Darling in the Franxx

He's smart, coolheaded, and the only one who can actually doesn't let his emotions hinder him in battle. Why isn't he squad leader?

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>Why isn't he squad leader?
Because he's the blue ranger, not the red one.

But he's got pretty much all the qualifications to be team leader

The blue ranger can't be the leader, there's a rule against that.

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But Ichigo sure as hell isnt red ranger either

Because he's a cuckguy

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>Ichihiro fags still exist
Huh who knew

cucks aren't leaders

yfw Goro dies

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The fat always dies in mecha.

Gender quotas.

Goro isn't fat though

Goro is literally the Kittan of this anime

I hope he dies

What episode will he die?

Mitsuru and Hiro kiss when?


Hang yourself

A leader requires a certain degree of aggression and a go-getter attitude, with ambition. Goro is just too chill. He got it out of his system years ago.

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He literally tried to kill himself two episodes ago.
The writers were very clear that that sort of thing is only cool when Hiro does it.

second to last ep just like in GL

If he dies a death as glorious as Kittan’s I honestly can’t say I’d be upset

Same desu

I just hope he gets a kissu from Ichigo before he goes out in a blaze of glory

But seeing as everyone can’t seem to keep it together during battles you think he’d get the position by virtue of being the only one able to not lose his shit

Hiro didn't use to lose his shit either, and then he started losing his shit harder than anyone else.
Besides, APE doesn't care if bad leadership gets the squad killed or not.

I suppose. I wish we could see Ichigo’s leadership skills before 02 mixed things up at the plantation.

I want to sire my children with this cake

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I want enough kids to form a Franxx squad.

I want to see her from her franxx days

Pistils are a greater strategic resource. That papa let the dkye try pairing with Ichigo means pistil to pistil CAN work. While it's possible Stamen to stamen could the only essential requirement to piloting (especially when factoring stampede) is the pistil.
There's more worth in letting a pistil get experience and grow because she's both more likely to return and implicit in the action of battle.

Or Papa just wanted to crush her delusions once and for all so she'd give up and accept she's doomed to fatoshi

>you'll never headpat your auburn daughteru before she heads out

Doubt. The only necessary action appears to be a high pulse and a good sync with one participant being a pistil connected to the machine. Meaning even if stamens could sync they couldn't pilot a FranXX (Mitsuru ETERNALLY blown out).
It explains why Ichigo is the leader despite a better candidate, that being: because the particular strategic importance of certain parasites is higher than others. A pistil is both a robutt and a pilot.

Well at least they gave her the best possible partner so that when she falls apart he can assume command

He lacks Charisma I guess. Plus he's happy to take up a support role. Behind a strong leader you need someone who's calm and collected to pick up the slack. Goro is perfect for this.

But I don’t see Ichigo as necessarily charismatic either. With Hiro gimped, I honestly don’t really think there’s an especially charismatic one among them

They put Ichigo in charge even though she's a midget to bully her.
Leaders are supposed to be solemn, he's gravitas my dude

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Probably because the pistils practically own the Franxxs.

Take your pollfagging elsewhere
I saw in another thread a picture where Delphi’s expression actually mirrored Goro’s expression. I think the boys are more connected to the robots than we give them credit for

>didn't kiss Ikuno to help her sync
Jesus, Ichigo, throw the poor girl a bone.

Their shitty team full of rejects and edgelords doesn't deserve a guy as good and well grounded as he is.

he cares too much about being people's friend to be their leader.

They should still put the most competent one in charge

W-why would she kiss her friend?!

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Because he's a cuck who probably jerks off to the thought of his Ichigo getting on with Hiro?

Nothing about the squad was determined by the children

The leader is ichigo because Hiro failed for unknown reasons

The robot assignments weren't their choices and neither were the pistil-stamen pairings

The "adults" other than Dr. Franxx assume the kids will operate like the machines they pilot, but the experiment is to see what happens when they do not

But wouldn’t the adults see that Goro obviously was more fit to lead? Though if their decision was geared towards creating teenage drama I guess I can see why

>geared towards creating drama
I wonder if Dr. Franxx (the sabotage was probably his doing) can sleep at night knowing he condemned Naomi to death, not for being a failure, but simply to prime Hiro to accept 02.

Probably, the guy doesn’t seem to be very sympathetic towards them. Then again we really don’t know much about him

Having too good a team leader causes trouble with the storytelling and you have to find ways to get rid of him or make him a liability for there to be any conflict.

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Pretty much this . Guys like Goro are good second in command, but not commanders. He's held back because of one major flaw. Goro actually does let his emotion get in the way as we saw when he prioritized Ichigo's safety too hastily. He also tried to self sacrifice (traces back to cuck weakness), but that was a mistake.

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When will Hiro man up and confess to her? I can't stand this Oni drama anymore, god fucking dammit.

He's a good tactician. However, like showed in ep 5, he doesn't have Hiro's ability to up the team spirit with few words.
Still, Goro is a far better leader than Ichigo, though.

>imagine being this deluded

Blonde friends are destined to cuck MC.
Don't be a disappointment Goro.

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Deluded about what? As I said in the other thread, they wouldn't push this love triangle without a reason. 02 is going to betray everyone, Goro cucked himself, this is obvious to everyone except you how it is going to end.

Can't wait for your 10-page very analytical explanation of why Hiro should've ended up with Ichigo instead of 02 after the series ends.

