How did one girl manage to divide and break Sup Forums so badly?

How did one girl manage to divide and break Sup Forums so badly?

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Every time i see this exact picture.
Her eyes remind me of a certain blue leprechaun.

Sup Forums isn't divided though. All she was reveal the /r9k/ infestation.

Because Sup Forums is full of fat betas, why do you think so many people here have given up on"3DPD"?

Because everyone on Sup Forums is fat


She invited all the incel whiteknights from r*ddit.

>Sup Forums
You mean Sup Forums

Everyone that disagrees that she’s a thot is a tumblr expat

the only people still watching this shit are crossboarders, and from the replies this thread got, it just confirms it.

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That's what angels do.

No one disagrees, but that doesn't mean she's in the wrong


Literally fat autists.
They honestly can't understand why she made the promise the way she did because they don't understand how human interaction works.
Kokori had no idea that there was a chance of her getting a partner chance, for all she knew fatshit would be her only partner, so she played allong with him to avoid any drama.The vast majority of people would do the same thing. Humans are like that. As I said, the people that get overly angry at it are literal autists that doesn't understand other humans.

t. fat cuck

Are you seriously telling me these aren't crossboarders from Sup Forums or something?

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How is she not? She is literally going against the pairing ordered by papa. Treason is rather serious offense, same goes with oath breaking.

She was a secret whore. Whores are one thing, but secret whores are another.

Dyke is now best grill, and I hate yuri.

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So this has actually been disrupting Sup Forums more than usual? I normally just ignore the franxx threads, but I’ve been seeing em more.

>Dyke is now best grill
Stopped reading there.
>and I hate yuri.
Suuuuuuuuuure you do.

>has clearly been lusting after the cock ever since picking up that SexEd book


Half of Sup Forums is angry at not having a gf
Half of Sup Forums is angry at having a gf
and the other half of Sup Forums is pretending

All of these swirling emotions... into this one shit girl...
She doesn't even have hair goals...
I sashay away.

Because she has good taste and she's apparently not allowed to.

too many fatanons

is just shitposting and crossposting getting butthurt
nothing to care about, fatoshits are a joke

user was NTRd at some point, that's the only feasible explanation

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She's like a 2D MEW.

They wanted the cute girl to be pure. But now they know she can ntr men, they must convince themselves to like Mitsuru in order to keep Kokoro pure.

>half of Sup Forums is pretending
this is honestly the driving force here, shit flinging for the sake of shit flinging.

nice robot show

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She separates the beta white knights from the MGTOW

She's perfect.

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I mean, it's a logical fear, even if it's never happened to you. I haven't gotten shot yet ether but I really hope I never have to deal with that, even if it's non-lethal.

>/r9k/ infestation
>implying the roastie defence force aren't the newfags

But you don't go on an autistic rant if someone gets shot in an anime, right? This kind of trauma can only be developed if it happened to you.

If a fatty wants an attractive girl then at minimum he need a good personality or to be rich (that always helps) WHERE ARE THE BREADS fatoshi does not have a good personality.

At least Mitsuru's edgyness was fixable. Fatoshi's problem is more then just his weight.

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Because NTR brings out the shitposters because they know Sup Forums hates it. This isn't a new thing fag.


Only fat losers are projecting. Nobody gives a shit

These are your people Kokoro defenders. I hope you're proud.

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Is rampage mode just anal sex?

Yeah robot show with maybe 3 minutes of robot stuff each episode, if we are lucky, shit soundtrack and uninteresting enemies.
This series is trash, the only people who watch it are in for the NTR.

No, a normal human would have deflected the promise and given a noncommittal response if they were avoiding drama from outright rejection.

She also knows there is precedence for partner swapping; Ichigo and Mitsuru both did it.

Nobody likes fat people

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Rejection can do funny things to those not of sound mind. Even when it comes vicariously through self insertion.


