Darling In The FranXX

How can you possibly stay mad at Kokoro? She is a cute!

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Treason is treason.
Until death do us part.
State sanctified and ordered partnership > your personal feels

>28 hours until PV

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STOP, 4 fucking days in a row with this shit! Now I'm hopin "fitoshi" or whatever the fuck you guys call it to really happen, so this cancer can be purged.

I promise I'll protect her.

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Reminder that no one will die and every character will get a happy ending

>Hiro, lemme smash.

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rate me Sup Forums

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Seriously, these kids are infertile, the way adults treated Zorome like was straight out of some nuclear reactor is telling enough, they all have some weird virus.


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I'm not sure about that I think 02 is a dead what in the hell she is walking unless Hiro get his memories back.

>all these fat fucks defending their retarded self insert
That fat creep was literally forcing himself on her. He never thought about her feelings, his question was just about coercing her into being his partner forever. Kokoro is kind character, she wasn't able to refuse him with his forceful advances, not until she tried to save Mitsuru of her own volition. I can't believe that you faggots can't get something so simple.

This is never funny without the tiny necktie.

>milkman with 02
after what she did to him, i doubt he would go for another ride

Back off to tumblr.

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Someone is going to die in the next episode,who do you want it to be?

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cry more, beta gayfag

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I hope a cute girl cheats on you too, then you will feel his pain.

Kokoro has better synchronization with Mitsuru.

PV when?

I'm going to marry Kokoro.


Mitsuru isn't gay you brainlets

>Sup Forums identifies with the overweight beta "nice guy" creep who is destined to remain in the friendzone forever
Who could have expected it

not an argument

Statist bootlicking pig

nice joke

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You know if that happens then everybody's gonna jump into the futoshi train right? Just enjoy the ride and have fun.

>the Kokoro, Mitsuru
>give her to me

Don't mistake grudges for sexual attraction.

3/10 just lose some fucking weight

What if fertility is the virus?

oh fug :D

>literally wants to be ridden by Hiro

Is that yours? Nice, but why cover it with the pen?

Mitsuru is confused about his sexuality, but don't worry user, after hey discover sex, there is no way he will ignore Kokoro's bombshell body

Not mine.
Oni is too spooky to be shown.

oh wait now I can see how the shiposting will increase. Fuck, I want Futoshi to get fit so the shitposting will stop but now it will only increase but they don't do it then the shitposting would increase even more. Jesus fuck there's no winning this is there?

>Someone is going to die in the next episode

I read this every week.

>crossboard identifies with the overweight beta "gay guy" creep who has an inferiority complex and wants another man to pilot his ass.
Who could have expected it

delet this.

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Maybe her fangs hurt

I’m hate everything because Hiro won’t ride my ass

What a fag, hope he dies.

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02? Who? Kokoro is the shit right now. She's the real oni.

Does anyone have that image, with gundam I believe? it about some fat dude going to do something, and a negotiate comes in and calms him down, saying the world will move on, the girl will have kids, and a family.

This time is different.

Why isn't Japan watching it? Don't give me a meme answer like cuckolding or NTR, 2ch loves controversy just as much as we do

I love my spooky wife.

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I don't even like Mitsuru, faglord should have died all the way back from ep 3

They're watching, Darlifra trends on twitter each week but not as hard as PTE.

It's the fact that only women and idolshitters buy things these days. Especially disc sales.

Mitsuru is a better character than Hiro, he should be the protagonist after Hiro dies next episode.

24 episodes

>the real oni.

In the way that she is going to suck Mitsuru dry? Yes.

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Fatties gonna fatty, user.

This. Roasties will hang

>milk oni

>ADULTS who are probably hundreds of years old with external heart thingies to extend their lives and are so biologically different to CHILDREN they have to use "pet mode" on their medical systems to heal Zorome

Nah the CHILDREN are pretty damn close to normal humans, they're possibly fertile too.

What's the point of the Doc developing the FRANXX system and trying to bring back love and relationships if the human race is gonna have to come crawling back to the Papas cloning machines anyway?

Perhaps they have effectively shortened lifespans due to the "Child Fever" causing YBC generating thing they have, assuming that's not unique to Mitsuru.

Maybe there could be a way to save them by removing that infection but it would leave them unable to pilot FRANXX so APE lets them die instead. But if theyget their own society at some point they might be forced to get normal jobs and leave the burden of piloting FRANXX to their kids

Japan in general isn't very fond of mecha as much as they used to be (that's why Bandai is desperate to make Gundam relevant again) even if mechas are just an excuse for character dramas here like it was in Evangelion.

It’s talked a lot in 5ch. They have worst taste though because they are Ichigofags

>"Once placed the penis in the vagina, move it back and forth unt- wait a minute, which one is the vagina?"
>"Answer the bloody question, woman, we only get one shot at this."

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isn't it at the top of the chart there?

>pursuing 3d to begin with

ep12 preview when?


Mitsuru isnt british, dumb faggot

This scene was especially cute because she just broke a guy's heart.

What is your prediction of the staffs for future episodes?
I wish Obari would help with a hyped episode

someone in another thread was saying that the translation could've/should've been "pilot franxx together" as opposed to "pilot A franxx together", implying they'd both be piloting but not necessarily in the same franxx
I don't speak nip but can anyone else confirm or deny this?

Kokoro and Mitsuru will become the strongest after they discover sex

Urobuchi when?

By the 24th episode I hope they're all having group sex on the communal couch

if this was in english he'd totally be the token limey character

I'm pretty sure the APE manual doesn't allow that.

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>have a frail body
>get yourself the most thirsty girl

Why does he do that to himself.

A lot of shows trend on twitter every week, that doesn't really say anything.

yeah that was a little fucked up, you'd think she'd give at least a little bit of a shit about him after they've been together so much

Jap doesn't make a distinction between plural and singular, either works

I found it endearing.

Fuck off.

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Not even close.

Are you unironically questioning the authority of papa on these matters?

I want to tell 02 that she's cute!

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What will happen when Kokoro shows the true darkness in her heart?

>When Hiro liberates the P26 guys from Papa
How much pent up lewdness do you think these guys have?

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Freedom feels good.

>you'd think
I didn't. Man was making her uncomfortable and she lightened the heavy load. I'd be prancing about too.

Fuck off onishitter, this is Kokoro's show now

that she was humming and talking to her doll minutes after crushing her partner's soul?

Papa a shit. A SHIT

>cuckolding or NTR
They weren't watching it because it's a meh-level mech show, but those shit fetishes are not going to make it any easier to sell.


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Let's see how many of these Kokoro "fans" stay around next week.

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>she lightened the heavy load
In time to take Mitsuru's load.

Then you're sick. Pretty simple, and that's fine and all, but don't expect anyone to take you seriously.

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let's see how many onifags will stick around after the "reveal"

That's reserved for Hiro.

>Why is she still here?
A great question, 02 is a thing of the past

Zorome pls