Hunter x Hunter

It's getting closer and closer. 26 hours to hiatus announcement.

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Check the catalog next time nigger

These dubs will scare off hiatus

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>nigger put title on the Name field
>calls other people niggers

These trips will finish the hiatus off

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>Aunt SHITo
>PEEon Nostrade
>PISSky POOger

Can anyone truly compete?

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2 years hiatus let's go

Based Illumiposter

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how long dis time?

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This looks like one of those egyptian painting style.

can someone send a prostitute to his house and blackmail him?

What? No way, get outta here

he will get caught with cp long before something like that will work

based broken needle man

I think they have pen and paper in jail so I would actually support that.

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Like I'm gunna post in a tumblr spamming retard's thread who is so new he gets the title / name confused. And he posts while the old thread is still active. I don't dislike Cammy even. do we stave off our thirst for hxh content once h i a t u s comes around? Re-read everything? Re-watch the 1999 version?

The chapters were so mediocre it's hard to give a shit that it's going on hiatus.

So let's say you got to meet an hxh character in real life, what would you talk about and with who?

I'd meet Lady Camilla and ask her to poop in my mouth

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29 more hours from this post.

>too low IQ to understand what's going on

Expected nothing less of cammy-fag.

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Bless you illumi

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>muh too be fair...
That's where you're wrong fagusta, the content of the arc has been underwhelming for the most part but cocksuckers like yourself will except anything and call it complex.

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Not cammy poster, but there's something about the word cammylicious that immediately arouses my testosterone hormones. Anyone else? Linguists care to explain why?

don't worry I have compassion for brainlets, I hope this chart helps

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Listen to the album

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Newfag already admitted a few threads that he thought being lolsorandomXD was funny because other fags were doing it in other threads so he's trying to force his meme even though he fails to realized that's cringy as fuck and was never funny in the first place.

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This chart doesn't really help the brainlets. Their only cure is to reread the arc over and over until they fully grasp the different themes, plot structure, character motives, etc... I reread the latest arc about 30 times now (not a lie if you don't trust me you can ask about the most obscure shit that happened between 340-379 and I'll answer immediately without looking at this noobs chart)

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stop shilling, you fucking meth head gutter whore

where's ging actually?

I just wanted to show him where c*mmyposters got their material from

don't think he's on the boat, maybe on a different one with Pariston

Wheres C*mmy actually?

that's the exact same excuse you used when i caught you three hours ago in that garde thread on /vp/ and i didn't believe it then and i don't believe it now.

Alittle too early in the thread for homolust, don't you think?

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Beyond's group might or might not be on the boat, but more than likely they are. There's really no reason for them to have their own boat.

Cammy memes are the worst that have come out of this subreddit yet

Halkenburg is the stealth protagonist of this arc. Only he can dismantle the corrupt monarchy and save Kakin.

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Nah. We know that the winner keeps his Nen Beast, and Halkenburg's Nen Beast is OP as fuck. If he wins, then Kakin would become a country of Nen users and that would change the status quo far too much for good old cynical Togashi.


why does everyone like this guy? He's an absolute soyboy and I can't wait for the Troupe to fuck him up.

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>Meruem is the reincarnation of this lad
What the fuck was Tohacki thinking?

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Taking in count the whole situation the most likely scenario is that Ging and company are on the boat, probably in the lowest tier waiting to get to the Fake DC, it wouldn't make much sense if they were in another boat since Bill is part of Pariston group and he can contact him in a way we still don't know yet, also another boat would mean that they have a nen user that make the whole boat go on zetsu or some shit like that, otherwise it would have been spotted a long time ago.

Leave Pika alone, the Troupe already fucked up his life once.

>Meruem is the reincarnation of this lad

Does this makes Ponzu a cuck?

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Tserriednich gonna take his eyes

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We only saw a few of his arrows. Little did we know he has one called "Green 'Like Hell I'm Gonna Die' Blaze" that reincarnated him.

i don't know if it's true but if it is then it's fucking genius.
weak nominal irrelevant piece of shit becomes strongest most plot relevant character

Meruem literally has a Pokkle-like hat built into his ant skull.

Don't give a shit about your spoilerwhining. Just give me the damn spoilers.

How do you guys know it's going on hiatus? Fuck. Is it because they just dropped a new Deagon Quest on the Switch?

It checks out.

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It's not true, it's just some dumb user's fanfiction.

So is it Meruem or Meryem? Early viz says ”Meryem” then changes to “Meruem” but this HxH Kanzenban type of cover says the former...

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Togashi always goes on hiatus after putting out ten chapters.

They're both manlets and look pretty similar.
it's not illogical to think that the nen user that was fed to the queen last would be the whose appearance the king adopted

this is the most retarded theory i've ever heard. Nobody thinks this

Probably that and the established comfortable pattern Togashi and Jump have reached. Ten a year or every six months then a brief break before a volume release to mark the return.

I've never stopped calling it Pansy Gum.

not really fanfiction
lot's of people have and will inevitably make that connection
not saying it's true or not, but appearance wise they're not dissimilar, personality is another story

>people been saying this for 10 years

They look nothing like eachother.

I'm only angry that he had that super cute girlfriend in the anime. Manlet trash like him don't deserve that.

>Pokkle's green
>Meruem's green
>Pokkle has a tail
>Meruem has a tail

Doesn't matter, use the one everyone uses or whatever else you want as long as you're saying it close to the japanese name. Even if the 'official' translatipn was Meryem literally everyone writes and says Meruem, so in my opinion that's what you should call him to avoid confusion. Be a language descriptionist my dude.

>letting the lowest dregs of society dictates how your language should be
Go back to fucking sheep, you subhuman drunkard

hiatus when?

But you are right now. You do know where the word "fucking" comes from right? Hint: it's not from any latin term nor is it any scientific way of describing sex. It's an acronym that got popular and everyone started to use it to say "having sex", you fucking faggot. It's simple: if people agree on a common meanning, and it's useful, then that's how it shall be used.

Naturally I'd enjoy Tse's company and talk about Kant, Hegel, and such

After next chapter when Togashi has completed his volume for the year.

No. That is bullshit etymologist devised by Penthouse writers in the 70's to pad articles.

stop talking about that and talk about your favorite hatsu name you dumb idiots

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap


Pika is a naive dumb faggot by comparison.

Royal blood will prove itself by shining a light on how naive and pathetic hunters really are.

Alright, lads, every Hunter hunts something. What do you hunt?

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Hakoware : chapter 7 bankruptcy
Bungee Gum : Elastic love

Hunter hunters

Conspiracy Hunter, that's me.

Sup Forumsermin get out.


Evil. Hunter world could do with one or to more moralfags to be honest.

fuck, I mean two

Happiness ;_;

I want my meat this last chapter Togashi..
Some fool has got to die again, and it needs to be a prince foo

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In five


The pussies that this guy hunted

Togashi's back pain


>JUMP makes more money each year from the constant hiatus hype sales than they do from regular weekly running series



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