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wtf i love tripfags now

go back to sucking black dicks, Mugi

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>Suuuuuuuuuure you do.
I thought you stopped reading after the dyke comment. Checkmate, faggot.

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You have to go back

Nothing wrong with Mugi liking blacks and vice-versa.

I had my twin read after the dyke comment.

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I loved kokoro before it was mainstream

>Expect a mecha series
>Get autistic teenagers romance drama complete with NTR
The mecha stuff seems tacked on, like, it doesn't seem to have anything going for it thematically. I'm so disappointed.

kokoro is a casual filter

plebeians hate her, patricians don't

Because people are projecting their insecurities onto the characters when they shouldn't.

>expecting a mecha series after the show revealed, in the 1st episode, that to pilot the mechas, the males have to doggystyle the females in the cockpit

Your fault for falling for this bullshit.

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>le Sup Forums loves NTR xppp
No. You're the outsider here fag.

>people can't like what I don't like

Kill yourself.

You can like it, just go in the corner and cry like a good cuck instead of trying to spread this filth. NTR should always be talked down to.

>he doesn't even get it
You have to go back.

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NTR is like chili on food.

It's fine if you don't like MOST EXTREME chili sauce shit like some weirdos do but if you can't handle even the slightest amount of it you're a pleb

>t. low test beta
your cuck is showing, kid. these are chinese cartoons we're talking about. don't self insert and be open to the discussion. your sheltered mentality is a weakness and is why you will never have a gf.

stop browsing Sup Forums and go outside for a change

>people shouldn't like things I don't like
>if they do then they should be looked down upon

NTR is great though.

No. No amount of NTR is alright, because fags won't let it be alright. As soon as even an ounce of it pops up they come in hot like natural flies to shit. See below.

Always talk down to cuck posters user. It's a duty you should always fulfill.

>ntrfags think their opinions matter
Maybe if you leave them in a suicide note. Until then I don't think anyone cares fags.

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You cared enough to quote me :^)

>Defending fat people
Too close to home eh?

Cockoro-chan will pay.

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Of course. You need help, and the only way I can do that is thrashing your shit taste until you understand you're sick. If you could just keep your fetishes in a corner like the rest of the freaks it wouldn't be an issue.

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>i want a utopia where everyone thinks like me!
Ironic how you call me sick.

But this soyboy doesn't have any balls to hit anyone

Yeah, he probably ate them after all.

I came back after a couple of years of not browsing Sup Forums. Where did most of the old Sup Forums go? I don't seem to recognize the majority of the posts here anymore.

From what I observed for the past few weeks of lurking, only 10% of the old Sup Forums remains. The remaining 90% seems to be normalfags reddit tier from Sup Forums.

It's good to know that /jp/ still is unaffected though. Normalfags won't be able to break the barrier.

>Zeta Gundam
>not episodic dogfights with crazy whores and people getting slapped in between
I fucking love Zeta but come on

Please stop replying to the Shounenshit NTR rage crusader. He's some south east asian who lashes out at anyone who doesn't hate NTR even as a story element.

The election happened

>waaaah why is he calling out my fetish :(((((
Because you are sick.

They can't help it. The glass house of NTR is too fragile to take criticism.


Sup Forums was a fucking mistake.

>cmon guize Sup Forums luvs ntr amirite :ppp
Kill yourself. You're the outsider here.

Sup Forums is hilarious right now

Sup Forums is full of skeletons, weight-wise
Any fat fucks who have come out of the woodwork to defend Fatoshi are crossboarders, or are from off site

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reality check strikes hard into the minds of fat fedora tippers

It's the battle between triggered fatboys and white knight cucklords

Can you fags put kokoro in the op next time so my filter works

eat shit, fag

Sounds like Evangelion.

Hope she explodes on Fatass, I wanna see Sup Forums go nuclear.

Why do do we need one hundred different about this

This seems credible to me.

I don't understand why Sup Forums posts so much about this shit anime in the first place.

Nah, supported them from the first hint. NTR is justified.

What's the source of this