What do you think of kadokawa?

What do you think of kadokawa?

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>gave us Hakumei no Mikochi, Sora Yori, and Mitsuboshi Colors

They're cool by my book.

I've invested my life savings in them. They better pay me my dividends or I'm sueing.

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For every good anime they produce, they churn out 10 shitty anime like Vatican Miracle Executioner, Busou Shoujo, Hajimete no Gal, Shobitch, Ousama Game, etc.

When I think "business run by ancient old men who have no clue what they're doing and are so far removed from their products that they probably refer to them by number rather than name", Kadokawa is the first thing to come to mind.

What's wrong fox can't get a S2?

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Only Machiavellianism and Hajimete no Gal are bad in that list.

You take that back right now.

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Armed Girls is 10/10 you tasteless fuck.

>You take that back right now.

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I'm a Kodansha guy

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I buy a lot of manga from them so they're cool. Get rekt KF shitters.

they had a literal fucking cash cow ready to be milked in all it's swollen udder glory and they fucked it up

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Good, it was shit and didn't deserve to live.

Get load of this faggot

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So are you.

How does it feel to know that the autistic fit the KF fandom threw amounted to fucking nothing in the end?

I think of this friend.

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This. When did Sup Forums start liking CGshit? KF encouraged studios to cheap out even more on visuals.

They killed what it would have been the greatest anime phenomenon since Evangelion.

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Vatican was AOTS

I like their old title cards but toho's were a bit better and shochiku's shits on both of them.

vatican was fucking amazing

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>autistic fit
I don't remember people sending pics of their penises so I don't know what you are talking about.

>When did Sup Forums start liking CGshit?
People hate CGshit mostly because it ruins what could've been a good adaptation (like Berserk for something relatively new), in KF case there was no source material to ruin so people had less reasons to hate the show.

It's dogshit

properly milked could made boats and tohous pale, glad it got killed!

they did good today

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>killed the cancer that is Kemono Friends
Based as fuck.

I think Kadokawa is a pretty cool guy. Eh kills moeshit and doesnt afraid of anything.

People hate Kadokawa because of what they did to Kemono Friends.
But I am sure that the people behind Kemono Friends are laughing at the great publicity. Thanks to them they now have a massive cult following that would buy what ever shit they put out.

Can't wait for their next anime that would top the chart again.

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Shobitch was a masterpiece.

Literilly cucking themselves daily.

Thing is, Kadokawa has always been responsible for so much bullshit in the industry and Kemono Friends was the only time they got caught simply because the creator tweeted about it.

Which is literally the first time and the most explosive shitshow in the history of anime. Had it happened sooner, Kadokawa won't fuck up
>Armored Core
>One Punch Man
>Yume Nikki
I was told they also fucked up Konosuba and Re:Zero by changing the LN content from the webnovel.

Index and SAO are currently their biggest and most stable IP and rest assure that they would find a way to fuck them up as well

They must have done so much more before the internet. I pray that artists would now take note of Kadokawa and avoid them like the plague

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Kemononiggers still mad seebut i don't care about them.

I heard they killed off some low budget furry shit, sounds pretty based desu.

I am quite certain Kantai Collection is Kadokawa's biggest fuck up ever. Why the fuck they decided it is a good idea to give the biggest IP in the anime industry to shit tier studio Diomedia I'll never understand.

They probably wanted an anime just for the sake of advertising the game.
But the result was so bad it actually caused players to dwindle.

Without any creative idea to fix the damage, it bleed hard

>it actually caused players to dwindle.
No it didn't.

Wasn't kantai collection supposed to be the next big thing?

Haruhi was a case of the author being a fuckhead.

Kadokawa are responsible for the shitty "buy the LNs" tier adaptations with no conclusion. Pretty shit.

This and Girls Last Tour

And Chio-chan, Hinamatsuri.