Is Mitsuru the worst male character?

His whole stint with Futoshi aside.

He constantly blames Ikuno for their inefficiency as a pilot pair, and goes after 02 the first chance he sees.

He's purposefully trying to emotionally hurt both Hiro and his partner for his own gains.

One of his allies is an emotional state, so he proceeds to make light of his feelings even though he's been holding onto a boycrush since he's 5? Hypocrisy?

He almost gets his co-pilot killed dealing with a problem he's had from the beginning of the show, while the Fatso puts in an effort while emotionally hurt.

The second worse thing a character has done was Zorome pushing Hiro to suicide, by trying to make him feel like shit even after he worked hard and trying to take 02 away from him.

Ranking: Gobro>Hiro>Futoshi>Zorome>Mitsuru

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Everyone is a shit in this show except Goro, who still has flaws (latching to Ichishit)

I don't know man... I kind of like Hiro a lot too. I like Gobro more, but Hiro's willing to forgive the shittyness of the people around him, because he understands their reason for being shitty is personal and not directly related to him.

Legit told he's not pilot material but practices the hardest cause he can't stand having no purpose in life.

Trying to be emotionally supportive of literally everyone in the entire cast while Gobro only really cares about Ichigo and Hiro.

Accepts 02's quirkyness and doesn't run away from battle when his yellow blood cell count runs high because he has a strong sense of determination.

His characterization is interspersed through all the small character drama everyone else has but he's a great character so far.

Nice spacing

Hiro had potential but he has barely been a character at all after he got cured from the oni AIDS


Trigger shows tend to have periods where they just ignore characters or have them do irrelevant shit.

I think the slow pacing of the show's just rearing its head here. He's developed a lot from the beginning but nobody's noticing because he's developing in-between the character centric one-episode development episodes.

He's still got more to do, which is why Hiro is behind Gobro in my list, but he's definitely the second best male character.

>Futoshi above Mitsuru
>Futoshi above fucking Zorome

Makes you wonder who is behind the post

Goro may be loyal but he's still a boring piece of shit.

Goro > Hiro > Zorome > Futoshi > Mitsuru

The worst thing Futoshi's done in the series is be a spaz and throw an emotional punch at an ally he's sworn to protect who's making light of his emotional state.

That's legit the worst he's done.

Not to mention he's a competent person who actually puts in the effort to protect his co-pilot.

Like for real, being fat and a spaz isn't enough to be worse than Zorome and Mitsuru, who emotionally abuse other people to feel better about themselves.

Okay! We get it, the nigga is gay. Can you shut up about it

Seeing someone fat can cause others to emotionally abuse other people to feel better about themselves.

Sure man. You can emotionally abuse other people to feel better about yourself as long as you're hot. You have no issues as long as you're equally not ugly.

>You can emotionally abuse other people to feel better about yourself as long as you're hot
Not necessarily.

Why's Zorome higher than Futoshi in your opinion? I was struggling with their placement in my list too, but I want to hear your opinion.

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He's an annoying shithead, but in the endearing kind of way, but that's just my opinion. I would understand why people wouldn't like him.

If only the ramifications of him being an annoying shithead weren't so severe in the first few episodes he'd definitely top Futoshi for me.

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But who’s better, shota Goro or vanilla Goro?

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All the kids kind of have sameface, but Vanilla Goro actually has defining physical features that compliment him well.

I gotta go normy and say vanilla man.

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Everyone has flaws but Mitsuru seems to be the only character without redeeming qualities.

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Yeah after ep11 I can’t bring myself to care about him. Honestly they did a shit job trying to make him redeemable

They could've had him GAF about Ikuno and maybe work towards rebuilding a good friendship. Why they didn't?

Fuck if I know.

>grow up in an environment where sexuality is completely removed
>still wind up gay as the day is long
oh mitsuru

Has Ikuno done anything?

She hasn't been supportive of Ichigo even though she's to Ichigo what Gobro is to Hiro, and has been actively avoiding all the male characters.

It's weird but the lack of redemption there might be because Ikuno herself is isolating herself and playing it cool so no one actually sees her being emotionally hurt.

There's a difference between a cunt and a bad character. Mitsuru is a cunt but a great character. Futoshi might be "nice" but he's a shit character which no one cares about.

Most of the shows that aired this winter were really boring, this one is about robots but fuck there's a lot of shit that makes it difficult to watch.

True on Ikuno but Mitsuru could acknowledge that as she's been distant from him, he was also being an ass towards her.

Also I was watching the OP and saw Futoshi's number.

214= 2/14= February 14= Valentine's Day.
Was this intentional?

Except Mitsuru is a cunt and a bad character

Off by one but still true.

Being edgy doesn't mean you're a good character. They tried to redeem him while addressing none of his flaws.

Futoshi's nice but he's overbearing. He's actually developing reasonably, and staying consistent. Him being a softy and hanging onto every word Hiro says about relationships, and how that affects him in this episode was consistent. Him learning about love, and immediately putting it to action by telling Kokoro she's beautiful first chance he gets is consistent. Obviously the whole stint was as much his fault as it was Kokoro's but darn if he's not more likeable in his honesty and straightforwardness (to me at least.)

Mitsuru. He's just edgy. That's it. Then they tried to redeem him and completely ignored has apathy. Like wtf.

They didn't because he's not a good guy. If they show him in an even remotely positive light going forward, I'm out.
I thought he'd get a redemption after waving his cock around NTR style while piloting with 02 but then they decided to leave him as an unlikeable cunt

Futoi also means fat in Japanese.
That'd be a triple entendre so ya gotta give props to da Japanese.