She knows him and cares about him since their childhood, they both trust each other, she's pure and wants the best for him. Can you say the same about 02? Here, read my post where I explain it better >Inb4 shut up Michlan

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this is too much autism for me

Nice argument you have there.

No the same guy but who in the world would argue with a guy who actually believes that an anime girl will win MCbowl just because she cares about him? Watch more anime.

When Hiro failed I assume they just handed it to Ichigo due to her lower number. You have to keep in mind that the decision was made before they even got in a real FranXX, not to mention fighting a real battle so they probably didn't know that Ichigo wasn't properly up to the task. The P13 kids also aren't normal in their world, so they might not exactly understand why Ichigo isn't top-tier leader material or why they act the way they do in general.

>Watch more anime
You should do it too. No one pushes a romance in the first episode. It's a red herring, retard.

Watch more anime.

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>One anime did it s-so this will too!
Fuck off

>The writers were very clear that that sort of thing is only cool when Hiro does it.
It's wasn't cool when Hiro did it though, he had to drop his stupid ideas in the end.

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It's exactly the same love rectangle with exactly the same characters.

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What is this?

That doesn't mean shit. Stop being so much delusional, get over it.

It might not be Papa. Remember that this is P13, where good ol' Dr. Franxx already told Nana & Hachi to deliberately hide shit from APE. We don't even know if the shuffle is actually a thing for other squads or if it's Dr. Franxx spicing his experiment up a bit.

>muh headcanon > everything else
Nice argument you have there.

>Not riding with your daughter yourself so she stays pure

How am I even pushing my headcanon?

So Miku is secretly part of APE?

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>She's evil, she's going to betray Hiro and the plantations and probably side with the Nines. She does not love him, move on retards.

Did you think this scene was a coincidence?

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Imagine being Ichigo in that scene and having to be all like "damn, Ikuno, you fuckin' fine, all sexy with your freckles and horrific androgynous monster face. I would totally go lesbian for you, both as a pilot and a person." when all she really wants to do is think about who has the bigger dick between Hiro and Goro. Like seriously imagine having to be Ichigo and not only sit in that chair while Ikuno flaunts her disgusting body behind you, the favorable lighting barely concealing her four-eyes and freckly skin, and just sit there, test after test, hour after hour, while she projected her degenerative yuri upon you. Not only having to tolerate her monstrous fucking visage but her dyke attitude as everyone on set tells her she's A SMART GIRL and DAMN, YURI LOOKS LIKE *THAT*?? because they're not the ones who have to sit there and watch her mannish fucking gremlin face contort into types of grimaces you didn't even know existed before that day. You've been lusting for nothing but either pilot-jesus or your tall megane stud partner for your ENTIRE CAREER coming straight out of the boonies in Plantation 13. You've never even seen anything this fucking disgusting before, and now you swear you can taste the sweat that's breaking out on her freckles as she stares suggestively at your ass, smugly assured that you are enjoying the opportunity to get tested to be a degenerate dyke and revel in her "statuesque (for that is what she calls herself)" beauty, the beauty she worked so hard for with personal trainers in the previous months. And then Nana calls for another test, and you know you could go into stampede mode and kill every single person in this room before the plantation security could put you down, but you sit there and endure, because you're fucking Ichigo. You're not going to lose your position as leader over this. Just bear it. Pretend you don't notice her feelings and bear it.

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But all the signs are there, that's not a headcanon, they wouldn't push them otherwise

There are no signs, all the "signs" exist entirely in your head.

What do you think headcanon is? You even managed to make her both rebel against plantations and side with Nines even though it's one or the other, all just to make her more evil in your head. Get a fucking clue.

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Source me up.

>What is the spider? And the shadow in the PROMOTIONAL ART? And her behaviour towards everything?

If you want to go meta that much then explain why 02 got so much merch if they are going to make her an ulikeable bitch right about now.

Because she's the perfect waifu bait?

The spider appeared for what, 2 seconds? It was Hiro's own fears.
The shadow is meant to make it obvious that she's not "human" like the rest of the cast.
She's cold to everyone because she's been treated like a living weapon and ostracized for her entire life.

>She's evil, she's going to betray Hiro and the plantations and probably side with the Nines. She does not love him, move on retards.
>she's the perfect waifu bait

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Otaku's love that type of girl, I can't see your point here.

>donkan shields activated
They don't. Why did you want arguments again?

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>She's cold to everyone because she's been treated like a living weapon and ostracized for her entire life.
She's been ostracized for her entire life because she's a fucking monster. How could you possibly believe that she doesn't have something planned and she's not actually using Hiro as her stamen? The last episode clearly shows you how much she doesn't care about him. Same goes for episode 5 with the discussion she had with Ichigo.
>inb4 she already knew that he would've survived
fuck off.

Source for that, user-kun?

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>The last episode clearly shows you how much she doesn't care about him.
It is the exact opposite, you faggot. You'd have to be retarded to not understand what the flow of their interactions was. We've been shown she hates herself, that she has a gigantic complex over being a monster, she hates being alone, and pushes Hiro away when he wants to get closer and yet reassures him when she sees him looking dejected at a break-up.
Instead of blindly believing she's a manipulative bitch, everything we know about her is that she's a heavily scarred girl, who doesn't know what to actually do now that she has found her precious darling.
>she has an ulterior motive
That doesn't mean in the slightest that she doesn't love Hiro, because what she's doing right now is the opposite of what she should if she were intent on keeping him on a leash.
>inb4 she already knew that he would've survived
Yes, she had full faith in him.

23 hours 55 minutes for the next PV.

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