:

Barnes & Noble
Google Play

See if you can get it from some of those instead of amazon.

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i want to protect that smile

>three volumes in a year
Psh, and people say (((Yen Press))) is slow.
Fuuuuck, I can't wait.

戦記 just translates to stories of war. I'd say saga fits better than war journal.

戦 comes from 戦争, war
記 comes from 日記, diary

And the dictionary defines 戦記 as
record of war; war chronicle; commentaries of war; military history戦記

Very nice, thanks for the assist user. Had to install Kobo on my phone to get em but it looks simillar to Kindle.


np m8

Imagine being a recently retired Major General Rerugen having to constantly hear about your wife's latest acts of barbarianism from your fellow retirees every morning at yall's favorite cafe when all you want to do is enjoy your morning coffee while reading the morning paper.

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>Bought the first volume of the LN for christmas
>Have barely touched it
Am I retarded? I haven't read a full book since the summer, I'm up to date on the manga though.

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I want to fuck that duck

Why would you read a LN (especially this one) if you don't like reading?

I used to like reading though
Last book a Completed was Personal by Lee Child and it was a solid 8/10 book but I haven't touched a book since.

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>a Completed
*I completed
I'm also typing too fast

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We sure this isn't a shoujo manga?

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pay tribute

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Volume 2 is pretty short

pay tribute

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pay tribute

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She's stricken from all records in the present so either she was executed in dishonor or she got her bug out bag and fled. Germany still loses and we already know that, the only real question is if her soldiers leave with her.

Why is this psycho smile so wonderful?

The anime had some good ones

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>"Grand Duchy" on the map
>"Principality" in the text
Sasuga YenPress