Again why though? Are supposed to sympathize with him cause he thought he was hot shit but got rekked and aids? Cause it doesn't look or feel like he learned shit.

I put it in google translate. It's thick. Still yeah. Entendre's a plenty.

>Off by None

Yo I'm actually curious about the other character names now.

Google translate so grain of salt:

Zorome=literally zoro eyes. Someone else please get this one
Mitsuru=full? mitsu=three
Ikuno=Go or going

Hmmm zorome's number is 666 and we know that's the devil's number. The biggest sin the devil made in accordance with the bible was betray god, so Zorome might betray someone.

If Bleach taught me anything Ichigo can also mean number 1 protector which is why she's the leader.

Ikuno does mean to go. That might mean the lesbian's gonna die or leave like Naomi maybe?

Goro, Mitsuru and MIku I have no clue about.


I'm not disagreeing that Mitsuru's by far the worst male character, but I legit hated Zorome at the start of the show and they managed to redeem him in my eyes.

I wouldn't say it's impossible even for Mitsuru. They'll have to try hard though.

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Ah shit he got me.

No joke one of those wasn't me. I dare you to guess which one.

He wont, he is just some newfag that doesnt even understand why posts end up like that ....because he too fucking new to use 4ChanX.

>I don't like that character
>that means it's a bad character

This thread barely has 50 posts?
Let me redirect you to.
I really hope you learn to read English. Browsing the internet will be pretty tough if you're illiterate.

Do you have brain problems?
I share the same sentiment. Maybe it's you who is illiterate?

>be milkman
>do absolutely nothing wrong
>get caught in some ugly shitshow that distracts you from thinking about sweet Hiro ass
>turns out you're one foot in the grave
>that fucking fatass hates you now and will probably backstab you even before you die of AIDS
>spedwatchers who dont understand that you did nothing wrong hate you as well
>become ntr fag shitposting meme
Being Mitsuru is suffering.

I'm watching Kaiji right now and Zorome means snake eyes/three dice that come up with the number 1 face up

Finally someone explained Futoshi chracter this episode. Hell this guy didn't know what he was feeling until then end and had his heart broken.

>>do absolutely nothing wrong
Stopped reading right there.

>do absolutely nothing wrong
how about trying to think he was good for 02 and then getting BTFO by 02 and got oni AIDS

Why did he do that? His need to get one over Hiro aside he had to know about the rumors about her partners dying. Why would he put himself in danger like that?

Yo look at OP.
Don't pretend it's some kind of altruism to save his team. He just didn't want to be deemed worthless by the adults and be sent offsite like Naomi.

Lol they'll replace Ikuno with Naomi just cause Ikuno being gay might have an overall negative impact on the team.

Jokes aside though, I wouldn't doubt she's cannon fodder for when shit gets real.

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Didn't Hiro come up with these names as a kid? I'm really wondering how.

He is in denial. He doesn't want to admit that Hiro is special because he is still butthurt about the promise. He must be thinking since Hiro can do it he must be able to do it too. So he did it for two reasons, to prove Hiro is not special and that he's not the problem in his failure to pilot Chlorophytum.

But its the partner killer. He could die. If he died, how could he prove he was superior to Hiro?

He's knowledgeable as fuck. Probably a smug dick considering he named Futoshi basically "Die Fattie".

Nah, he's great. Zerome is better though.

Worst character? No, I wouldn't say so. Futoshi is the worst character since he has barely had any characterization at all in 11 episodes besides food jokes. Mitsuru is a better developed character than him.

As an in-universe person, yeah Mitsuru is probably the worst.
Hiro >= Goro > Zorome > Futoshi > Mitsuru
I can see swapping between Goro and Hiro too.

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No. He doesn't like Hiro

Probably no

I don't hate Mitsuru

Mitsuru has lots of depth actually
You may not like him but he is the most developed male character

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She's dead Jim, dead buried and six feet under.
Did I just say she's dead ? Deader than dead.

>muh pinky promise
too bad you fucking faggot

Hello cuckposter.
>Futoshi status: Cuckolded
>Goro status: Alive and not a cuck

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Can anyone from the squad cook food?

Now that Fatty American hours are over can we all agree that Mitsuru did nothing wrong?

He is a fag so obviously he did something wrong.

I don't think so.

They had a barbecue party at the beach, everyone probably knows the basics.

Poor attempt at damage control Fatty

I'm a SEA nigger though. I'm too poor to get fat. Also, since Mitsuru is a fag, he should be killed.

Those were prepared for them

He isn't. He's more likely to be asexual.

>there are people that actually feel sorry for him
his reason for being edgy is stupid

Because it's clear that for Zorome, he's just being brash and bold to be competitive.
Mitsuru has no such drive or passion, he just has some weird desire to put people down, not to rise above them.
I honestly don't think we're supposed to empathize with him given how much of a cock he is after the 02 stint

Doesn’t change that he is a bad character

no one in that show is a decently written character so no

Shota for hug. Vanilla for fug.

He also stopped getting screen time, but every time he appears he still manages to give us something new, be it just concern for 02 or having enough strength to stand up to her ferocity.

>tfw your boy is tryna cuddle but you want to be bent over in a cockpit and bred like an animal
God, doesn't Goro understand -anything-?

but then it goes all muh tragic backstory

Mitsuru isn't smart.